Publishing Ethics

To keep the high ethical standards of the (AUJIS) publications; the publisher work closely with a highly experienced team of editors and peer-reviewers. The basic ethical standards that often be followed by (AUJIS) can be summarized as follow:

1- Authors should confirm that their articles have not been submitted to other Journal or that their articles have not been published previously in other Journals either partially or fully.

2- The article must be  in one of the Islamic Sciences majors only.

3- It doesn’t accept any Manuscript investigation unless bring two copies and one copy is not accepted except according to certain standards.

4- Articles of an informative and promotional for organizations  are not accepted.

5- Articles must be taken in the Turnitin program, that the similarity ratio does not exceed (20%), and the citation (30%).

6- All articles must be taken firstly examine by editorial board  and they can refuse without mention any reason, that the review period does not exceed teen days, bearing in mind that the approval of the commission does not necessarily mean acceptance of the article for publication, but rather the validity of presenting it to the arbitrators.

7- Evaluation of the article by two reviewers in the same scientific specialization and if they differ in the evaluation sent into a third reviewer, in addition to the evaluation of the article by a linguistic reviewer, within a period not exceeding: two months.

8- The reviewers’ notes are sent to the publisher, and the article  is not published until typing  their notes.

9- Author must sent a new copy of the article after taking corrections.

10- Articles should be contains abstract in Arabic not more than (150) words, and another one in English, and key words not more than (3) words.

11- The English abstract includes the title of the article and the name of the author in English.

12- Author must be attach the (CV).

13- Author submits a written declaration pledging that the article submitted for publication is his own effort, and he bears full legal responsibility in the event of an infringement of the intellectual rights of others.

14- The published articles do not represent the opinion of the journal, but represented of its owners only.

15- The journal is not obligated to return drafts, whether the author has been published or not.