Submission Guidelines

1- Articles must be submit by Arabic language only.

2- Authors should submit a copy of their Paper in Microsoft Word (doc.).with individual spaces.

3- The pages of the article must be setting as follows: top and bottom (3 cm), right and left (3 cm) as well, and the size of the paper: (A4), taking into account the numbering of the pages.

4- The font must be in (Simplified Arabic), for the body and the margin, and in black color.

5- The pages of article should be  writing as follows: The first page: the title of the main article, the names of authors, their addresses and e-mails, after that the abstract of article in Arabic and English with the key words, then the introduction, then the demands, then the conclusion, and finally the list of sources.

6- The main article title is in size (18) in dark black in the middle of the first page.

7- 8-The names of authors and their addresses, in size (16), are written in dark black (Bold) in the middle of the first page, below the title of the article.

8- A space must be left between the article title and author’s name.

9- Author's email must be written after his name directly .

10- The initial headings should be written as : (Introduction, Demands, Conclusion, Margins, Sources) should be written in size (16) bold in the middle of the page.

11- The secondary titles should be written in size (14) Bold on the right of the page.

12- The body of the article must be  written in size (14), with the page set, and an indentation of (1 cm) is left for the first line only for each paragraph.

13- article margins must be  written in size (12), and they are on the same page (footnotes) below the body of the article, provided that the margin number is in parentheses like this: (1), with the option of numbering for each page.

14- It is required to write Qur’anic texts in the Othman graphic, using the program: (Qur’an al-Madinah al-Nabawiyyah for Computer Publishing 2).

15- The sources must be order according to the Arabic letters alphabetically, automatically numbered using the format like this: (1.)

16- The journal has not obligated to accept articles that exceed 30 pages.