About Journal

Anbar University Journal of Islamic Sciences (AUJIS) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly scientific journal published in four issues per year, concerned with the publication of articles in Islamic sciences in the Arabic language. This journal was established in (2009), and the depository number in the National Library and Archives in Baghdad is: (1235) year: (2009), and obtained the international standard classification numbered:

ISSN: (Print): 2071-6028  /    (Online): 2706-8722

 The first issue of it was published in March (2009), and the Journal has so far issued 51 issues.

 This journal spread Islamic sciences in a way that contributes to the advancement of the scientific level of Sharia majors, by publishing original and distinguished scientific articles in Islamic sciences in all its branches, especially articles that deals with problems and develops solutions to the developments of the age, all according to a pure Islamic vision.

 Anbar University Journal of Islamic Sciences (AUJIS)  attracted authors from Iraq and outside it, and it continues with its publications that provide authors and institutions with studies and articles that are an important cornerstone in the Islamic library, and it is available in the website of the journal, and the website of Iraqi academic journals.