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Volume 10, Issue 41

Volume 10, Issue 41, Summer 2019

Quranic gifts in Surat Asr

Yahya M Amer

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 1-42

This research (Quranic Hidayat in Surat Al Asr) contains an introduction and three questions. As for the introduction, it showed that the Qur'an is a book of guidance and that guidance is the purpose of its downfall, and that this guidance is general, comprehensive, complete, plural and renewed, and then explained the meaning of guidance in language and terminology. As for the first topic, I have presented the guidance that I have derived from the verse: The age of the Prophet is: Section and its importance in the discourse of persuasion and persuasion of the interlocutor, Divinity of God with his creatures, time and importance in human life, the position of the time of the times between times. As for the second topic, it presented the guidance that he derived from the verse: Man is not lost in his words: Emphasis and his rhetorical function, the validity of the Islamic doctrine and the invalidity of others, disbelief is a lost trade. As for the third topic, I have presented the guidance that I have devised from the verse: "Only those who believe and do righteous deeds, and seek truth and patience, and they are: faith is a profitable business, faith is not in the heart and truthfulness of work, religion advice, enjoining good and forbidding vice, Right, be patient.

Polygamy and its psychological effects on women in the Holy Quran - an objective study

Yaqeen H. Abdan; Sameer A. Hassan

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 43-76

Marriage is a sacred legal bond based on rules and foundations. Its purpose is affection and compassion. It is the creation of a family that is the nucleus of the ideal society that created man on earth. Throughout its long history, human societies have known two types of marriage: marriage with one woman, marriage with more than one woman, , And committed them to conditions that men and women do not have the right to violate, in order to achieve justice and equality and preserve dignity and not to waste the rights, but the practical reality and the weakness of the religious faith in some couples led to a major imbalance in those concepts had a negative impact on women and the effects of psychological and Physical and social, and the band took place between them, which is separated by research on this issue, which I write, and the questionnaire that I conducted on a sample of women who bear those effects and signed what happened.

Scholars of the Koran in the book (Relief of the eagerness in the interpretation of the Cave) Sheikh Omar bin Younis Egyptian Hanafi

Shaimaa D. Hameed; Taha E. Shebeb

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 77-136

There is no doubt that the science of the Holy Quran is one of the greatest sciences of law, and the greatest of it is status, because it is related to the Book of God, which descends from the wisdom of the wise. Scientists have taken care of ancient and modern sciences to know all about the Holy Quran in terms of understanding, knowledge of the meanings of the words, reasons of descent, virtues, distressed and reproduced, the statement of the miracle and derived from the jurisprudence and practical provisions of the utmost importance in the life of the individual in his life and hereafter. Some scholars have devoted specialized books to each of these sciences, and some of them have cited these sciences in their interpretations because they have a profound impact on understanding the meaning of the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. This research came to know this science with one of the interpretation imams, Sheikh Omar bin Younis Hanafi in his book, which we are going to achieve in the master's thesis is "Relief the thirsty in interpretation of the cave sora " as that interpretation has contained a great opinions,critical and very important sciences. This interpretation of Al-Kahf Surah in more than 200 tablets includes all the relevant provisions, interpretations. Revealing the opinions of the interpreters and the production of their minds restricted by understanding the book (Holy Quran) and the Sunnah as well as transfer and dependence on the mothers of interpretation such as Al-Tbari, Al-Matridi, Al- Salami, Al- Zamkshari, Al- Razi, Al- Qurtubi and other scholars of interpretation imams.

The argument in pushing the reason for what the mother of the believers recounted Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, that the Prophet Muhammad did not fast

Zakarya S. Hamad; Bashar M. Utaiwi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 137-168

The fasting of the tenth of Dhu’l_Hijja , which is the ninth of the what prophet Mohammed likes , especially the ninth of which is the day of Arafa which is the view of the most scholars or many of them , and that fasting is included in the good deeds , whether fasting is likely to be , because he was leaving (Pbuh) the work and he likes to do it for fear of imposing on his people, or because if he fasted he became enable to do what is greatest than Fasting , if there is deference in narrating ALHADITH , once narrated predictive and other narrated as A hadith.

Marwat Jubair bin Nafir Hadrami in the book of righteousness and link and literature in the nine books analytical study

Qusai H. Khadem; Thamer A. Dawood

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 169-214

The topic of "Meruiyat Jubayr ibn Nafir al-Hadrami in book of righteousness and the connectionand ethics in the nine books is an analytical study min almawdueat almuhima" Al-Taba'i Jubayr ibn Nafir is considered one of the veterans because he understood Jaahiliyyah and Islam. He was born in the life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) The people of the Levant, who narrated many of the Noble Prophet's Hadiths until he became head of science and work and was agreed upon by the scholars and received his knowledge. A number of Sahaabah (may Allah be pleased with them) came to them and taught him many followers and followers. The doors of righteousness and relevance and literature studied by T. Night. My study of this narrator was limited to the following: - The first topic: and dealt with his biography almabhath al'awla: watanawalat siratah alshakhsiat waleilmiata. -'amma almabhath althaani: fatanawalat fih marwiaat alttabieii jabir bin nafir alhadrmii fi kitab albari walsilat waladab. - Then we concluded the research with the most important results.

Fixed and variable in Sharia provisions

Amal K. Medher; Basheer M. Eltief

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 215-246

Praise be to God who made me complete my research (fixed and variable in the provisions of Sharia) and divided into two sections: The first topic: the provisions of legitimacy in terms of proven and indicated that the provisions of the whole Sharia fixed and divided into the demands: Definition of the fixed language and the term of the second requirement: evidence to prove the judgments. And the third requirement: to observe the provisions with the stability of their interests. The fourth requirement is that the shar'i rulings are related to the reasons for the reasons. The second topic: the provisions of Sharia in terms of change and indicated that the change is in the circumstances of the taxpayers and their circumstances and all that has been proven to us in the Book of Allah and his Sunnah Messenger (peace be upon him) is a constant does not change and divided into two requirements: First requirement: I change The second requirement: ijtihad and the opinion of the diligent My theme included his ring and the most important results

Jurisprudential views of Imam Metwali in i'tikaaf through the book of the total Imam nuclear -part One - Things affecting the validity of i'tikaaf

Abdulsattar A. Abed

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 247-288

The purpose of this research is to show the views of Imam al-Metwalli in the I'tikaaf that affect the validity of i'tikaaf. He said that it is invalid to observe i'tikaaf with regard to sugar and apostasy, and that it is invalid to observe i'tikaaf with a desire and pleasure if it brings down the i'tikaaf. And invalidating the i'tikaaf of the i'tikaaf when it comes out for the performance of the kit. The invalidation of i'tikaaf for the i'tikaaf is a duty to leave the mosque, and the invalidation of i'tikaaf for the i'tikaaf is obligatory. D. It is necessary for him to gather his imams, and not to invalidate the i'tikaaf of the i'tikaaf by taking the sultan out of the mosque.

Damage to the accused and his psychological treatment in Sharia and law

Ehsan A. Hussien

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 289-320

The nature of psychological harm is an immaterial nature that does not affect money or the body, but affects emotion, honor, moral values and social status. Therefore, jurisprudence has long hesitated to accept the idea of compensation for psychological damage. This type of damage affects the so-called social aspect of moral, literary or psychological edema, usually to be associated with physical damage, or affects the emotion or feeling of pain caused by the self and sorrows. Hence, he attributes the emotional aspect of moral and psychological edema, so that he alone is not accompanied by material damage, and has inflicted on other things of a financial nature, such as religious belief or moral ideas. Human dignity is based on the principle of human equality. The Prophet (PBUH) says: (O people, except that your Lord is one, and if your father is one, is there no virtue for an Arab over Ajami, nor for Ajami over an Arab, nor red on black, nor black on red, except piety).

Jurisprudence Abu Bakr locksmith Mrozi in the book Total of the Imam nuclear issues transactions Comparative Jurisprudence Study

Adnan S. Hasan; Abed M. Azeez

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 321-372

This research aims to explain the jurisprudence of Abu Bakr al-Marzoi al-Qaffal in al-Majmoo 'in the book of the Imam al-Nawawi. Issues of Transactions Comparative Jurisprudence Study - Imam al-Qafqal (may Allaah have mercy on him) is one of the few people in the Shafi'i school. And also ended the Sheikh Khorasaniyyah in the doctrine, the words of the Imam al-Qaffal diversified between the origins of the issues, and branches, and was always in inference based on his statements based on the evidence of the four agreed sources, and his words in most matters does not depart from the doctrine as we have seen, and in some may Against the Shafi'i doctrine, As in some of the issues mentioned in the folds of the research.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Karim Zidane's weightings in the sponsorship Comparative Jurisprudence Study

Mohammed S. Abdulhameed; Abdulrahman H. Shafi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 41, Pages 373-394

The study in this research focuses on three issues, which represent the conditions that differed scientists in the requirement of its existence in the sponsored him (creditor) or not, and what we mean in this research is likely by Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Zidan God's mercy in his book sponsorship and hawala, in the study disagree Dr. Abdul Karim Zidan, may God have mercy on him in these matters because of the likely evidence we have and the impact on the contract of sponsorship in the event of approval with weighting.