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Volume 9, Issue 35

Volume 9, Issue 35, Summer 2018, Page 1-352

The Baghdadi narrators in Saheeh Muslim - descriptive study

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 1-46

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet and our Companions Muhammad and his good companions and those who follow his approach to the Day of Judgment. Is the year of Mustafa peace be upon him, as God prepared for her men saved from the interpretation of the ignorant and the people of atheism, and determined to deliver them, and identified the correct of the Suqaimha, has been optional for one of the right, is true Imam Muslim, to know the impact of the Baghdadi in his novel, and to emphasize their efforts in The service of the Hadith, and that they were characterized by Control and perfection, ie, that their efforts were characterized both: quantitative and qualitative. So my research was entitled:
The Baghdadi narrators in Saheeh Muslim, and each of them of the number. Descriptive study.
The research needed to be divided after the introduction on two topics and a conclusion:The first topic: the Baghdadi narrators in Saheeh Muslim, and assigned to the title of Baghdadi.
The second topic: narrators who came to Baghdad in Saheeh Muslim, or those who settled in it, some of whom were buried in Baghdad, such as Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (may Allah have mercy on him).
The conclusion is the most important results that showed the numbers of Baghdadites or those who settled and settled in them. The census of each narrator is important in indicating the efforts of the narrators according to the cities, on the one hand, and the distinction between narrators who have similar names or who only mention their names or names Abstract, which may lead to confusion, as well as recommendations, which are an invitation to complete the counting of Meruiyat correct and others according to cities and their statement by the research students

The word "Sheikh" at Abu Zarah al-Razi - An applied theoretical study

Abdulsattar E. Saleh; Ahmed N. Bdewi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 47-96

Imam Abu Zar'a 'Ubayd Allah ibn Abd al-Karim (264 AH), was one of the imams who emerged in modern science in his time in his request and publication. And his words in the wound and the amendment is mentioned in various books, including his weak book in his answers to the questions of Al-Barza'i, and the wound and the amendment, and the misguidance of Ibn Abi Hatim, and other books of imams. And knowledge of Murad imams and their purpose of words and sentences that they give in narrators, is one of the most important topics of modern science and most concerned about the achievement of the desired goal in the wound and modification. I have written a research that showed the word Sheikh at Abu Zarah al-Razi and is it a statement of documentation? Or slander? It was used by Imam Abu Zarah al-Razi in the launch of some narrators, where it is difficult to know the meaning of them only using the evidence and contexts to know the meaning in every statement by a critical critic. And the word of Shaykh either to be absolute any word, or to be constrained by another word, and when bound to know the meaning of whether they are to modify, or to defy.

Methods of denunciation of the meanings on the point of clarity between the scholars of the tap and the audience of speakers - may God have mercy on them

Ayad K. Yousuf

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 97-146

In order to determine the meaning of the word, its meaning in terms of
clarity has a significant impact on the interpretation of texts, the
development of judgments, and the commissioning of words and their
meanings in the Islamic Shari'a. The words mentioned in the Qur'aan
and Sunnah is from the verses and the hadiths of the rulings. The
fundamentalists divided them on the rulings that the legislator wanted.
They are divided into two parts: Section 1: Meaningful meaning.
Meaning of the meaning does not require an order outside of it. Section
II: vague meaning of meaning needs to understand the meaning of it to
something outside of it. The words are clear, meaning that they do not
need to be understood as something that is outside of them. Their levels
of clarity vary in meaning. They are not one degree in the clarity of
judgment, but some of them are clearer than others.

Marriage of relatives between Sharia and medicine

Mohammed F. Ebraheem; Hamad H. Hamad

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 147-196

The issues of this subject of the marriage of relatives are few and scattered in the sections of Islamic jurisprudence and many of its issues are innovated according to scientific development, especially genetic traits and how to treat them, such as medical examinations of the couple before marriage. The validity of the Sharia for all time and place, and the jurisprudence of the jurists make the researcher put this issue under the misguidance of legitimate rule. Because the matters related to the marriage of relatives are almost confined to medical matters, because it has the authority of the legitimate rule. And this issue is still the subject of disagreement between researchers in this area, followed the approach of martyrdom and comparison between the statements of jurisprudence and medicine at the difference and agreement, so as to combine them in clarifying the legitimacy.

The doctrinal detective in the names of Allah in the mosque of the statement in the interpretation of the Koran to Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al - Iji Shirazi died 905 e (assembly and study)

Abdullah H. Hamad; Mariya M. Khalaf

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 197-226

In this research (the names of Allah the most beautiful in the verses in the mosque of the statement in the interpretation of the koran to Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Aiji Al-Shirazi died 905Hijri ) and the imam Al-Aiji ( may Allah have mercy of him ) of the scientists who were famous for teaching and fasting in his hometown Shiraz and also famous in Mecca, To study and after teaching and reciting until the end of the term, and contained the interpretation of many sciences, including language and grammar and jurisprudence and reduce the delving into what is inappropriate and distinguish the interpretion of the phrase in brief and clairty of meaning and contains the meanings of precious has been praised by scholars wath and that the meaning of the census in the interpretation of the verses creams is counting , contol, conservation and work under these names.

Imam al-Qunawi's letter in the assignment of intolerable to Isma'il ibn Muhammad ibn Mustafa al-Qunawi (d. 1195) - study and investigation

Ahmad K. Sarhan; Firas F. Farhaan

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 227-274

The research deals with a message of iman a – Din Ismail bin Mohamed bin Mustafa Al- Konawi Al-Hanafy ( 1195 H ) named ( it Tagged Costs of studying and investigating) , the rat are of the research plan has to be divided in two parts the First section Contains three parts , one of which includes a subscription of Qunouni life . The Second topic included the statement of his age The third topic our approach to the investigation describing the Copies and the manuscript , the Second Section includes the text investigated and the purpose of the research was to show the doctrme of Qunouni . and what is transmits from the word of the scholar an the issue of Commissions un bearable. Many studies have shown that the Colloidal imam of the prominent scholars of his time . it is clear to us that he was multi talented in a number of forensic and actual sciences

Reforming the family and its role in reforming society in the first interpretation of what was said in the download verses of Sheikh Rashid Al-Khatib Al-Musalli

Othman A. Ebrahem; Shaimaa' M. Mohammed

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 275-314

The study dealt with the reform of the family and its role in the reform of society in the first interpretation of what was said in the download verses of Sheikh Rashid al-Khatib al-Musalli (1400 AH). Sheikh al-Musulsi, one of the great scholars of Iraq and the leaders of Mosul al-Hadba in the thirteenth century of migration, In the interpretation, which is one of the most important interpretations composed at the end of the thirteenth century of migration, characterized by its characteristics, and characterized by the specifications, perhaps the most prominent of the modern enlightenment and reform trend called by Sheikh Rashid Khatib, God's mercy, and adopted in the interpretation, The pioneers of this school: Imam Muhammed Abdo (), Sheikh Rashid Al-Musli in this interpretation quoted many of the words of Sheikh Mohammed Abdo said: The professor said the Imam, it is an explanation full of science such as jurisprudence, doctrine, rhetoric and others, but I chose him regarding the reform of the family; The role of parents in reforming and raising children, good ethics that should be observed in raising children, and justice between wives and children, and the impact of divorce in family reform.

Westernization and the role of Islamic faith in confronting it

Abduljabbar H. Saleh

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 35, Pages 315-352

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and the best prayer and the completion of the delivery to our master Muhammad and his family and companions.
This research is aimed at instilling the meanings of sound belief in the hearts of people, hearts and minds, and this is the goal of our teacher and Prophet peace be upon him the foundation, and his supreme purpose; because he knows that by virtue of the goodness of society and corruption corruption society, And ignorance, and spread chaos, and prevail the policy of the jungle in the absence of religious faith in the eating of weak and poor, rich, so we see that the first teacher, peace be upon him at the beginning of his call focused on planting the meanings of pure faith in the minds of the first generation; What established his doctrine is the consolidation of the mountains of the mountains He will undoubtedly prove to the perverse currents, corrupt trends, deviant groups, hurricanes, and the strong winds do not take root, no matter how they use deviant ways and misguided tricks to keep him away from his religion, faith and identity.
In the present study, I have shown some examples of Westernization and the role of the Islamic faith in facing this invasion, which lurks in Islam and its people. The Westerners sought to stir the Holy Quran, the language from the hearts and minds of Muslims, and instill the corrupt beliefs and ideas among those who are defeated by our sons. And the portrayal of Western culture as the sole savior of mankind, and that the provisions of the Koran has eaten and drinking on it, and is no longer valid for our time; because they claim corrupt and understanding sterile characterized by cruelty and violence, and that is only a lie and purely And it is a light on Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
God grants success