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Volume 9, Issue 37

Volume 9, Issue 37, Autumn 2018

Renewing content is a way to moderate speech

Ahmad S. Qatraan

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 1-26

Discourse is the message that associates the self with the other, and the optimum means of disseminating moderation. The type of discourse renders the relationship either positive or negative. The more comprehensible the renewal in the discourse vocabulary of time changes, and the more it copes with the positive development, the more its effect on the relationship with the other be positive. There is no doubt that the religious discourse greatly affects the community as it touches upon human innate and harmonizes with noble feelings. However, maintaining archaic vocabulary in the religious discourse produced in accordance with certain givings that suit their time would yield extremism and fanaticism. This is true since what was produced for an age would never suit another, either partially or totally. Hence, renewal in the religious discourse and the proper handling of its main vocabulary in a modern frame which is open to contemporary givings is mandatory. On this basis, the study addresses an important issue namely, introducing the Islamic religious discourse into the competitive domain within a market pregnant with thoughts that used various technologies of intake. Accordingly, the study aims to answer the following questions. What is the effect of renewal in the discourse vocabulary on producing a moderate discourse? What are the models that require discourse renewal? To answer these questions, the study adopts the theoretical analytical approach. The most important findings of the study include;-Discourse content is vital throughout the Islamic life. Renewal in this regard is mandatory so as to cope with recent developments and be influential.-Vocabulary of common use such as jihad, relation with the ruler, the call to do good deeds and renounce bad deeds should be handled in their collective context in line with the public interests of our doctrine. This requires continuous revision and renewal in accordance with the spacio-temporal implications.-The positive handling of human rights and the vocabulary of peaceful change would deter opponents of Islamic communities from using the negative intake of these vocabularies to accuse Islam with despotism, mouth muffling and freedom confiscation. On this basis, if the nation does not keep pace with recent developments in line with its principles that do not renounce cope, it would stay in the circle of arrogance and ignorance which affected the nation in various domains. Moreover, it would represent the medium for recurrent movements of extremism. The most important recommendations of the study include;1.Research centers and universities need to determine the vocabulary whose discourse content requires renewal and suggest them as research projects.2. The vocabulary of the Islamic religious discourse should be courageously handled regardless of the cultural implications

Rules of moderation in the discourse and its controls in the Holy Quran

Khalil R. Hamdaan

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 27-54

Today, the nation faces great cultural challenges on different fronts. These challeges aim to blur the nation’s intellectual texture and direct its cultural move towards self-conflict. Cobsequenly, this would weaken its potential for interraction with cultural developments and hinder its progress in achieving its human mission. This has resulted in the inability of its dicscourse to confront challenges, rather it has declined from its positive levels when the Muslim mind used to be represented in the visions, principles and thoughts by noble rules enriched by the Holy Quran. In this light, the study addresses the incorrect vision about the Islamic discourse which feeds the minds of a great number of young people. This vision pushes these people towards extremity and violence. In addition, it is exploited by some intellectual groups and political circles to achieve benefits in grwoing extremism and coercion. The study aims to highlight a number of the rules which the Holy Quran identified to control discourse. To achieve this objective, the study adopts the inductive approach to analyze texts and infer rules of moderate discourse and its measures. The findings of the study indicate that the system of values which the Holy Quan identified to control discourse are not a mere self desire within the good conduct or noble intent. Rather, they represent a legislation the Muslim should adhere to. This is because they are elevated and religion is perfected by them. Anything else that opposes these values, stems from an incorrect vision, blind imitation, lack of religious belonging or a deviation from the values which Islam calls for. A keen reading of the Quranic texts shows that good speech and its perfection represent the foundation of discourse and the general rule identified to construct discourse. In addition, discourse must generally be purified when addressing events or people, with Muslims and non-Muslims, the good and the bad, and in the religious and material discourse. Moreover, in order to build civilized and cultivated cultural relationships, the Holy Quran has encapsulated discourse within a system of ethics that elevate it whether in articulation or intent by the addresser or the addressee.

Renewing contemporary religious discourse and its impact on the intellectual security of the society between political adaptation and legitimate employment

Noor A. Ebraheem; Raad H. Tawfeeq

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 55-72

The relationship between the adaptation of politics and the religious discourse is that there are many Islamic political trends in all their forms and trends. They have an active presence in the political life and in the life of the society in general. Through linking and linking between Islam as faith and worship, moral and moral values, and the project of political Islam represented by the religious state based on the foundations of Islamic law, which is the reason for the emergence of the problem, which prompted the researchers to enter into the subject of sensitive and dangerous Palo T. himself. Thus, these currents seek to monopolize the religious heritage for itself and to convert it to its political interests and to give sanctity to its decisions, orientations and political agreements, all of which are promoted in the name of religious discourse and the need to renew it and its danger lies in the dissolution of the religious discourse of its innovative religious spirit and its dragging behind the political fervor and personal and partisan adaptations But politicians, so that our religious or doctrinal differences became their lifeline.The researchers are starting to question the importance of the religious or religious aspects of religious renewal and its impact on the intellectual security of societies: What is meant by the renewal of religious discourse and how can it be a stabilizing element of the intellectual security of societies? The research aims at alerting any Islamic discourse behind political or utilitarian organizations. The importance of the research lies in the seriousness of the religious discourse and what it represents as a tool for guiding and motivating people.

Choosing simplest sayings and its impact in spreading moderation

Suhaib A. Odah

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 73-94

The purpose of this research is to express a prominent feature of Islam, and to activate the purpose of the intentions of sleep, which is the purpose of bringing their facilitation, and pushing hardship and lifting the embarrassment from them. The Islam came to spread peace and tolerance among the people and to lift them up in every place and article, From the tyranny of misrepresentation and misguidance, rejecting extremism and extremism in all cases, and this is accompanied by the texts of the Qur'aan and Sunnah, and the word of the nation has met with it, but we see a bitter war between now and then calling for extremism and deviation to change the image of the shining Islam that extended for a period of time and opened our countries under duress. Religion, which led us to see the decline of civilization Has become enveloping the world under the name of extremism and extremism, and the rules of Islam is innocent, but the left Sharia This is what casts heavy burdens on the shoulders of the muftis and the people of the decision to deal with this phenomenon and to cleanse the ideas from which they were suspended, in light of following the purposes of the Shari'a for the fatwas and dealing with the extremist and the abnormal ones, because adherence to the procedure of emphasis and not to look at the reality of the nation and know its interests and the absence of other views that Flexible and objective, is a matter of exaggeration and extremism, to achieve accurate central fatwas, through which to moderate the guidance of these fatwas, taking the middle path, which achieves flexibility and the purpose of legislation

What is absent from the tools of moderation in the Islamic discourse deliberately or for shortening

Abdulrahman H. Shafi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 95-128

This paper is an attempt to expose the real face of Islam in its treatment of its followers and opponents by presenting the original texts from the two true sources of Islam: Quran and Sunnah and the texts of interpretations by classic and modern Muslim scholars. All these texts are advocating moderation, mercy, and forgiveness. They carry all the human implications of elevation in dealing with all humans whether Muslims or Non-Muslims. The paper seeks to promote those effaced, whether deliberately or accidently, aspects of Islam in recent times despite the obvious presence of hidden hands that seek to trifle with the nation and disrupted it into warring parties instead of supporting and helping each other.•The aim of this paper is to defend the image of Islam and demystify its distorted image.•The paper follows an analytical theory to remind the nation and direct knowledge seekers to pay attention to the meanings of mercy hidden between the lines.

Sheikh Abdul Jalil Ibrahim al-Hitti's efforts to direct moderate religious discourse

Firas Y. Abduljaleel

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 129-158

The issue of moderate religious discourse preoccupied researchers and informed discussions among scholars. This issue should be activated in cultural cultivation both in quality and quantity. Crisis threatens to undermine the life of the Islamic nation and the only alternative is to have the will to live, we be ourselves, and own the means of power and strength to have life give us its energies and fortunes so we may use them as we will.This paper aims at activating the issue of moderate religious issue in the light of the thoughts of Sheikh Abdul-Jalil and putting it on the right track and stress the moderate discursive means. This paper also adds scientific value to identifying the role of scholars and preachers at that time. The paper collects its material directly from Sheikh Abdul-Jalil’s published and unpublished works, interpretive views, addresses, written and recorded sermons, and comments on books he owned or received as gifts. My father provided me with valuable books and manuscripts that contain some of his father’s comments.The most important findings of the study are:1.Islam is the greatest of beliefs and the predominat method in the personality of the Sheikh and it is a middle path approach.2.Attention to give young Moslems an original intellectual education in accordance to the true and moderate Islamic shariah.3.Respect of individual liberty and the dissemination of the spirit of friendliness and familiarity and head away from the atmosphere of disgust, malignancy and prevention of fight among Moslems4.Treatment of the causes of extremism and excess like poverty and absence of justice and equality in Islamic societies.5.Selection and manipulation of verses from the Quran that call for a sound society opposing excess and extremism.6.Call for unity through dogma, gathering, intellect, and conduct as based on its shariah sources. The paper recommends the establishment of specialized institutes to qualify missionaries and develop their skills and the means of call to Islam discourse. Curriculm and textbooks should be constructed in accordance to the fundamentals of Shariah and Islam. The paper also recommends the bringing up of a Moslem generation on the values of invention, creativity, and refusal of imitation and submission.

Prophetic milestones for the establishment of caliphate and moderation among Muslims (objective study of applied models in the correct)

Mahmood H. Mejbil

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 159-192

Our Islamic religion has nothing to do with extravagance and extremity. Instead, it is the religion of magnanimous Al-Hanafi which comes with simplification and preaching. So, it lifts up tiredness and exhaustion of people and encourages them to be moderate. This religion promises those self-conceited with hell who said, “people are damned”. All these things call for us to guide people and make them aware that there is no coercion in religion. Contrary to that it is a religion of tenderness, brotherhood and moderation. Therefore, accepting religion means protecting human mundane and religious life. The Aim of the Study: The paper aims at showing special and general references which are encouraged by our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to arrive peaceful shore and establish tenderness and love of peace and moderation among people. In doing so, the righteous way will be established and acquired the hearts of people by Muslims’ morals. The Problem of the Study: Currently, the phenomena of disintegration become a common feature. We see there is a lack of love, tenderness and moderation which led to hatred and disintegration among families. Because there is no seriousness in dealing with this issue in addition to above reason, the present paper is born to answer the following question: what are the most prominent prophetic references to set up tenderness and moderation?Methodology: Analytical-descriptive approach has been used where prophetic Hadeeth which refers to tenderness and moderation among Muslims are gathered. They are taken from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. I also edit them and show their benefits. The Sample of the Study: Chosen models of prophetic Hadeeth are taken from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.The Results of the Study: Tenderness is one of the pillars of Islamic religion and law. Islam is a religion of tenderness, love, socializing, solidarity and ties among human beings. The target of Islam is not a fighting and hatred and hostile community. Instead, it encourages integrated society where people cooperate and love each other, just like two hands which one washes other. It is just like one body if one organ injured, the whole body will suffer. The researcher calls for solidarity and social integration to propagate love and tenderness among Muslims.

Intolerance and its impact on advocacy discourse

Ali M. Ali; Maan N. Mohammed

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 193-206

The discourse has faced great challenges that have affected it greatly, so it must be confronted with more ideas and methods, so as to reduce the risk of intolerance and arrogance. Islam is the platform of a nation that brought the people from worship of worship to the worship of God, the Lord of the people, and intolerance and ignorance are things that our religion Hakim, because of the negative effects on the nation, which made the enemies of Islam to lead a campaign of defamation of the image of Islam, by blaming the false accusations of Islam and Muslims, under the pretext that it is a religion of intolerance and extremism and terrorism, and this necessitates scientists and preachers to confront such methods, The middle of the preaching discourse And presented it in a way that calls for mediation in everything, and from this point came the research tagged (intolerance and its impact on the discourse of advocacy). The first topic dealt with the definition of intolerance, its causes, types, rooting and concepts. The second topic dealt with its impact on the prophetic discourse, and then concluded this research with the most important findings, and then the recommendations of the two researchers.

The fundamentals of peaceful coexistence in the Quran and Sunnah and its impact on achieving moderation, moderation and civil peace

Waleed H. Kurdi Al-sumaidaei

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 207-234

The Islamic law (Al-Sharia) exists for the benefit of worshipers. It is the justice and mercy of Alla among His creators and worshipers. It is also His shadow and wisdom on earth which denotes His existence. The Islamic law organizes the relationship of Muslim with his creator and others. This relationship builds on socializing. The Holy Quran says that “We created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other”. Socializing is a normal behavior which covers all cultural, social and economic transactions. If the relationship between people is disturbed, the corruption will outbreak. Moreover, human beings will lose the security on their money, religion and themselves. So, if the security is lost, there will be no development in construction. The extremity and violence will be prevalent in society. This situation is not cope with the aim of Islam law which is the populating of the earth and protecting citizenship and coexistence.

To promote the values of religious moderation by presenting the doctrinal difference in the media

Ahmad S. Mahmood

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 235-260

The world and especially Islam today is undergoing many changes and developments, turning people's lives upside down and changing their ways of life and their causes of life. Among these developments is the media. It has a great role in spreading and directing ideas. Today, societies are adopting their beliefs and ideas on what the media promote, regardless of the truth. The media enters every society, house and institution without permission, so we must employ this means to promote the values of moderation in our communities in order to protect these communities from its harms, and builds a mature, tolerant, coexisting society, as ordered by God, which is not excessive and not negligent. The aims of the study are: 1. ake use of the great role of the media in all its kinds, audio and visual, to influence the ideas of societies and their beliefs 2.. Show that the Fiqh dispute in the media has a great role in the denial of suspcion, and invalidation of the weak arguments and show the truth of the Islamic religion. 3. Develop a clear vision in promoting the values of moderation, through dealing with the Sharia texts. I followed the descriptive-inductive method in the collection and presentation of the material. I then extrapolated the texts that had a role in the emergence of the dispute and how they were invested in enriching Islamic law and its impact on acceptance of the other and describe the conditions to show Fiqh difference and how to deal with it according to Islamic law. I have concluded in my research that what a person decrees according to the principles that he has agreed upon is a value for him in his moderation, which is the middle path between excess and disobedience, guided by those legal principles that allowed us to dispute the jurisprudence in applying the Shariah texts on society or individuals, Taking into account the change of time and place, and this is only for those who have the tools necessary to deal with the legal Islamic texts- Quran and Sunnah - to deal with those texts and understanding and applying them without excess.

Threatening to social tolerance "Aggressive nodular model"

Mohammed M. Theare; Takleef L. Rezej

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 261-282

Tolerance is an important Islamic principle deeply rooted in the Holy Quran and the noble Prophet Sunnah. However, opponents of Islam continuously try to defile this noble principle and expel it from its practical domain. This would result in alienating people from the true nature of Islamic teachings to embrace, instead, preplanned principles and ethics to defile Islam. Ideological extremism is considered the most dangerous type of extremism due to its reflections on the life of people. Hence, it has been deemed forbidden according to religious texts. Moreover, it blocks the dissemination of the culture of tolerance and moderation which are among the main characteristics of our noble religion. Based on this, the study attempts to answer the following questions; (1) what is the extent of the relationship between tolerance and ideological moderation? (2) what is the mechanism of dealing with ideological extremism and intellectually and behaviorally confronting it? To address these questions, the study adopts the inductive approach based on data collection and the analytical approach based on inferring suitable judgments from religious texts. The study aims to identify the status of tolerance and moderation in the life of the nation and explore threats that block the dissemination of the culture of tolerance, namely ideological extremism. It also aims to identify the mechanisms of disseminating the culture of social tolerance at the individual and group levels. The findings of the study include;-Tolerance is an intellectual terminology and an Islamic principle with expressions similar in meaning but different in structure. It has social indications that might enhance this principle. -Ideological extremism carries the meanings of fanaticism and extremism represented by the image of excommunication (Takfir) which is the main threat to social tolerance due to the traces it leaves on the social behavior on the intellectual, educational and social levels. -Means to achieve social tolerance are represented by measures that guarantee confronting its threats. These means include highlighting the role of the mosque and the school in disseminating the culture of tolerance among the people in the community.-Mechanisms of disseminating social tolerance mentioned in the study can be adopted as an agenda applicable in our time.

The unification of Islamic discourse is a necessity

Ammar B. Saleh; Jasim M. Harchan

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 283-300

The objective of this research is that there is a tendency in some media to try to make the Islamic discourse (Islamic discourse) As a goal of the individual in the community to erase the cultural differences between the members of the community and to obliterate the sub-identities, and the research highlighted a number of facts after the treatment was addressed to the predecessors, as the methodology of the study of this research from the ground following all scientific methods, The most important results, Namely the lack of fanaticism of a given doctrine, but the taking of the benefits of our Islamic heritage, the balance between materialism and the spirit, the emphasis on the integration of the sciences of the world and the sciences of religion, because this particular issue has caused a great gap between learners in religious schools And the role of creativity from the educational process, which is the outcome that determines the success of failure, should be away from the traditional method of indoctrination, and focus on stimulating thinking and the launch of creative energies, as well as the most prominent research ability of contemporary Islamic culture to meet the cultural challenges, not Especially through cultural globalization, by highlighting the characteristics of Islam in the media and culture, dissolving differences among Muslims and encouraging dialogue and cultural interaction with other cultures. Awad said that the most important thing to pay attention is to move away from the Islamic discourse with a self-sectarian and call for unity and convergence between all Islamic sects, under the umbrella of love of the homeland and peaceful coexistence, while the speech directed to non-Muslims should be characterized by harmony and coexistence and love not collisions and dislocation, The deaf will be deaf to hearing the word of truth, and close the hearts for the light of guidance.

The decline of the religious discourse between the sons of the nation and its leaders and its problems on the reality of society

Khaled E. Muslim

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 301-318

A research summary of unmarked (undo religious discourse between the sons of the nation and its leaders and problematic on the reality of society) Dr Khalid Ibrahim Al-alussi Muslim/professor of interpretation in the interpretation section and head of the former section/University Islamic sciences faculty-praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and blessings and peace envoy A mercy to the worlds and his family and companions: after: the religious discourse of modern terminology found in the reality of the nation as a result of external factors whose link religions with each other however understandable may have confused many people because the concept is another term for us with formulas for this plurality that Pending alfhom by scientists that accompanied this term, including one who went to that particular religious revelation and uphold professionalism and strictness and whom link between being saluted with the accompanying and understanding that we can say with commentators mentality of them rely on revelation term that a delegation from outside the nation says the philosophy Religious speech and the fact that the differentiation between legitimate discourse emanating from the Qur'aan and Sunnah, and between religious discourse based on 4 mujtahideen among scientists and understand the nation could call the mindset of Islamic thought. Branches which are replaced and which may be affected more right and wrong which tolerate edgewise Ijtihad is not understand her infallibility, but the approach to pay right researcher has this axis is Arta research on introduction and four detectives first topic: introducing religious discourse in language And the term indicating the difference between himself and legislative discourse, the second topic: the effectiveness of religious discourse between the Ummah and its importance, and the third section: reasons for the decline of religious discourse and its impact on the nation, and finally the fourth section: religious discourse and its role in correcting the nation's reality and remove problematic. Then the finale that are the subject of the study results and thank Allah the Lord of the worlds

The features of moderation and centrality in the contemporary jurisprudence of women

Khawlah H. Khalaf

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 319-340

This paper traces the evolution of contemporary Fiqh discourse on women and its forms that came about with modern communication revolution. It also explores the extent to which this discourse meets the moderation and middle path that Islam advocates.The significance of the paper lies in the dangerous situation of the contemporary religious discourse in general and the Fiqh discourse on women in particular in view of the flux status of the sources of this discourse and the unprecedented openness in social media. The paper also seeks to identify the requirements that bring this discourse to moderation and middle path and cast away extremism in any direction opposing these moderation and middle path.The method of the paper is based on an analysis of selected samples from contemporary Fiqh discourse on women from social media sites taking into consideration that the selected samples cover the most important contemporary Fiqh issues of Moslem woman.The paper recommends further research into the aspects of moderation and middle path in any contemporary Fiqh discourse on women especially those tricky issues that the enemies of the Islamic nation seek to take advantage of to corrupt the Islamic society and its religion from the vantage point of women rights and the pretext of injustice to women in Islamic society.

Terrorism causes and treatment in the light of the Koran

Hussien A. Raies Almushahda; Shaker M. Mahdi Algarrawi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 341-362

Praise be to God who wanted us ease and make tolerance between us maintenance of extremism and extremism and terrorism and prayer and peace on the best of the call to God with wisdom and good advice and conduct the course of moderation and Hanafi and tolerant after: There is no doubt that the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism and the use of violence in societies in all its forms and manifestations is a satisfactory phenomenon that expresses an imbalance in assessment and a difference in perception and behavior. It is a manifestation of the absence of moderation which is a distinct characteristic of God in this verse. So that you may be witnesses to the people, and the messenger will be a martyr over you. "[Al-Baqarah: 143] It is the middle nation that attests to all people. They say that this is a right, and this is invalid, and it is for the middle nation in all senses of the middle, whether from mediation in the sense of good and virtue, or from the middle in the sense of moderation and intention, or from the middle in its physical and sensual sense. (A middle nation) in perception and belief do not get lost in the spiritual abstraction or in the material reaction (the middle nation) in thinking and feeling, do not freeze on what I learned and close the niches of experience and knowledge, and do not follow every wink, and imitate the tradition of monkeys funny, Of perceptions, curricula and assets And the danger of terrorism and violence on the individual and society and to keep up with the themes of the conference "The religious axis of discourse and moderation", we decided to shed light on this dangerous phenomenon that destabilized security and stability in Islamic societies with the title "Terrorism causes and treatment in the light of the Koran" and the effect of moderation and moderation on the individual and society, Research on the introduction, four questions, and the conclusion of the most important findings of the research and as follows:The first topic: the concept of terrorism and related wordsThe second topic: The causes of terrorismThe third topic: treatmentThe fourth topic: the impact of moderation and moderation on the individual and society

The centrality of Islam and its impact on peaceful coexistence

Ruqaiah S. Mansoor

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 363-386

The medium is one of the most prominent characteristics of this true religion, the religion of Islam, the religion of mercy and the center and is also expressed by (balance and moderation) and balance means to allow each of them area and the right to the premium without exaggeration or failure and excessive, This is a balanced system, and this is much more than it can be estimated by the human being, limited and limited knowledge, there are a lot of influences that affect him whether his tendencies or conflicts personal or family or intellectual, political or social or economic. Diversity has become a universal reality, a divine will that can not be abolished, pluralism is a social necessity, and citizenship is a human right. We must deal with this reality with awareness that achieves unity in the light of diversity and integration with diversity and cooperation in common denominators.As the people of our time need to be moderate and moderate and to facilitate them and their kindness and lack of emphasis and intolerance; Muslims need to return to the first Islam before the defect of the innovations of innovators, and narrowing the hardliners and distorting the Mongols, and We refer to the two invalids, and the interpretation of the ignorant divided my work in the study of the subject and achievement of the introduction and three investigations and conclusion.The first topic: The reality of moderation in Islam.The second topic: the manifestations of moderation in Islam and its impact on peaceful coexistence.Conclusion: We mentioned the most important findings we reached through our research

The signs of moderation in the discourse derived from the speech of the Prophets to their people in the Holy Quran

Taha E. Shebeeb; Ahmad K. Mukhlif

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 387-406

This paper focuses on the elevation of the Prophets' addresses to their peoples despite the opposition and harm these people inflect on the prophets and their followers. The paper seeks to shed light on the addresses of moderation by quoting live and realistic specimen of the call of the prophets and messengers to their misguided peoples to follow the right path of God. Prophets were instructed by God to use soft speech, wisdom, and right sermon in their calls in spite of the animosity and oppression of these people. Each prophet has his own unique style of presentation and call that far supersedes human minds. Because prophets are the ultimate model to humanity and in view of the dark and hard conditions this paper contemplates the Quranic stories of Prophets and a smaple of there addresses to their people to deduce discourse guidelines to guide the nation in deciding its destiny. The paper seeks to answer the question of how was the Prophets' address to their peoples? What are the means to make their call succeed? And what is the essence of successful moderate discourse.The nature of the successful address, that the individual should adopt in his dealings with other, should be derived from the prophets' address as they take all available time in their call and their never going desperate. The paper follows the theoretical and applied methods to combine the events and happenings to what the the Quran relates in the stories of the prophets.Individuals must follow and imitate the ethical behaviors of the prophets in using moderate address with the sinners and divergents because what force fails to achieve can surely be achieved by mild style and moderate address. The prophetic approach to address should be the path we follow in all our dealings with the pious and sinners alike.

The moderation in the religious discourse is institutionalized and applied

Mohammed Nabhaan E. Raheem; Abdulsattar A. Abed

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 407-438

One of the most significant aspects that distinguishes Islam from other religions is that its laws and codes are far from negligence and excess. It is clear that religious discourse is one of the means of spread and call to Islam. It is characterized by moderation and middle path like all the means that Islam utilizes. This study focuses on the aspect of moderation and explain its nature and associations with particular reference to moderation of religious discourse. The study also explores the means to apply it in order to establish the right conception of the goals of Islam in the face of charges of negligence and excess. Samples of applied Fiqh issues were selected to prove that moderation and middle path are used as the standard to probate views.The study falls into an introduction, four sections, and a conclusion. The introduction states briefly the significance of the topic and the reason to choose it for study. Section one explains the basic terminology of the study. Section two deals with the characteristics of moderation in Islam and the negative sides of our mistaken understanding of this issue. Section three consolidates the principles of moderation in religious discourse. Section four selects and discusses a sample of applied Fiqh issues.The conclusion sums up the most important findings of the study such as that the desired discourse should be moderate in all its stages and medial in all its sides except for the constants and fundamentals of the accredited texts. Middle path in religious discourse is right, euphoria, and justice. Its benefits and positive results are for all people regardless of their ethnicities, complexion, affliations, and beliefs. It is, at the same time, an authentic legitimate goal and a high cultural phenomenon where Mankind’s affairs are in balance and people are equal in terms of rights and duties.

Methodology of moderation and peaceful discourse in Islamic doctrine

Othman A. Ebraheem

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 439-464

Moderation in Islam is one of the fundamentals that contributes to the establishment of a balanced society on the principle of liberties, respect of human dignity, and moderation as opposed to injustice and slavery for any possible reason. This paper explains the direct correlation between moderation and societal peace because when society losses moderation chaos and extremism prevails and refusal of other and dialogue dominates. Societal chaos shall revail leading to the destruction of the infrastructure of the state affecting all members of society regardless of their ethnicities and religious denominations, whether Muslims or non-Muslims.This paper also aims to focus on establishing the values of moderation and their role in building society and forming its societal culture that protects it from chaos, exaggeration, stray from right path. Islamic dogma is the first and foremost base of our Islamic life.The paper follows the analytical and deductive methods in the analysis of negative phenomena that should be addressed with wisdom, mind, power of law, respect of the state, and assign a role to the enlightened class to exercise its role in awareness and directing. The paper find that extremism and exaggeration are phenomena alien to our Islamic and Arabic society and do not reflect its truth. It also found that our nation still retains the potential for positive interaction and to participate in progress away from all aspects of backwardness and extremism. The correct understanding of our religion and the promotion of the middle path teachings of Islam is the ideal answer to all our problems of extremism and exaggeration

Modalities of moderation and their impact on social behavior (exemplary example)

Mohammed S. Dawood

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 485-502

All praise be to Alla, peace, prayer and blessings be upon the most noble of Messengers, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and on his kinsman and disciples. One of the blessings of Alla on the Islamic nation is the true understanding of Islam according to two original sources: Holy Quran and the Honourable Prophet Traditions (Sunnah). These two sources give Islamic thought its renewal, vitality and permanence. This situation in turn encourages scientists to studiousness and deriving judgements. This is done to extract solutions for obstacles that may be raised in different levels of societies. So, we can find that Islamic thought is open to thinkers and philosophers. They consult it to solve problems which challenge societies in the path of science and knowledge. One of these challenges is the religious extremity whose purpose is to distort Islamic religion which calls for centrism. I will show the most important conclusions that arrived at through reading.Fist: The Importance of the Study1-This study aims at identifying the ingredients of moderation which have a great impact on societal behaviour for the individual and how much he/she affected by it.2-One of the mistakes that create this moderation is the knowledge of a good ideal and how far it effects on society.3-The attempts to make the reader know the centrism of Islam, especially in societal aspect to build a decent life.Second: MethodologyThe researcher depends on practical and theoretical analysis to clarify the idea perfectly.Third: AnalysisThe study shows the important means to arrive at a positive effect especially for the youths via a good ideal which is the core of the study.Fourth: Conclusion1-A good ideal is the important practical pillar in changing social behaviour.2-The moderation approach has particular characteristics which are eligible to be a theoretical aspect in human behaviour.3-There is no substitution from activating the role of good ideal in the mechanics of treating with the youths to redeem their thoughts.Fifth: RecommendationsThe researcher recommends that the role of good ideal should be activated in all behaviours of society and in different levels via exposing the most important means discussed in this research.

The role of religious media in promoting the values of tolerance and moderation

Nazaar A. Hussien

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 503-524

In the name of of Allah the Mercifu Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad Sadiq, the faithful promise, and his family andcompanions,Contemporary media messages have multiple objectives and trends. In the absence of a vision and the loss of appropriate mechanisms that contribute to overcoming media obstacles, there are threats to many values, including tolerance and moderation.But Islamic values call for the promotion of the principles of tolerance and moderation and this is a clear feature in the discourse of religious media throughout the ages. The Islamic media has tried by using these values to find solutions to the social and intellectual problems suffered by young people in particular and at the same time, Activate and publish.The importance of research: The importance of research is to deal with the accumulated problems that are the freezing of the idea of tolerance and the absence of dealing with this important part called by Islam and applied by our Messenger (peace be upon him) with his enemies and his companions and many times and witness to that, and how to promote this in the hearts of They are important in society and they are young.Research problem: The search problem can be placed in the framework of answering the following questions-. What is the capacity of the Islamic media to promote and disseminate tolerance among the members of society?- What is the relationship between social values and religious media and the type of relationship in terms of interaction and results negatively and positively?-. Is it possible to give contemporary media images of the principles and values of tolerance through the use of diverse and diverse media?Methodology of research: The methodology of research is to follow the inductive method in the collection of texts and then the use of analytical research methodology in the development and conclusion.Research Plan: This research came with an introduction, three demands and a conclusion.The first requirement is the concept of religious media, which includes the definition of public and religious media in particular, and the statement of religious media, especially contemporary images.The inductive approach in the collection of texts and then the use of analytical research methodology in the development and conclusion Research Plan: This research came with an introduction, three demands and a conclusion.The first requirement is the concept of religious media, which includes the definition of public and religious media in particular, and the statement of religious media, especially contemporary images.The second requirement: the concept of tolerance and moderation and their values, including (a statement of the concept of tolerance and moderation and evidence of legitimacy and highlighted Mahedad dissemination of these values in contemporary media)The mechanisms of the religious media in spreading the culture of tolerance and moderation include two aspects (theoretical mechanisms such as .. sound planning .. scientific foundations .. cultural mobilization of the media material) (practical mechanisms such as .. Increase the area of religious media .. Letters intended .. Documentary films .. Visits Field, competitions and projects that carry tolerance and moderation in its meaning and structure

Phenomenon of intolerance and ways of dealing with it in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah

Nedhal A. Hussien; Abdullah E. Raheem

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 525-552

What is plagued by the Muslim nation is the cause of fanaticism, which has been ravaged by its tyranny, the minds of the simple people of this nation and its ignorance, and the people of passions who have deviated from their ideas and deviated from their ignorance, kept their minds from realizing the truth and stirred their hearts away from their followers. They differed and separated from the path of guidance to opposing parties and factions, And fell into the taboo and took them streams of fanaticism and extremism in the extension of arrogant Brecht in their minds false beliefs and revolted from their chests of reasons of disobedience and violation. This fanaticism is not limited to a nation of nations or a people of peoples, but it is prevalent in all other human beings in all their people and peoples and over the ages and centuries, but we find the Holy Quran conveyed these meanings in all these peoples in close words covered by their answers, saying: We have found our fathers on a nation and on their traces are guided. "[The decoration: 22.] Those who read the Holy Quran and know the Prophetic Sunnah do not find it difficult to know the great fanaticism and adherence to the adherence of the people to the customs of their predecessors, regardless of their faith and the positive and negative aspects. The Qur'an has extended their discussion to nullify this excessive attachment and positive aspects of their ancestors. The bad that they were adhering to, in addition to what came from the Sunnah of the Prophets of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in this aspect . In this context, we have decided to discuss this important issue, emphasizing the fundamental point of how to deal with this negative phenomenon in the light of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. The title of the research was: (Phenomenon of Intolerance and its Treatment in the Light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah) This topic to divide it on the introduction And two topics and a conclusion, the introduction of the reasons for the choice of the subject and importance, and the research plan ..... The two sections were divided as follows ..... The first topic: the definition of intolerance and its types and causes and image: and included two demands First requirement: The second requirement: The causes of intolerance and its image The second topic: The treatment of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the phenomenon of intolerance: Four demands included the first requirement: Peace be upon her. The conclusion, in which we mentioned the most important results that we reached in this humble research, and at the end of the research list of sources and references that we adopted and thank God first and last, God arrived on our master Muhammad and his family and companions.

Speech of moderation and Islamic tolerance and its impact on the stability and development of society

Haitham A. Abdulqader Ali

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 553-572

The general idea of this research is to reveal the value of the religious discourse (Quran and Sunnah) and its ability to create the necessary intellectual agitation among the members of society in the direction of peace and achieving urbanization and to confront the extremist intellectual dilemmas that have become entrenched in the minds of many individuals who missed the concept of compassion, permissibility and ease, which the Holy Quran introduced and the Prophet called for. The problem lies in the rapid pace of extremist ideas, destructive doctrines, and the possession of these deviant groups of modern mechanisms and techniques that have attracted many young people in the Islamic world in the context of falsifying the religious discourse and interpreting it in accordance with its orientations. Therefore, shedding light on the meanings of the middle path and moderation in Islam and its dissemination is urgent for the maintenance of young people from deviation and maintain the security and stability of society. The aim of this research is to make clear the correct picture of the concepts of the middle path and moderation in Islam, and to explain the impact of these concepts on achieving the security, stability and safety of the society. Therefore I relied on the inductive method to find out the general framework of the concept of middle path and moderation through what is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. I used the analytical approach to show the implications of Qur'anic and prophetic texts in the consolidation of the concepts of justice, freedom, security, stability and the building of society. Finally, in this research I have concluded that under the religious balance of Islamic discourse, one can understand the function of religion and its relation to human and societal values. The more important the religious discourse is to spread intellectual and religious awareness and the dissemination of divine judgments, the correct concepts and correction of false ideas, the response of false takfiri arguments, and to contribute effectively to the consolidation of the meanings of stability and development in society, despite the diversity of its ethnicities, the different cultures and different religions, which is what we need in today's world to contribute strongly to the advancement of our societies The love of our people and the ambition of our children.

Moderation in the religious discourse of the school of Najaf Ashraf

Waleed A. Khalaf

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 573-596

The paper is concerned with an integral project for the school of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf in moderation in its religious discourse. Undoubtedly, Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf is considered the cradle of science and has also been the city of studiousness and hard-working scholars for 1200 years ago. The moderation of its discourse is characterized by its centrism theoretically and practically. Because of this trait, the school adopts several projects in the service of Islam and Muslims. Among these projects are: the project of “Comparative Islamic Sciences”, the project of “Islamic and Human Coexistence”, the project of “Organizing Discriminations among Muslims”, the project of “Proximity between Islamic Doctrines”, and the project of “Islamic Unity”. All these projects are proved by evidences via using an analytical-descriptive approach to get accurate results. The paper achieves its aim by proving that the school of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and its pioneering project under study takes the same steps of Leaders (Imams) of Household (Peace be Upon Them) in its openness to other Islamic doctrines and implements the above-mentioned projects for Islam. Moreover, these projects help Muslims to unify, benefit from their scientific findings, fulfil their happiness in life and death after, get their rights, redress injustice and live together with those who believe in different religion which becomes an urgent need today. The paper arrives at the following results: the religious discourse for the school of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf is an Islamic discourse in its fundamentals and rules. It is also human in its vales and intentions. Indeed, it can be a starting point in organizing our everyday reality on the principle of human coexistence and social love between all people and with the other. This school has a pioneering role in the studies of comparative Islamic sciences. Its rule lies in the fact that the difference between Islamic doctrines is a difference of variety not opposition. The school also encompasses its above-mentioned projects. Accordingly, the researcher recommends that the serious and active work should be exerted to achieve openness for Islam schools to each other. In doing so, they will cooperate to envision a contemporary methodology taken from the Holy Quran and Prophet Hadeeth (Sunnah) in subjects of “Religious Discourse” and “Organizing Discrimination”. The researcher also recommends that there should be an elite from Iraqi scientists, thinkers, and professors who take on their shoulders the responsibilities of achieving the above aims.

Moderate Islamic religious discourse - its concept and its most important pillars

Yasir E. Rasheed Al-nuaimy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 597-618

Modern means of communication have provided a great potential for people and groups to be opened to the world. This has given people the ability to direct discourse to the masses. However, despite the great advantages of these means in exchanging ideas, they have been the cause of the spread of a religious convulsive discourse. Hence, the need has emerged for a moderate religious discourse which leads to fruitful results represented by the dissemination of virtue in communities and guiding people to the right path of faith. However, many people, triggered by the belief in the responsibility of safeguarding their doctrine, have ignored this notion although they claim that their discourse is moderate. Even extremist groups claim moderation as a result of ignorance of the concept of moderate discourse, its principles and means of achieving moderate discourse. In this light, the study aims at clarifying the concept of the Islamic religious discourse and the concept of moderation in religious discourse. Moderation in religious discourse is defined as the commitment to adhere to eloquent style, high moral, resilience, sound understanding of religious texts, avoiding extremism and coercion, adhering to objectivity and honesty in religious preaching. Moreover, the study aims at highlighting the most important bases of the moderate religious discourse. The most important findings of the study include the fact that the Islamic religious discourse should be under the responsibility of specialized religious institutions and syndicates to arrive at a mature and perfect religious discourse. In addition, the concept of the religious discourse to be moderate should be determined, i.e. the adopted means of communicating the religious discourse to people such as orations, religious opinions books and articles. The most important recommendations of the study include distancing religion from political recruitment and propaganda for parties and holding conferences and seminars on subjects pertaining to moderation.

Soft in the speeches of some prophets and righteous in the light of the Quranic verses

Yaser H. Mujbas Al-azawi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 619-640

This research comes to deal with the objective presentation of what has hit the platforms of our Islamic nation from the speeches of fools, fanatic and ignorant, which have dominated the media, and become public on the pretext of religion or politics or nationalism.The mind, instinct and emotion have disappeared, and we do not hear those words filled with tenderness and kindness. It is regrettable that some of these platforms' speakers are adorned with religion, as if they were missing the Quranic verses of the soft quiet speech that had circulated with the words of the prophets and the righteous.This research comes as a clear evidence of the tolerance of Islam and that it is a religion of mercy, kindness and leniency, no hostility, no injustice, no deviation in itThe soft discourse has never been a day for a particular group, as will be seen in the presentation of the Qur'anic verses that I have mentioned as examples of some of the speeches in which all colors of the addressees, whether in groups and individually, believer or infidel, even child.

The responsibility of religious discourse between the accuracy of understanding and the renewal of concepts

Taha H. Hreesh Al-fahdawi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 641-666

After thankful of Allah and his luck to me, I would show that speech is human being effort resultant of fruit of thought in education of legal evidences, so he is not impeccable. The holly of provisions and proved evidences that do not change with changing if time in place Religious Speech effects with reality that live with in respect of power, weakness, interest and utility, the resulting on that positives and negatives effects either inside or out Islamic society Is it impossible to reconsidering of the nature of speech and its civility?Is it possible to change constants or variables or regiment or do amendments to speech .?What is provision for this cases in regard to necessity of developing a new strategical consistent with modern reality .?All these cases would be on our study in this research divided to sections and beaches.

Moderate religious discourse and its role in promoting community peace

Abduljabbar H. Saleh; Nafie H. Saleh

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 667-706

That the validity of the nation and stability of the goodness of religion and stability, and can not be sucked under the exclusion of discourse to the Sunnis, and the Messenger of the extremist discourse of the social arena, and take the rhetoric and when, so moderate religious discourse has been talking about it and even the consolidation of those who hold religious discourse is an urgent need in our Muslim societies, Events and disturbances that have been inflicted on them in order to achieve them

Good understanding and its impact in the discourse of moderation objective study in the book of science from Sahih Bukhari

Abdulqader M. Hussien

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 707-728

This research is based on an important intellectual thought on which the rules are based. It is the good understanding of the text and how to deal with it. It is clear that there is a difference in the understanding of many texts according to the receiver's condition and its intellectual and cultural background. The rules of understanding of the texts and fortifying the mind from deviation and slipping in the ways of extremism and fanaticism, which have a significant negative impact on intellectual and religious discourse, especially in a multicultural society, so the rule in provision of the texts is the better understanding according to the context in which it does not lead to misunderstandings. I try to study the prophetic means in building the correct understanding, and the impact of this on the moderate religious discourse, in an objective study for Imam Al-Bukhari in his Sahih (Book of Science), The title of the research is: (Good understanding and its impact on the moderate discourse in an objective study in the book of science from Sahih Al-Bukhari).Some of the research results are the following:1.For the good understanding of the texts of Islamic Law a significant impact on the moderation of the Islamic discourse, which is one of the most important pillars of community peace.2.The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used various means and methods to teach his companions, God's mercy on them, and served as basic rules for understanding the Islamic texts.3.Islamic discourse is the container expressing Islam in its doctrine, philosophy and holistic view of life, if it was according to its rules and principles.4.One of the most important motives of deviation in religious discourse is the misunderstanding of the Islamic texts, which leads to the mismanagement inevitably, and disregard for the purposes of Islamic legislation and the aims of moderate discourse.

The impact of the Holy Quran and Sunnah in spreading the culture of love and tolerance

Kareem H. Hmaidi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 729-748

Almighty Allah made Islamic nation a nation of love, tolerance and moderation. So, extremity, extravagance, tyranny, and aggression against others are not its traits. Instead, Almighty Allah made a middle nation as Holy Quran revealed. Love and tolerance were one of the important pillars of Islamic nation at the stage of its call with the admittance of all historians. A close reading and contemplation for Holy Quran and its texts with due attention to the biography of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) finds that there is an emphasis on moderation and straightness in all walks of life. The paper tries to observe several phases of tolerance and love in Holy Quran and Honorable Prophet Hadeeth (Sunnah). Accordingly, the paper consists of an introduction and two chapters. In the introduction, I have dealt with the discourse and its effect on the recipient. Chapter one sheds light on the study of Quranic texts which encompass the discourse of tolerance and love. While chapter two is allocated to study the texts in Honorable Prophet Hadeeth (Sunnah) which covers the discourse of tolerance and love. The researcher concludes that the vocabulary of “love” and its derivations is used extensively in Holy Quran and Honorable Prophet Hadeeth (Sunnah). Almighty Allah proves in short sentences of Holy Quran the mutual love between the creator and the creatures and vice versa. More importantly, the Holy Quran talks about non-believers as brothers of prophets (Peace be Upon Them) in eight Quranic places. One of the visible human positions which are immortalized by history in the Prophet’s biography is the brotherhood between immigrants and supporters. It is still a prominent feature of love. The prophet’s attitude and respect towards holy books which belong to Jaws not only affects the Jaws themselves but also the orientalists of Jaws afterwards. This issue proves the originality and depth of Prophet’s human mission.

The impact of mediation and moderation in religious discourse on achieving community development

Mohammed H. Mohammed Saed

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 749-770

We do not dispute that the religious discourse has a great and dangerous impact - in its positive and negative aspects - in changing the hearts of its listeners, as it is the first means used by every messenger to invite his people to worship God alone. Nowadays the Islamic nation is plagued by the weakness of religious discourse which is directed to its people. Moreover, this discourse lost its trust among its supporters. Because some orators take the easiest way in delivering this discourse while others embrace the extremist, the result was that in our reality the religious discourse appeared to be insulted. In doing so, he thinks that it is better to use it, even though it is more harmful than its usefulness, because it is far from the moderate approach that God has accepted for the Islamic nation. This situation produces violence, extremism and terrorism which the nation suffers from today. The paper aims at demonstrating the role of Islam in mediating and moderation in its various fields in legislation, worship and transactions. It also aims to demonstrate the impact of religious discourse on achieving community development that benefit all segments of the society, Muslims and non-Muslim and to what extent they enjoy coexistence. The methodology of the study depends on the deductive approach, as well as the analytical method. Then I mention some of the models related to show the moderation of Islam and its moderation through legislation and the effects related to religious discourse in order to achieve community development of all kinds. Among the results of the study is that the Islamic religion, without any other religion, is characterized by a particularity that can only be found in it. It is mediation and moderation in its various legislations. The religious discourse in contemporary language is of utmost importance in changing the viewpoint of non-Muslims to Islam and its people. Extremism and terrorism, and the centrality of Islam and moderation led to the achievement of community development in all matters of daily life. The most important recommendations of the study are that we recommend researchers and those who are interested in the academic activity draw due attention to Islamic studies, which is characterized by mediation and moderation. We also recommend governments and institutions to hold such conferences and symposiums to exchange visions and thoughts. We invite the scholars of the Islamic nation to adopt the moderate approach of Islam and its moderation in all fields of life. At the same time they should avoid to harden, exaggerate and disturb people in their affairs, and to benefit from religious discourse in contemporary language.

Islamic legitimacy for systems of coexistence between followers of religions

Mohammed E. Fadhel Al-taie

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 771-792

It is impossible for any individual of people to belong to one type of ethnicity, doctrine, language or religion. Mostly it carries a social variety. This case can be clearly seen in complex societies which need to include all its individuals for the sake of overcoming the obstacles that may be appeared because of authority administration. This situation requires us to determine the extent to which Islamic law is able to adjust with contemporary regulations in achieving coexistence among followers of religions. Searching into organizing and functional aspects of authority in Islam is an essential element of analyzing the means of adoptability and development according to general changes.The study aims at determining the suitable shape for administrating pluralistic society of cults to fulfil stability, integrity and unity.The methodology of the study is based on theoretical-analytical approach in addition to references of some experiences followed across Islamic history where there is a mixture between induction and elicitation. The data has been gathered depending on scientific observation. The sample of the study is represented by choosing two modern systems for administrating a pluralistic society, that is, harmonization and federation. In conclusion, the researcher arrived at a group of results. The most prominent ones are the adjustable system or harmonization is better than federation in administrating such society to achieve coexistence for transitional period and then move to live together. The federal system does not guarantee the unity of nation because of the ability of social interference. Moreover, the policy of rule in Islam is characterized by flexibility because there are no final judgements which deal with the mechanics of establishing authority and its functions. The common interests represent a legitimate basis for adaptability with the modern systems when unity is in danger of disintegration. The researcher arrived at a group of recommendations. One of these recommendations is the invitation of politician to adopt intermediary solutions which allow minorities to participate in administration to achieve trust. Secondly, we suggest setting up a special council which represents religious communities in pluralistic society to ensure participation especially in issues related to its social and cultural affairs.

The pardon and its impact in the letter of moderation in the light of the book and the Sunnah

Mohammed M. Radhi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 793-824

Society sometimes undergoes times of disputes and conflicts when discourse directed to the masses lacks the element of forgiveness and turns into an instigative and displacing discourse leading at times to fight. Thus, the call for a moderate discourse that can secure societal peace is quite fruitless without the character of forgiveness which is quite necessary to establish a moderate discourse as its spread in society can prove positive on the common discourse at that society.This research addresses this problem through:•Showing the attractiveness of forgiveness by stating its meaning, importance, and effects on individual and community.•The call for a strong presence of forgiveness in the directed discourse through showing its effect on discourse. The method of investigation in this research is based on an analysis of selected texts from Quran and Sunnah to shed lights on the effect of forgiveness on enhancing the discourse of moderation. The major findings of the research are:•Foregiveness has positive effects on the individual as it is a source of spiritual solitude, certitude, and physical health.•Forgiveness has positive effects on society as it is a social behavior which elevates the ethical level of the whole community.•Texts from Quran and Sunnah demonstrate the impact of forgiveness on directed discourse.•The character of forgiveness is necessary to establish a moderate discourse up to the current state of Iraq. The research makes the following recommendations:•Use forgiveness as an honorable Prophetic trait and a human phenomenon.•Raising generations up after the character of forgiveness and incorporating it in educational texts to show its significance.•Activation of the role of the Mosque in the spread of a moderate discourse based on forgiveness.•Formation of guidance groups to spread the culture of forgiveness in community.•Conduct seminars and workshops to educate community on the culture of forgiveness.•The state should monitor the discourse directed to the masses and encourage the state institutions, especiall media, to adopt forgiveness as the basis of their work.

The most important implications of the letter of moderation

Mahmood E. Salman

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 825-842

The situation of our life these days which the nation has lived for decades it's very difficult through the verification which is ordered by the Almighty away from the confusion and abandonment.And this is my path straight follow him and follows the ways and you will be separated from his path.And I will judge you so that you may be careful.And the straight path of God, which is described in his holy book is the middle way and moderation which is far from hyperbole and default (as well as we have made you a mediate nation).If we want to understand the precise meaning of moderation, let us consider the words of Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him).God commanded by the order of love in which two extremes either to waste and waste, or to excessive and gross and the religion of God amid like a person leave his manor, like the valley between two mountains, and guided between two misfortunes and the mediate between the two extremes, as person leave the matter is lost to him, and fanatic person who lost to him.This is short of the limit, and this exceeded the limit. The letter of moderation adopted by the street is a must of the effects on the individual and society, both of that reward reinforced by evidence.

The centrality of Islam and its importance in the Islamic call

Suhail bin A. Al-faidhi

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 37, Pages 843-862

The study discusses the significance of Islamic moderation in various domains, particularly in the dissemination of the Islamic doctrines to confront claims of opponents using clear cut evidences from the Holy Quran and Prophet Traditions as well as books of interpretation. The study aims at clarifying the moderation of Islam in the domain of preaching whereby Islam confronts opponents’ accusations as being a religion of extremity and coercion. To achieve this objective, the study adopts the theoretical analytical approach by analyzing data collected from outstanding references to arrive at plausible justifications. It is hoped that by conducting this study, problems and doubts concerning the moderation of Islam will be removed, particularly when it comes to preaching and coexistence. The significance of this study stems from its attempts to highlight the values of moderation and Islamic trends concerning moderation. The scope of moderation must be wide enough to achieve world peace. Based on the findings of the study, the following recommendations can be highlighted;-Enhancing dialogue among civilizations, religions and trends. -Holding conferences and consultations on moderation. -Arts and educational institutions should be employed to highlight the values of moderation.-Translating books in Arabic that focus on moderation to other languages.