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Volume 8, Issue 31

Volume 8, Issue 31, Summer 2017, Page 1-359

ألفاظ وعبارات التعدیل والتجریح النَّادرة عند الإمام عبد الله بن المبارک

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 31, Pages 1-40

In this search there are rare utterances in criticism used by Imam Abdullah Ibn Al-Mubarak. The search clarifies the meaning of these utterances according to the terminology books and the scholars in criticism field; the search has also a brief of Imam Abdullah Ibn Al-Mubarak life.
The search shows that Imam Abdullah Ibn Al-Mubarak is an Imam in both criticism and narration of hadith [the prophet’s (God’s blessing be upon him)]. The criticism of Ibn Al-Mubarak was genuine and regarded as a source to many scholars came after him. Many rare utterances used by him no one ever used before in criticism. These utterances are fifteen in number and some of them are clauses.

الأحادیث الواردة فی فضائل الشام فی الکتب الستة - دراسة تحلیلیة

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 31, Pages 41-102

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad. The Sunnah is the Second Source of Legislation after the QURAN and Through this Research and Marked (Conversations Contained in the Virtues of AL Sham in the Six Books Study and analysis) to show the Importance and Status of the Levant in the Sunnah through the Chatter Uttered by the Prophet Peace be Upon him the Virtues of Sham and its People where Indicated in The First Section Continued to Label the Levant and Cities and In the Second Part, Which Reported Conversations Contained in the Levant and Preferred Number was Eight Conversations.

تأثیر الفسق فی الأحکام الشرعیة مسائل العبادات القسم الاول

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 31, Pages 137-212

The subject (The impact of immorality in legitimacy provisions –part of worships) is the important topics nowadays especially when the people of immortality have a huge numbers in every place this is because most of people have the weakness of religious faith. So in this subject I am going to release these issues are necessity for all Muslims of different sects . I have not found from contemporary researchers gave these issues priority and the sayings of the scholars and gathered in an independent scientific research. In this research declared the sayings of statements of Islamic sects owners and studied as jurisprudentially and comprative with most correct them according to a statement with the strength of the evidences.

جواهر الفتاوى للشیخ محمد بن عبد الرشید الکرمانی _رحمه الله _ (565هـ) کتابا القسمة والحیطان دراسة وتحقیق

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 31, Pages 213-258

This research aims to study a manuscript of this nation's heritage. Scholars gave themselves of and have left us a great heritage, a valuable treasures, and great scientific wealth in various types of knowledge. They have written many books, and these Aldurar Jewels Fatwa of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rashid Al-Karamani May Allah have mercy on him (565 A.H.) is one of these books of fatwas in the Hanafi doctrine, which did not have the opportunity to publish it and achieve it, so that everyone benefits from it.

وقایة المجتمع المسلم من الانحراف الفکری المتطرف من منظور إسلامی

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 31, Pages 259-314

This research titled (Unprotected Muslim community of intellectual deviation radical from an Islamic perspective) is talking about intellectual deviation in Islamic societies and who is the head of every scourge and out of ideas and destructive false doctrines that people move toward ruin and destruction, and showed the seriousness of this type of deviation and is harmful to the individual and society and the nation , and then put the educational vision to counter extremism By adhering to the teachings of the Islamic religion, which is characterized as easy, ease, compassion, and cope with common sense and comes the role of the religious establishment in the forefront of all toward social and educational institutions, through immunize their children against terrorism and extremism.

أسلوب الطلب فی آیات الکید فی القرآن الکریم دراسة نحویة

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 31, Pages 315-359

The research aims to structurally investigate the request method (style) contained in the verses of conspiracy in the Holy Quran to explain the distinctive use of this method in the Quran. Undoubtedly, the use of this method in the Holy Quran is quite different from the use of speakers of the language in all ages.
The study was limited to two sets of the request method: (the imperative and the present tense verbs coupled with the prohibitive (not)), these two styles represent two Arabic sentence structures and also two of the classical Arab methods, through which the reader (the receiver) realizes the meaning of what the sentence meaning is, as their structure differs from the rest of the request sentences. The imperative is issued by a superordinate while prohibition is a request issued by the superordinate to cease doing an action. The research has also addressed the semantic differences between the request methods and the conjunctions used in some verses as (fa and thumma), also the positions of the omitted pronouns in the verses under investigation were highlighted and the linguistic, rhetorical and phonological significance of this omission was explained. We have also touched upon the disagreement and dispute among grammarians and readers.
In conclusion, it is highly recommended that it is necessary in any interpretation of a verse from the Holy Quran to consider the verse construction consisting of verbs, nouns and conjunctions as they have semantic value that can alter the meaning of the verse. Also, in reading, interpreting and studying a verse, the preceding and following verses must be considered as the verse is part of a text that cannot be isolated from it.