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ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2706-8722

Volume 7, Issue 29

Volume 7, Issue 29, Autumn 2016, Page 1-524

توجیه القرءات العشر فی سورة النور

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 1-66

The paper aims to care for different readings of Quran and their meanings in interpretation books. It aims also to present the view of these readings, proof and explain them. The paper gives more than one meaning of these readings to explain the different points of view which related the verse. The obvious understanding of the verse is the way of developing the fikh, behavior and educational sentences.

الأحادیث التی أوردها الإمام الشافعی بصیغة من لا أتهم فی مسنده دراسة تطبیقیة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 67-128

(1) The research aims to release the ingenuity of Imam Shafi'i in terminology fired by the words wound and the amendment and diversity in this wordy. (2) Second: I've mentioned Imam Shafi'i many formulas in the amendment to create the illusion in his book (Musnad) and (Al-Aum) and he did not differentiate between the (confidence) and (accused of not). (3) Third: the scientists put forward Shafei controls in the Senate who mentioned formula amendment to create the illusion, and said if the Imam Shafei told me of the accused but not intended to Ibrahim bin Abi Yahya.
(4) Fourth: the reasons for Imam Shafi'i to the novel (the form of not accused) are many: including the cause of the doubt or lack of desire in the novel all neighborhoods, or shortcut, or fame and thoroughness, or that the vagus itself it is not required by calling especially like Shafi'i imam who knew imamate in modern jurisprudence and others.

مرویات الصحابیة الجلیلة أم کلثوم بنت عقبة رضی الله عنها فی کتب السنة دراسة تحلیلیة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 129-192

Women have a vital role in Islamic History. Um Kulthoom was one of those women who served the community through different fields. Her emigration case has mentioned in Holy Quran. Her father was one of the sinful and evil men who waged war against the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). She migrated alone to Allah and His messenger. This study will tackle her biography .It will show her devout, piety, courage, faith and complete obedience to Allah and His messenger. The study will also show her narrations from famous books of Sunna which contain jurisprudence cases and the virtues of her deeds etc. I will document these narrations, study its sources and its odd words and show the benefit lessons that are derived from them to serve Muslims.

النص والظاهر عند الشافعی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 194-238

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessing be upon our master and our teacher Mohammed and his family and his companies and those who followed them in truth until the day judgment… and after: The text and the apparent Investigation Work needed for fundamentalist text it is needed to describe the level of clarity speaker wanted to say , Either apparent that needed to see description and clarity of linguistic meaning Work text is not likely to increase his and other obvious presumption speaker is not likely as the setting (numbers). The apparent probability deals with him as stating meaning not sure alternating between a lion a brave predator. Hisbehaior and context to the potential meaning of the word itself may be visible and text at the same time from virious quarters. Between them tandem doctrinal and liguistically either in assets and between heterogeneity. AL – Imam AL-Shafi who was an imam in fiqh assests and talk and even the language. It expands on the text and apparently making the apparent location of the text and the text somewhere apparent the idea of this research is not show expansion throw applied.

أحکام النسیان فی العبادات

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 239-280

The Praise be to Allah, we praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness and, and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and from our bad deeds, and Allah guides not misleading him, and not mislead Hadi, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, may Allah bless him… and either: The theme of forgetting important subjects where no human being without him, this had to be done ordinances and relates activities and alopecia in the door of worship because they are generally in every Muslim. It includes topics discussed this on the front of the demands of the six and a conclusion and margins, sources and details as follows: In the first requirement: I spoke about the definition of oblivion and the statement of his reign, and the second requirement: Oblivion in purity, and the issue, or some people, which is light and forgetting side leaving the arrangement between the members of ablution forgetting, and in the third demand: Oblivion in terms of prayer, and the issue of leaving the Order Making up prayers forgetting, spend prayers for my people, and speaking in prayer, forgetting, and in the demand IV: oblivion in Maitalq fasting, and the issue of eating and drinking by mistake in fasting, intercourse by mistake in fasting, and in the demand V: oblivion in Maitalq i'tikaaf, and the issue out of the sanctum forgetfulness, and sexual intercourse by mistake in i'tikaaf, and in the sixth requirement: oblivion in the prohibitions of ihram, and in the end of the research conclusion and then the margins of sources and references.

أحکام التهجیر فی العبادات دراسة فقهیة مقارنة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 281-320

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers Muhammad, The God of the good and virtuous companions and his companions. After this research summary is marked (the provisions of displacement in worship - doctrinal comparative study), it was unanimous in the former and subsequent Muslims on the validity of Islamic law every time and place, and it is the conclusion of the canons handed down by God, and the necessity of referring them and to them, and study its provisions is Report from the door of science and the work done, so it was the research objectives and results of the most important things: (1) Statement incidents that have occurred at the present time and that require study examined the legitimacy of the statement, some of which occurred in the displaced, especially in worship. (2) Between research through with it that the dispute in the branches of jurisprudence scientific maturity among Muslims guide and guide Salah Islamic law every time and place. (3) The researcher inadmissibility ablution ice unless dripping or melting; because he does not get the meaning, but gonorrhea water on the member. (4) The research aims to release the ruling on the prayer of the Diaspora, and research found out that his palace prayer Quartet though long years of anticipation, unless Leno absolute residence or settlement, with the statement that preference completion. (5) The research aims to release the legitimate government of speech other than Arabic, has concluded that being in Arabic is desirable, not a duty; because the meaning of the sermon for preaching and benefit and interest, but it behooves His stay that makes part of his speech in Arabic to prevail preaching benefit. (6) Find a statement aimed at the Islamic ruling on fasting Diaspora, the researcher found that the wisdom of the rule resident, he is not fasting, he may breakfast to the deficit for that, because the length of Mkth the displaced. (7) The research aims to release the ruling on the eligibility of some displaced Zakat on account of wayfarers, the research found that the passport; for they cannot get their money in their own country, they are poor judgment. (8) The research aims to release the legal provision on the necessity of Hajj, and researcher concluded that it should not be that some of the displaced, he may rule who cannot be king of the intake and late; they are far from their house and their money and they cannot reach it; because the possible is considered the ability of all worship.

تنزیه الکون عن اعتقاد اسلام فرعون تألیف محمد الغمری سبط المرصفى دراسة وتحقیق

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 321-380

The story of Prophet Moses with Pharaoh comes in Quran in many verses briefly and in details. The story shows the sanction to whom unbelief in God and pretend as a god.
(The impeccably universe of believing Pharaoh Belief in God) is a manuscript, written by Imam Muhammad Al-Gumri Sebt Al-Mursfi. It discussed the case of Pharaoh Belief in God and denies it. The writer adopted Sufi doctrine, and from this point of view he denied that Sufi doctrine said "Pharaoh Belief in God". He also denied that Ibn Al-Arabi «the great character of Sufi doctrine» said that "Pharaoh Belief in God". The researcher studied this manuscript, and corrected the ambiguity sentences with all what it need under the light of the scientific approach.

الرؤى المنامیة فی المنظور العقدی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 381-428

This topic deals with the importance of vision in the religion and its relationship with some doctrinal sections (divinities, prophecies and heard things) that relate to the vision of God in a dream And prophecy as one of the precursors to it and a part of their parts, and it for the prophets is revelation of God as well as seeing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). And the link of visions with spirit, the world of the jinn, the angels and science of the unseen. And we will show the link between vision and all those sections that are at the heart of the Islamic faith, and we will look at the importance of visions to strengthen the foundations of faith for a Muslim, waking him and warnings him of the pitfalls, they are either good news or a warning for him. Moreover, the expression of the vision is of the Fatwa and religion, so it must come from science and inspiration, No one may interprets if he is not from the people of this science, being a good person, adviser and a loving which are the terms of vision interpreter. Also it may not be lying in which, and other small parts which will become clearer in the various folds of the search.

التصوف فی منظور بدیع الزمان النورسی رحمه الله من خلال کتابه أوار الحقیقة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 429-474

This search vocabulary based on the look of Bediuzzaman said Nursi Allaah have mercy of mysticism by writing the lights of truth, which shows what the way and derivatives thereof on the one hand and the seeker and the people of the State on the other hand, terms which are still under discussion between supporters and Navin. It may Allah have mercy on him-takes light verses hard facts give validity of belief and how to elders Naqshbandi from taking two sentences as they perform their recitation wird butter their own sentences: (hey the rest of you rest, rest of you rest) and they are under God's [all mortal but his face his judgement Huwa] [Qassas:88]. And he changed the reader deep into a look at the glossary and shed, where some of them as fact proved how behaviour and walk and the mandate extension for the seeker, and clarify some of them as benefits in nine points, and the most important denominators for the aspirant that same selfishness and whims and showmanship, noting that sourcing dances is the love of self, God's mercy distinguishes between perception of pantheism, the majority finds that the term blasphemy pure and bediuzzaman Pantheism confining consideration of the existence of a duty, and that other assets faint shadow and faked and they don't deserve it as being about (arsh), bediuzzaman did not hide his notes on the road fall seeker, his celestial imprint on eight points, warning that these pitfalls out all mystical about Grand Avenue and straight path.

التوجیهات النحویة للتعابیر القرآنیة وتفسیرها فی کتاب النکت فی القرآن الکریم لابن فضال المجاشعی ت 479 ه

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 29, الصفحة 475-524

This research is talking about the rational reason for any grammatical arguments quoted as evidence. One interpretation of Koranic Ebn Fadhal al Majashi (d. 479 AH) during the Adhada was some interpretation and expression issues with the interpretation of verses from the Holy Qur’an, where it was protested against the Ptaalal or the grammatical reasons for those interpretation and expression issues were cited by the jokes in the Qur’an, which have been divided into three sections. The first of which dealt with rational names and nominal phrases. The second one dealt with rational deeds and actual sentences. And finally the third section dealt with rational letters, tools and semi-beauty. This Display model has been illustrated, clarified and discussed with the help of various sources and references.