ردمد المطبوع (Print ISSN): 2071-6028

ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2706-8722

السنة 7, العدد 27

السنة 7، العدد 27، الصیف 2016، الصفحة 1-313

عوامل تحقیق التأثیر الشفائی للقرآن الکریم

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 1-29

The Koran has a great effect on souls and chilling, which requires extensive and ongoing study, in which the wonders of Miracle Webmasters appear in the fence and signs and words of the Koran.
The Herbal influence of the Holy Qur'an is no doubt; they saw that some of his signs, as well as the effects of the Sunnah, the sayings of the nation's predecessor mercy of God.
A combination of factors embrace with each other, and Taatzafar order to reach the goal required Herbal influence of the Koran on the level of spirit, soul and body, and these factors are diverse, so it came this research under the title (the achievement of medicinal effect of the Koran factors); to illustrate the impact of each factor to achieve healing, and ultimately meeting factors mean achieve full recovery from illness, God willing; being a panacea, and it came search is divided into an introduction, three demands, and a conclusion. The introduction was a dealt importance of the subject, and the first requirement: it has dealt with the worker lumpy and its impact on hospitalization, and the concept of belief, and its impact on healing, the second requirement: it has dealt with the pronunciation and sound and their impact in the healing factor, and the concept of word and sound factor, and their impact in the healing, and the third demand: it has dealt with the time and place and their impact factor in the healing, and the concept of time and space factor, their impact on healing

الخیر الجاری فی شرح صحیح البخاری لأبی یوسف محمد یعقوب البنانی اللاهوری (ت1098هـ) - دراسة وتحقیق - من ( باب القراءة فی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 30-71

Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be on his messenger Mohammad and his honorable companion. The thesis came up with the following results:

1. Abu yosuf mohammad ya'a qoub is renowned in jurisprudence, grammar, and quran commentary.
2. Abu yosuf 's skill in jurisprudence clearly demonstrates the connection among rhetoric , grammar and hadith.
3. This book helps his study hadiths.
4. Abu yosuf conveyed a huge quantity of materials, taken from hanafi sources, without references or footnotes. He takes an entire segment without any documentations. He mainly conveyed from alkwakib al dirari by alkaramani, omdat al-qari by alaini, faith al-bari by ibn hajer and irshad hgsari by alqastlani
5. He mentioned plenty of views of various sources. Then, he asserted the hanafi approach
6. He also mentioned albukhari's narrations enabling the reader to get to know other meanings.

الآراء الفقهیة لأبی بکر الصیدلانی فی القضاء "دراسة فقهیة مقارنة"

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 72-143

Praise be to God first and foremost, and peace and blessings be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers, that God sent him to all people glad tidings and a warner, and his family and his companions Ohmaan, and followed them until the Day of religion. Find speaks of a world of Shafi'i scholars, but it is the Imam pharmacist is Mohammed bin Daud bin Mohammed Daoudi, only to biographical and classes did not remember days and not a place of his birth, the only year of his death reported (T. 427 e) that these flags were collected opinions of jurisprudence in the works a private, not annexed independent books, but remained scattered among the stomachs of the books of fiqh, was the desire of me in facilitating the benefit of their knowledge, it tended to collect Arau jurisprudence in the section of the Hadith, a door of the judiciary and shows through the transfer of his views by leading scholars of the Shafi'i in their books such as Imam Jouini, and al-Ghazali, and nuclear, and other pharmaceutical Imam doctrine approved in more views, has agreed with other schools of fiqh, it is like any other hardworking does not come out for his doctrine only rarely. Dealt with in this paper some accountability eliminate them possibility of taking the judge eyebrow and irremovability commentator judge on the condition read the book himself, and hear the case and the evidence, the absentee Governing Council nor condemn him until Ahoudruadm be sentenced to discount the present Governing Council before his question. It must be stated in the lawsuit ingratitude on the absent when the prosecution has violated the doctrine of Imam pharmacist in some matters.
And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions

حکم من یدعم الإرهاب والمسؤولیة المدنیة علیه دراسة شرعیة قانونیة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 144-208

We thank Allah majesty and commend him, all the praise and thanks to him for what we succeeded to finish this research marked ( Judgement of who Support Terrorism and Civil Responsibility on it )- the legitimacy of legal study.
This research aims to show that the Islamic religion is the religion of peaceful coexistence, it does not like to assault any one and carries the banner of peace, security and stability throughout the globe. It rejects terrorism , intimidation and violence in humanitarian dealing. It wants that to him, his followers, and all those who live in its shadow includes Muslims under Islamic rules and non- peaceful Muslims. Moreover, it puts to violators necessary and appropriate punishment. Furthermore, showed that to which bodes well for humans and humanity is that positive civil law is heading in the same direction pursued by the Islamic religion and be a strong supporter of his judgments and decisions against terrorism, injustice, intimidation and torture, against the terrorists themselves and punishes the offender and all those who reaps and assault others without the right. Allah says: (( As for those who do wrong, they will know by what

حکم زواج المسلم بالکتابیات فی الفقه الإسلامی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 209-237

1- Allow for muslim to marriage from christianity woman in a Muslim country . and she undergoes to the provisions of General Islam - and that the best with the acceptance , that's what the majority of scholars, it has left their dislike most religious men .
2- is not accept for a Muslim to marryfrom a woman that participated in the war , which is christianity that lives in the country's war,on the right way the scholare said that , and the country's blasphemy verdict today sentenced the country's war in this particular judgment, because the evils that comes by marriagefrom christianity woman in the land of war, the consequences of marriage recognized from christianity woman in the land of the unfaithfulness today .

الإقرار وأثره فی حد الزنا فی الفقه الإسلامی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 238-270

Exaltation to Allah who brought us to accomplishmwnt and peas and blessings may be upon his prophet (Muhammad) and may be upon family and companions hence in Allahs guidance and generosity l accomplished that research which this summary is written for The confession (Iqrar) is approving rights and restraints and it s verified by true evidence thus one of the most important conditions of commits a sin is to confess in free will and not forced furthermore he should admit in the true sense of the term formication and it should be at thecourt It also should be confirmed because its ce rtainly proofed that the prophet ( Muhammd )questioned Maes many times and kept him back in order to give him chance to withdraw therefore sessions of confession should be determinwd according to the status that’s to sayif the sin was publicly known the confession should be confessed fourth
At the end of that summary l pray for Allah to show us the right way and save us from hell and may accept that efforts forgivw us for misdeeds and blessings and peace may be upon his messenger and his companions

القدر عند الامام عبد الله بن المبارک 118هـ - 181هـ

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2016, السنة 7, العدد 27, الصفحة 271-313

Religion of God among the hardliner and negligent about it, but the intent is in the behavior for straightway between the two. Islam is the religion of a compromise between the parties that attract each other. Muslims are a compromise between people of other religion. They stand in the middle for unification comparing with Jews and Christians, Jews describe the God with shortage quality that is unique and special for creature and they resemble the Creator to creature, they said: God is stingy, poor, became tired when created heavens and the earth. God is far above that. Jews are cursed as they said. God is generous who does not spare, and the rich, who does not need others.
After the completion of this humble research, i would like to make a statement in the summary of research findings:
1. I found out through research that our imam IBN ALMUBARAK was one of followers to followers, and he had known about every science.
2. His death was in the city of HIT in Iraq, and this is considered as a great honor for Iraq, and clear indication that Iraq was a crossroad for scientists from all countries.
3. I found out through research that IBN ALMUBARAK - God's mercy upon him – was one of the scientists who maintained the belief of Ancestors, and the origins of the Sunna, and he followed scholars of hadeeth Approach in the belief.
4. The method that he followed was clear through his presentation of the issues of fate, and reasoning to it from followers of Quran and hadeeth, he was careful about ancestors of this nation to get to the right understanding.
5. Fatalism includes: firm belief that the Almighty God, Lord and Sovereign of everything and that life-giving Creator deadly, and he alone who deserves to be singled with worship, obedience, slavery, humiliation, submission and other types of worship