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Volume 6, Issue 23

Volume 6, Issue 23, Summer 2015, Page 1-450

الإغراء فی القرآن الکریم (دراسة تحلیلیة)

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 1-53

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be sent as a mercy to the worlds, and his family and companions and their followers until the Day of religion …... after:
I have studied in this research two verses from the Book of Allah, the Mighty, the first of the Holy Koran, and the second from Surat parties and through their study analytical study concluded the following:
1- Fulfill religious covenants and implementation of divine duties reason to atone for sins, and enter the gardens, and nail the pleasure of God, and breaches of these covenants performer of the curse of the divine and the expulsion of the mercy of God, and the hardening of the hearts, the painful and the penalty in the fire of hell in the world of the afterlife.
2-Veto covenants and broken covenants in particular was between a person and his Lord description is necessary for more people of the book "Jews and Christians", and if Christians are not much different from the case of the Jews as if they drank from one water, understand the enmity of Islam and war upon collaborators Mtoasson.
3-Can be resolved on the penalty violates and disobey the command of Allah Almighty in this world before the Hereafter also punished in this world, people of the book threw enmity and hatred among them till the Day of Resurrection.
4-Hypocrites who combined "hypocrisy, and heart disease, and Alirjav" The hypocrisy Fqhobthm insisted: eradication of murder, or expulsion from the country, there is no Isaknon Prophet, peace be upon him and believers in Medina.
5-Muslim force in the city, and the control of the Islamic state it, and the appearance of hypocrisy in the city guide on the strength of Islam in; because the hypocrisy healthy phenomenon of Islam; because it is not for the magnitude of the dead hypocrites, while in Mecca did not hypocrisy appears, a stronghold of infidelity and idols; because Islam was weak.
6-Enmity and hatred between Jews and Christians or between Christians teams themselves fixed in their hearts towards each, the name of the Christians proved
7-Corruption can keep people from Islamic cities to leave if they did not repent of corruption and corruption, and in particular the city of the Prophet Muhammad.

ملامح من منهج ابن مفلح فی کتابه (أصول الفقه)

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 54-116

Thanks to Allah for his blessings , And peace and blessings be upon His Messenger who supported by Miracles.
We introduce this research for presenting an important charachter during Eighth century AH which is Imam and Scientist Sheikh Al-Islam Shams Al Deen Muhammad Bin Moflih Al Maqdisi one of the cores in Hanbali school, and I studied some of the features of his approach in his book of "Assets of Islamic jurisprudence".
After this work, we can sumarize the most important results as following:
1- The Auther's interest in Highlighting Hanbali School's Views.
2- It become clear that if he give his openion at the begining of the issue, that means that this is his choosen openion.
3- Author was very accurate to assign the sayings to speakers, and frequent transfer from Imams and their schools.
4- Imam is frequently using the word "our companions", and after tracking we found that he ment one of the following books: "Muswadda Al Taymiyyah" or Brief of "Al Rawdah" for Ibn Qudamah.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds

المقاصد الشرعیة وأثرها فی التصرفات المالیة

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 117-177

1-Excuses itself independent origin is indicated by the starting of the countless evidence from the Quran and Sunnah and custom.
2- Fact that a customary turned its aspects, a negative side of the dam to a prominent feature him
3- Sometimes excuses and need special conditions to work with other than those other fundamentalist special rules concerning the interests and necessities.
4- That within the scope of their work in the interests and necessities must be considering legally and don’t leave without clear limitations.
5-The most important aspect, which carries with it the two sides are important
yes, conquest and pillage the dam containing two of the countless applications in flexibility and accommodate provisions .
6- Sales deadlines are not all of one rule but her conditions, restrictions and conditions that make them subject to the provisions of the legitimacy of the five or even six with the addition of (other than the first) By my conviction own..
7-It is very clear that the free Guennha and its issues and Of erdha clearly in authoring Maalikis and they followed them Hanbali.
8- Hanafi and Shafi'i differ in rooting and detail of such matters they have currently listed in the sales of the sample
9- Optional contemporary applications through securitization in particular because over the life of the people - a view that has to be in the reality of today's share - the money and cash, a Majolhm looking for a well-known and clear provisions, which in turn must have the solutions and the provisions fit their circumstances most prominent example is was foliation alternatives sales . Finally. . Islamic flexibility provisions prominent feature of this law, granted us by God Almighty to accommodate developments in time and space and objects, a grace worthy of praise and thanks.
This was right and that it is God Almighty and that was through Fmna and Satan seek refuge in God from him.
The Glory Who knows but we do not know, thank God, and the end of the beginning.

أحکام النهی عن التشبه بالحیوانات فی الصلاة (دراسة فقهیة مقارنة)

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 178-233

Praise be to Allah and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and followers. This paper is about "the Provision of the prophet about the imitating animals in prayer". It is a doctrinal comparative study in which I am trying to collect what was forbidden by the Prophet of imitating animals in the prayer to avoid it to make a correct prayer which is the essence of religion. In order to collect all the issues related to this subject. If I found a Hadith that refers to prevent imitating animals in prayer, the issue is headlined by a title that refers to it then i mention the Hadith that refer to it. If the scholars agree I would mention their evidences and if they not I would mention their schools and their evidences then I suggest opinion that has a stronger evidence. The study divided into an introduction, eight issues and a conclusion .
I ask the Almighty that by this study I have been able to serve my religion and my nation .
Allah bless .

اختیــار جنــس الجنــین بــــین الشریعة والطــب

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 234-268

Praise to Allah and peace be upon the Messengers. Medical arena witnessed an important achievement by discovering some secrets about the embryo formation. Thus the possibility of determining the sex of the embryo weather it is male or female, if Allah willing, is important because it is related to man who is the successor of Allah on earth. It is a complex subject which is related to man, society and the humanity in general. As Muslims it touches all aspects of faith on one hand and the Figh in the other hand. It also touches the moral and ethical aspects. So we have to know the Islamic rules regarding this scientific discovery. We have to know if it is permitted in Islam to determine the sex of the embryo or not because it may makes some social and disadvantages like the upsetting of the balance between the male and female numbers , mixing of lineage and revealing Awrah. The researchers and the scholars in Islamic jurisprudence have to study and tackles topics of the contemporary jurisprudence.
Praise be to Allah and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions

الأجزاء المستخبثة فی الحیوان مأکول اللحم (الغنم) عند أبی حنیفة ( رحمه الله ) ومدى اتفاق رأیه مع ما کشفه الطب الحدیث

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 269-324

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace envoy mercy to the worlds of Prophet Muhammad and his family and him. But after
The origin of the permissibility of things if the origin of permitted foods and the prohibition to be his guide to change the original rule, but we have found in the jurisprudence of Imam Abu Hanifa opinion campus where some animal muslim parts of the sheep because the hatred he has for prohibition in this topic and it was in this to say nothing of strange as it was not a tradition or pervasive when most of the scholars we wanted documentation of it looks at the extent to which the view of the Abu Hanifa (may Allah have mercy on him) with what was discovered by the people of modern medicine and science to explain the relevance and the wisdom of this view because the benefit of the whole and Dina interests of either bring the benefits or ward off evils and scientifically proven if there is damage or evil in some parts of the animal uneaten meat there is no doubt that al-Shara refuses damage to man and God bless the right.
Find We have divided into two sections: -
First topic: the views of scholars in the ruling on eating the seven members of the animal uneaten meat (which the text of the tap on the prohibition or hatred)
The second topic: the opinion of the people of Medicine in these seven members of the animal

دور الاعلام الجدید فی تعزیز الأمن الفکری عند الشباب

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 325-367

In medid and its means is the strongest trendy communication that the person can live with the age and intract with it. It’s the main part in our life as we consider the media an active tool in building the thoughts of youth in their divections and believing s but the inedia becomes in first twenty age the final word he big revolution in communica tion and in formation.
The place of media in onr society and the realationship that connect. With differeuf establish ments It effect with the role of the meaus in genera I system of community. We meaus the role that media play in changeable formative society.
This subject show the one of field that in therest the de fferent inner views for the prac tical and criticisim. We can find media and its means which is trendy and verily it forms the impor tamt part in building up the valne of the. Wonderful society in advance the security of ideational that become urgent neceyssaiaity for developments that socieky and their progress. So the poople can live in quity, love, welfare and peace. We can move to the trausmission (e.g. Tv.) it forms the most important topics in culture media. It is very dangerouse means, we can find its dangerousity that we can not prevent the negative in fluauce for Tv, in spite of positive side that carries.
The emphasis of scientific studies the media effect most on the culture of human and its behavior especitize the negative behavior of young people.
Wherever the good programs which are planning proffisonal and fitness. Push the youth to good wayin correct , respect the establish meuts of govermeuts , maitevance its entity and respect its society in addition to the developmeut the good behavior. For example , do the good things and hate the bad one cooprafion , commitmeuts in eslowic religion , holy quran and Al-sona iuvolveueut in the my iwpolitness for them and theiv landmarks.
In conclusion the media material become very dangerous for youth nowadays , it effecfou the social enviromeat and the security of ideational. If we focusein media at the jobs of society we can find the positiue and good vesults.
The experts of media emphasise on mang steps in extending the security of ideational to the youth . we begin these steps by prevention, discussion, estimation and punishmeuts allthese leads ho reformation

الاعلام الإسلامی وتحدیات العولمة الإعلامیة المعاصرة

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 368-411

Praise is to god and prayer and peace is upon the seal of the prophets and messengers , our prophet Muhammad , and his family and companions .
The importance of the media today is well known to all people , particularly specialists and workers in its field . After the development in communication technologies , the unprecedented acceleration in the media and the diversity of sources , people are passing around news in the east and west of the world within a few minutes, and many across space and sometimes direct .
Our Islamic nation is an important part of this world and it has its own weight in all fields in the international community and is reckoned with at all levels, at the same time ,its targeted at all times and perhaps more targeted in our time , this is evident in the events experienced by Muslims in the whole world in general and in particular in the region .
In the research , I wanted to study an important aspect of this targeting , namely the media and the challenges of globalization. This research (Islamic Media and the challenges of contemporary Media Globalization) is divided into two sections, the first devoted to demonstrate the meaning of globalization and its importance and objectives . in the second part , I introduced the challenges of contemporary media globalization that target Islam as an immortal massage and the continuous attempts to tarnish its image in the media of the world and harm it by all possible means , for which ,all the material and human resources have been recruited . I preceded the meaning of globalization statement as a term and its most important objectives and risks and top media tools, and then I completed my research with a conclusion in which I presented the most prominent findings
In conclusion, in spite of this great effort , it is impossible that my research is without shortage, failure which are qualities of human beings and I am of them , but I ask Allah to accept us and to make our deeds purely for Allah's sake and to forgive as for our sins and trespasses , for he is the Crown of that and he is able to do it
All prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon our prophet, Mohammed, his family and all his companions .

الأصوات المشربة صویتیاً فی سورتی الکهف والواقعة

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 23, Pages 412-450

This study aims at analyzing samples of speech sounds with plosive release
in Al-Kahaf and Al-Waqi'aa Suras and explaining the consequence of the
occurrence of those plosive sounds in phonology and its relationship to the general
meaning of the Sura. The researcher was keen to enumerate the words in which the
plosive sounds occurred in their positions in the two Suras- Al-Kahaf and Al-
Waqi'aa- in accurate tables. The researcher used PRAAT, a phonetic analysis
software, for examining the sounds and showing their acoustic features, such as
frequency, intensity and pressure. The study samples were recited by Sheikh Ali
Abdulrahman Al-Hutheify, a skillful reciter. The paper is divided into two sections
preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion. The first section is
devoted for the theoretical background, whereas the second section includes the
laboratory and statistical data of the sounds under study. The paper ends with a set
of points I believe they are of value. They come under the heading Results.