ردمد المطبوع (Print ISSN): 2071-6028

ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2706-8722

Volume 5, Issue 20

Volume 5, Issue 20, Autumn 2014, Page 1-483

الإمام العیانی (ت404هـ)ومنهجه فی تفسیره المسمى بـ (غریب القرآن)

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 1-48

Much praise is for Allah and
prayers and peace be upon the
messenger of Allah "Mohammad
and his companions. The science
of peculiar in one of the most
important sciences that most the
early Moslems work with, that is
because it is one of the original
sciences in this sector. This
science is in concern with
interpreting Allah's book and
clarifying its meanings. This
science is also considered as the
first core for interpreting. Alayani
Book is one of the books that
offered great interest for "the
science of Peculiar in Koran. This
book is regarded a collector for all
the ideas and sayings in
interpreting especially for "AlZaydia". The author Allah's mercy
be upon him was a zaydi leader
who ruled Al-Yaman for a period
of time. The author was one of the
prominent scientists at his time.
Interpreters say that he was of the
prominent scientists at his time.
Interpreters say that he was genus
in "AL-Koran science" as well as
having a great knowledge in
Arabic language science.

العشار فی القرآن الکریم

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 49-74

This research is a part
of many researches of mine
about the camels and its
wordings in holy Quran. In
this research I studied AlIshar (pregnant she-camels)
which mentioned once in the
holy Quran in surat alTakweer. I dealt with this
word according to the
analytical Tafseer, I explained
its meaning and the
recitations of it also the
lessons of this verse.
Al-Ishar is the pregnant
she-camels which is neglected
by its owners due to the
misfortunes of the Day of
Judgment despite their love
and concern of it.

أقوال ابن قانع فی الرجال

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 75-146

1-The sunna is the second legislative source . The sunna has it own
protect tors . who preserred and documented . the soundest
hadilhs .Theire forts are perfect .
2- Hadith specialists trace the marretors in every aspect to make sure
that hadiths are rightfully conveyed .
3- The science of hadithmen theor itically dependson back tincing
and amlyisis . In terms of application, Its velated to occeptancc or rejection .

4- The researcher has collected Ibn Qania , 178 in vumbers . He is in
aqrco-ment with I,mams in 135 sayings. The rest of the sayings
are subjed to acceptance and rejcction finding balance is the thesis essence .
5- Tracing back Ibn Qaniacs approach cmay allah bless his seud,
when le considers aparticular narrator as right fol. Tmeans the
narrator is right fally conveying.

التربیة على الآداب المهمة للمعلم والمربی من کتاب الأدب فی السنن الأربع

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 147-194

The Prophet s suna represented by the four sunnas is rich with
Significant educational morals. I have studied the morals that
Related to Hadeeths in the book of" literature in four sunnas"
And I suggested samples among them. The prophe (May peace and blessing be upon him) guided us to the importantce of
Faith ,morals and social deal and the ways to self taming and
The scientific and the social caer for the Islamic nation.

Hence, I conducted a study to a sample of the Hadeeths In Snnna. For the importance of the topic and the community
Need for the guidance.
In the conclusion , the Sunna is rich and indispensable of Knowledge I urge every body to follow it and to make use of its potentials treasures in serving Islam and to guide the universe.

الجمع بین الحقیقة والمجاز عند الأصولیین وأثره فی اختلاف الفقهاء

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 195-264

Combining reality and metaphor, which occurred as a difference between scholars, is present in the Quranic trope. Its beauty is consistent along with diverse connotations in the context of a single verse. Combining reality and metaphor is a high style of the Qur'an and an example of the Quranic guidance.
This combination has a clear impact on the branches of jurisprudence. Many issues came replete with evidence which indicate the effect of this combination. The case of combination is the most influential and prominent in the doctrine of its provisions.Because of the great debate, combination issue resulted in a wide divergence in the branches of Fiqh and its issues and that is what I tried to investigate through this humble research

The Effect of Syndesis in the Problems of Exclusion of the Fundamentalists

أبـــو بَکْرْ عاصِــم جُــبَیر البیــکات; حَمــــــید عـَـــطوَان صَـــالح

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 265-300

Thanks for Allah the Lord of all people , and praise be upon his messenger Mohammed and all his companions . This research is part of a comprehensive study to the investigation of syndesis of fundamentalists . We reveal in it that syndesis of fundamentalists is mentioned in their books and researches. It has an effect in their disagreements and orientation approaches. Its investigation differs , for the fundamentalists than for the grammarians , because the grammarians allot a special part , while for the fundamentalists it is scattered in their art subjects according to its relation of the subject being investigated . This research deals with syndesis according to its exclusive problems.

التظاهرات والثورات فی الشریعة الإسلامیة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 301-338

Praise be to Allah and peace be upon His messenger and all his companions.
After the completion of my research , I will survey what I have reached, though in matters related to politics , yet some of them are related to the fundamentals of Belief. After surveying it , it become clear. The most outstanding results are:
1. If the Islamic political regime is governed by the sharie and all conditions are achieved , it should not be stood against. If , on the other hand the regime loses one condition or it abandons the rule by sharie , it is to be stood against.

2. The prime Arabic Revolution against the Ottomans state which governed by the sharie is the biggest calamity of the Arabs. Such a revolution has political motifs and covetousness with the authority forced them to accept the abandon of sharie in lieu of.

3. Whosoever killed for the sake of Allah is in the highest degree of martyrdom . There are lower stages however. Those who are killed as oppressed are also martyrs. The evidences which are said in this affair pin point the degrees amongst them. Similarly , who is killed in demonstration for the application of sharie or for the sake of pushing oppression , generally is considered a martyr.

الأثر الاقتصادی لوقف أدوات الإنتاج

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 339-382

Waqf means:- Straitening the origin and facilitating benefit, which has been legitimized by Islam and deputized it so that the employment of the means of production toward the waqf achieve the purposes of the Islamic law, particularly in the context of keeping money and entails a number of economic effects which reflect on the members of the community positively. The most important of these effects: its impact in contributing for receiving wages, profits and redistributing income (concerning beneficiary group), as well as satisfying the needs and achieving sufficiency and increasing exploiting resource, allocating and protecting human element and contributing in making successful economic development in general and particularly in sustainable development and then reaching the most important objectives of Islamic financial planning and managing it efficiently.

دور الإعلام فی نشر العقیدة الإسلامیة التلفاز انموذجا

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 383-426

Islamic media represents a bridge is critical for continued human beings, and stem the importance of the Islamic religion itself, it is the religion of the invitation, and the religion of the media, and Islamic media, but the contemporary face of the Islamic call, what is the difference between them, but modern word media, and the nobility of the word the invitation, and the importance of the media launched by media experts that (message) with all the means of the word, and this message is a humanitarian necessity accompanied the man from the first presence in the life of the world, he says: (He said: O Adam Onbihm names) Valanaba is the concept of the media and its meaning, continued with human even send messengers and messages contained to the right and the significance of mankind in various media available and means in every time and place, bringing the media need in the human right to employment for the dissemination of the Islamic faith, and the importance and prestige of the High Mark of the functions of the prophets and messengers to reports, but the so-called prophet prophet only better about and notification laws to others.
And the Islamic faith are the essence of religion and the basis, Valtather which positively or negatively is the most dangerous effects on the Muslim religion, and what was the media of the strongest influences, if not Oquaha- of our time on people's lives ideological, intellectual and behavioral research was in the role of the media of the most important should be busy Yeh researchers. Especially television; it is appreciate modern media outlet known to man in our time; because it combines image and sound, and thus controls the senses of sight, hearing, two of the most important senses and most contact with what is happening at the same rights of thoughts and feelings, which is transferred to the people time of the event happen, citing a full directly with its gloss and emotions, and his presence when most people confirms its impact on them, some media experts believe that television curriculum stand-alone, but some of them said that the curriculum first pre-school, and I've competed television writers in the transfer of knowledge, and diverse experiences , Arab and international experience shows that educational programs if the best out would be more effective than reading books, making no secret observer role of Islamic media in television offering must be faith programs six pillars, especially faith programs offered by the message channel, and before Read Channel, does not deny the role of the rest of the satellite channels offer programs in scientific miracles that demonstrate the existence of God, Oneness, and My research has focused on the first pillar of faith; it is the basis for all the corners, as are all due to faith in God, do not benefit from the Dawa Islamic media that did not originate from Faith in God, and emerged as the role of television in the publication of this corner through the provision of programs and lessons scientific demonstrate the existence of God, and to provide programs broadcast in which the attributes of God Almighty that befits His Majesty and choose in a research highlighting the recipe and one short, not a singularity, and the flags of a prominent role in deployment of oneness through the transfer ears five times in all over the world by various Islamic and Arabic channels, and the transfer of the rites of the pilgrimage, and the transfer of reading the Koran and its interpretation, and provide programs broadcast in which the names of Allah, and to highlight the ability and the greatness of the mighty in His creation, include legitimate lessons scientific evidence miraculous, and programs in this area are many, and I chose to speak on the broadcast Ijaz name of one of the names of Allah only; not a creator. For TV prominent role in maximizing the ability of the Creator when programs Akadim in the miracles of human creation, and dissemination of scientific reports that separates the wonders of the world of animals and Graúbha and mastery of composition, precision manufacturing, and Bdaah photographed, all brands, both of which bird, swimmer, and Walker, and creeping, beautifully crafted in forms and conditions, and colors, and their properties, and natures, and ways of life, and large, and small, what makes it nearly impossible for an atheist to continue in the acute and the claim that all of this but coincidentally happened without housekeeper force, but this was the start of some of these atheists are shying away from atheism, and became some of them doubt it. Valguenoat television gave Muslims a chance they did not have before in other media, the definition of Western Islam, and to respond to suspicions raised around it, so that a lot of parents in the West have become rejoice Islam of their sons and daughters, when they see the change Hassan that has occurred to them.

الدلالات النحویة فی الجملة القرآنیة فی ضوء التقدیم والتأخیر «البحر المحیط أنموذجا»

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 20, الصفحة 427-483

This study deals with the grammatical content under the light of analyzing (placing at the head & delaying) as it mentioned in «Al-Bahr Al-Muheet» by Abu-Hayan Al-Andulusy. The researcher wants to say that (placing at the head & delaying) is a very important grammatical chapter in the Arabic language. It gives the context a beauty and glamour with a great influencing enrichment of language. So it becomes an important characteristic. The study deals also with viewing the secrets and effects of structuring sentences. The study contains three sections: the first section is about the advancing and postponing in the nominal sentence. The second one is about the advancing and postponing in the verbal sentence. The third section is about the advancing and postponing supplementary.