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Volume 5, Issue 18

Volume 5, Issue 18, Spring 2014, Page 1-511

مفهوم الأذى وأنواعه فی القرآن الکریم بین الماضی والحاضر

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 1-45

This research sheds light on what the society in general and the cultural and scientific notable persons in particular need in order to be acquainted with the meanings of Quranic verses related to the concept of harm since it connotes sublime legal judgments. It is also helpful in exposing the harm which was done to the messengers and prophets and the believers as well as to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in his life time both morally and physically and reveals his endurance as well as the previous messengers to that harm.
Nowadays, the enemies of Islam have invented new kinds of harm when they pictured Islam as terrorist and to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) when they pictured him as an aggressive and blood guilty throughout their paintings and impolite films. This research participates in defending Islam and his messenger (PBUH). It is one of the big contributions which defend them against the enemies' harm.

الإخبار عن الغیبیات ومضامین الإعجاز

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 46-88

The present paper sheds light on the supernatural references mentioned in the holy Quran to highlight their implications. Also, it attempts to refute the saying that the holy Quran is miraculous in its versification. The reason behind this is attributed to the unability of scholars to dive and explicate other phases of miracles into the language of the age they lived in as the rhetoric miracle was the dominant at that time.
What distinguish the present paper from other is the link between text and content, i.e. the reference of a line of Quranic verse to miracles. Moreover, the paper explores the way presentation and organization as well as other additions such as references to the supernatural the holy Quran has indicated in many lines of Quranic verse and so as.

مصطلحات الأداء والقضاء والإعادة عند الأصولیین

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 89-116

Thanks be to (Allah), The God of all mankind and Peace and Prayers upon the Prophet Mohammed. After completing my research by help of Allah, I mentioned the terms of performance, requisition and repetition. These terms are different from the point of view the Fundamentalists. That they are one of the parts of the positive order or subordinate to it? But we can't say that they aren't parts of the positive order and time is the main effective element on these terms because the time is the cause of performance and without time is the cause of requisition and the defect in worship is the cause of repetition and the cause is a kind of positive order which the fundamentalists had agreed on it. These three terms have an important fundamentals issue and these issues I mentioned in my research.

العِرض مقصدا مستقلا، وآراء الأصولیین فیه

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 117-176

There is no doubt that keeping the honour is one of the Islamic endorsed issue. The holly Quran verse, and prophetic speech, that deal with this subject are a lot of and famous, to be mentioned, but the question is that the fundamentals had argued wither keeping the honour is one of the necessities' or not?.
And as it appear as Allah know, The honour is one of the necessary aims it is all what the human beings should maintain and keep.
If the honour is violated by adultery it is considered one of the necessities. It is most important than the self and the wealth. Honour is to be at the head of mind and wealth.

ضوابط العقوبات النفسیة «المعنویة»، ومدى سلطة الدولة فی تطبیقها

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 177-206

1. Each crime has a specified penalty that differs according to criminals; elites and those without sins get mild penalty in comparison with those known for bad conduct.
2. There a close relation between reproach and admonition as admonition is secretly presented while reproach is publicly presented.
3. Dissertation of the wife and ordinary people for more than three days is forbidden, whereas in case of scolding criminals and sinners, the Imam is authorized to order deserting them even for three days as he finds suitable.
4. All rebuke penalties mentioned above are meant to scold and chide. A penalty that does not achieve the objective of rebuke, will not be executed rather it will changed to another penalty.

أثر الحکم الوضعی فی عقود الصبی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 207-264

The study comes to the following results:
1. The fabricated rule is independent from the commissioned rule as far as the definition and department are concerned but its relation with the commissioned rule is compact because it represents the mark which denotes the commissioned rules. If this mark does not exist, it is impossible to comprehend many commissioned rules.
2. The commission does not exist only when the fabricated rule exists because the commissioned rule should be split from the fabricated. For this reason the researcher could not provide a single example of the commissioned rule without reason or condition, on the other hand the fabricated rule may exist without the commissioned because the fabricated rule is more comprehensive. Here lies the impact of the fabricated on the child contracts whosoever confirms the child contracts is done without conditions.
3. It appears that the fabricated rule has an effect on the child's behavior for the contract formed up on the bases. Some of these are the child s contract and the consent.
4. The jurisprudents agreed that the contract issued from the lad is nothing.
5. The jurisprudents have seen the child s benefit. Thus their rules come accordingly.
6. They agreed on the child's right and keep his wealth from loss.
7. They agreed not to sign anything which is offensive for him.
8. The Shafi do not agree on the absolute contracts of the child.
9. The majority have licensed the marriage of the child with the consent of his guardian. They disapprove the child's divorce for the divorce is one of the things which ascertains his rights, contrary to the child s damage of somebody else s wealth.

بیان الراجح من الخلاف الفقهی بین الإمام أبی حنیفة والإمام مالک عن طریق کتاب الحجة لمحمد بن الحسن الشیبانی (قسم العبادات – کتاب الطهارة)

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 265-309

Thanks be to (Allah), The God of all mankind and Pease and Prayers upon the Prophet Mohammed. This study was an important one in Comparative Jurisprudence especially in worships (cleanliness) I have stated in this study the main difference between Abu Haneefa and Emam Malik in his book Al- Huja Mohammed Bin AL- Hasan Alshaybani. I have elited the most important matters among their sayings and I benefited very mush from them asking our God to benefit us and the Islamic Nation.

المقدمة – تألیف أبی اللیث نصر بن محمد بن إبراهیم الخطاب السمرقندی (ت 375هـ)، الجزء الأول – دراسة وتحقیق

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 310-357

Praised be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon his prophet and his followers. This is the first part from the book entitled Al-Mukaddima (introduction) to Abi Laith Al-Samarqandi, a study and investigation. I classified the research into two chapters. The first is the study and the second is the investigation. The first part is sub-classified into two chapters: the first chapter tackled the author's life while the second tackled the book itself giving some definitions, the titles and its relation to the author, the author's approach and my approach throughout the research. The second part shed the light on the investigated text which is the book of Al-Mukaddima (introduction) to Abi Laith Al-Samarqandi (he may rest in peace).

ردود وتعقیبات محمد قطب على شبهات الحضارة الغربیة حول المرأة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 358-408

Boils down to search responses Mohamed Qotub on suspicions of Western civilization on women responded to these suspicions indicating invalidity He said Islam did not detract them when making the inheritance half the inheritance of men and testimony half that of a man and Aandma make divorce, guardianship, however, the man without the woman nor when initiated polygamy, but to do so you very Ancefha equity.

الخلافات الفکریة بین المسلمین وتداعیاتها على الخطاب الإسلامی المعاصر وعلاجها

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 409-452

The Intellectual Differences Between Muslims and their Repercussions on the Contemporary Islamic Discourse and their Treatment
The present research deals with the most prominent challenges which encounter the contemporary Islamic discourse of the intellectual differences, which being raised among Muslims, and their negative repercussions of intellectual, ideological, and political conflicts.
In addition, the research dealt with the characterization of some contractual, intellectual, and political disagreements, and their prominent repercussions. Then the research dealt with the most important steps which help to rationalize the division and differences, and approximate the disparate view among contemporary Islamic current.

التوجیه النحوی للقراءات القرآنیة عند العکبری فی کتاب إعراب القراءات الشواذ فی الأسماء المجرورة

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 453-483

The Effect of Syndesis in the Problems of Exclusion of the Fundamentalists
Thanks for Allah the Lord of all people, and praise be upon his messenger Mohammed and all his companions. This research is part of a comprehensive study to the investigation of syndesis of fundamentalists. We reveal in it that syndesis of fundamentalists is mentioned in their books and researches. It has an effect in their disagreements and orientation approaches. Its investigation differs, for the fundamentalists than for the grammarians, because the grammarians allot a special part, while for the fundamentalists it is scattered in their art subjects according to its relation of the subject being investigated . This research deals with syndesis according to its.

سورة المطففین – دراسة فی المفردة والترکیب اللغوی

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2014, السنة 5, العدد 18, الصفحة 484-511

Surat Al-Mutafifeen A Study in the Items and Linguistic Structure
In the Name of Allah، Most Gracious Most Merciful Thanks for Allah the Lord of All people and praise be to Mohammad the Messenger of Allah and all his followers:
I observed in this study a group of linguistic structures in this Sura and divided it to sections such as: Extra position, Ellipsis, Emphasis.
It done mostly in linguistic structures, which are characterized by accuracy and solitude. Thus it rejects random characteristic and calls for the intentionality in the Quranic embellishment. The study is ended by a conclusion which summarizes the outstanding results reached at. They are:
1. One of the rules of extra position is to bring the most important which is connected to the importance and there are different points of view in its interpretation according to the context as far as the speaker's intention is concerned and the addressee's attitude.
2. Ellipsis is one of the styles of linguistic structures. It is common in the language of the Holy Quran. Many examples were revealed in this study.
3. The sublimation of choice: It is a vivid style in the structure of language. Many examples were exposed in this study with regard to the meaning, letters, names and verbs. I hope that I succeeded in this research. Praise be to Allah the Lord of all People.