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Volume 4, Issue 17

Volume 4, Issue 17, Autumn 2013, Page 1-595

أصحاب الأخدود والتضحیة دروس وعبر

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 1-47

praise be to ALLAH who bestowed us with grace of Islam, and guide us to the Path of faith and set us on the white path which is its night as its day no one deviates it only the perish, and prayers and peace upon whom ALLAH send him merciful to the worlds, who shows the advocacy path to the faithful people, and who told our leader Ali (may ALLAH pleased him) "If Allah guides one man because of you, it is better for you than the life in this world and whatever in and on it".
There is no doubt that one of the most important sacrifices and highest status is the self-sacrifice, there are many images of sacrifice in the Holy Quran, but I have selected the most noble image, and highest value, for a man not a prophet, but he presents himself as a scarify for the sake of the call to Allah Almighty, to seek through this story the lessons and the sermons that help us in the long journey of the call.
The researcher tried from the beginning to mention to the story in the Holy Quran interpret it from the interpretation books by mentioning the similarities perspectives, then passed on what was mentioned in Hadith selecting the good and authentic one only.
Then, the researcher defines the scarify idiomatically, and linguistically, then the researcher mentions the lessons which are learned from the story and divides them to six basic stances to make them easier for the reader to understand them, these stances include sub-points which was mentioned at first its name and its relationship with what mentioned in the story, then concludes the research by mentioning the most prominent findings, and recommends the researchers to conduct some Quran's stories which need to be studied, asking Allah that this research to be benefit for our youth.

تفسیر سورة الأنبیاء عند الإمام النورسی - دراسة موضوعیة -

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 48-79

God thanks who by we see actionable and difficulties' lowland and getting we master Mohammed letter after letters and carrying miracles greater such as Quran Karim. After this research in beatific is explain important results in this research:
 Imam Alnuesy god clemencies full moon dribble in obscurity and working re-creating great in turkey modern histories by letters illuminator from Clarifying
 In Quran Karim denotation on the angles have entertained serfs, Catching illuminator bodes nice and them great nation, and pervades Sharia.
 Create empyreal before earth or within and calving from article, and fire keeping degree was swelling in has cold, The god see too cold reading salaam.
 Explain was working the gin and tempter too we master Silliman his salaam.
 Working with methodize embalmment we master aeob his salaam.
All Moslem are invocation good like invocation we master yones his salaam.

شرح منهاج الوصول إلى علم الأصول للإمام برهان الدین عبید الله محمد الفرغانی العبیری المتوفى سنة 743هـ دراسة وتحقیق

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 80-207

praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and on his family and called for inviting him to the Day of Judgment After.
The jurisprudence of the science, that made the legislation -where not Text flexible- owner can apply to each of the exhibits the fruits of legislation at all times. And scientific research methods, and perhaps the available approaches to achieve our Altald of the work of leading scientists and effort in authoring
This Alone BNP behaving by investigating when I wrote his doctoral thesis Visser God and helped achieved from a manuscript explaining Imam Hebrew Platform for oval as well and left of them the rest dry complete book at God to write for him to take his place among the books assets promised him determined to finish achieved research that leads to achieve part of its parts is the second book in a year.
The systematic investigation as follows: -
Ascertain the full text, and choose the healthiest and best copies available to me as possible, and not rely on a specific instance, and proved what opposers in the margin, and if he fell from one copy something and the origin and existence van was the word I put a record out and say for example fell from (b) or (c) etc. and if falling inter Fannie put it between square brackets so [ ] and put a number on the second Almekov and say, for example, (between Almekovin plopped (d)ز
If one copy increase requires the right thing not mentioned Fannie noted in the margin that put a number on the place of increase in steel and say in the margin, for example, in C and received an increase as well.
As for his life and his approach to the manuscript Fannie confine myself to some important things from his upbringing and shaykh and his disciples and his works and systematically investigated.

المصفى فی شرح منظومة الخلاف لأبی حفص النسفی (ت 537هـ) تألیف أبی البرکات حافظ الدین عبد الله بن أحمد بن محمود النسفی (ت710هـ) - کتاب الصوم «دراسة وتحقیق»

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 208-251

praised be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon his prophet and his followers. This is Al-Mussafa book explaining AL-KHILAF set to Abi Al-barakat Hafudh Al-deen Al-Nasafi. I classified the research into two parts. The first is the study and the second is the investigation. The first part is subclassified into two chapters: the first chapter tackled the author's life while the second tackled the book itself giving some definitions, the titles and its relation to the author, the author's approach and my approach throughout the research. The second part shed the light on the investigated text which is the book of fast.

ابن بطال ومنهجه فی إجماعاته من خلال شرحه لصحیح البخاری «إجماعاته فی صلاة الجمعة أنموذجاً»

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 252-313

t the conclusion of this research thank God Almighty and His name sanctified, which glorified the people to praise and thank for helping him me in the completion of this message.
In this conclusion I will mention the most important findings of the research with some of the recommendations are:
1. Care must unanimity matters, and cares much attention, through research, collection, study and documentation.
2. Found through research that the sources and literature in Alajamaat jurisprudence very few, and is on the fingers of the hand.
3. Must be wary of Ajamaat many scientists when transported, or proof rule out; because some of them such as Imam Ibn Abd al-Barr, Ibn Rushd and other lenient transfer consensus, it is delivered to the Ajamaathm never only after scrutiny, and who said so Mokri God's mercy, where warned Ajamaat Ibn Abd righteousness and agreements Ibn Rushd .
4. Consensus he must document we learned or Jhlnah.
5. Battal his personal scientific genius capable of discrimination and guidance, demonstrated by mentioning the issues of consensus, but it is one of the lenient transfer Alajamaat and her story, has been shown through this research.
6. The book the correct explanation for Heroes is one of the sources of doctrinal consensus for the frequency in which the issues and frequent Nicolat scientists from him.
7. Afternoon by discussing Ibn Battaal Ajamaat, that those traveling in the transfer of consensus sometimes, some issues convey unanimity Astaqraoua scholarly.
8. Personal Imam Ibn Battal personal doctrinal primarily, but those familiar with the explanation fully aware that his fundamentalist not less important than others.
9. Appeared through this research that the words is not unanimity on one leg in terms of power, but they are some of the most powerful places of some.
10. Was the son of Heroes -God's mercy- Evangelize year and directory, not a fanatic, as was mentioned previously Kirmani when we speak about his jurisprudential doctrine.
11. I recommend that draws researchers and students of science to the interest in the study of consensus and documenting Alajamaat, even draw general encyclopedia includes books jurisprudential task was better.I ask Allaah to bless us grace, and that increases our bounty, and to bless us accordingly in Dnyh, pursuant year Nabih, may Allah bless him and his family and companions.

من أحکام رفع الصوت فی العبادات

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 314-383

the raising of voice on some occasions Islamic rituals such as raising it in calling for prayers, pilgrimage and leadership. Nevertheless Islam prevents the raising of voice for women while calling for prayers or their leadership in the presence of men.
The study deals with various subjects and points out the jurists points of view:
1. Raising the voice in calling for the prayer is an assured convention putting into consideration the selection of those whose voice is vigorous.
2. Calling for prayer is forbidden for women in the presence of men. That will lead to charisma.
3. It is preferable to raise the voice for the men while doing the pilgrimage rite in order to expose the vigour of the Muslims.
4. The non-raising of the voice while reciting the Holy Quran.
5. It is preferable to raise the voice in nights of the two Eids ore while going to their prayers putting into consideration that over-raising is prohibited.
6. The voice is not to be raised during the escort of the dead. Calmness is better for them.
7. It is preferable to have sonority of voice if hypocrisy is safe guarded and when such sonority leads to remind the inattentive.
Thanks for Almighty Allah

التفویض والتأویل عند السلف

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 468-505

this paper named (the commission and the interpretation to the predecessors); I have explained the predecessors opinion regarding the commission and the interpretation, and whether they passed up the commission with the interpretation, or they have taken up the interpretation, the interpretation used by the successors was an extension to the predecessors, so all of them are on the white argument no one deviate from.
It is divided into five chapters:
Chapter one: the meaning of commission in both linguistic and terminology
Chapter two: the meaning of interpretation in both linguistic and terminology
Chapter three: the meaning of predecessor in both linguistic and terminology
Chapter four: the predecessor's attitude of commission
Chapter five: the predecessor's attitude of interpretation
Chapter six: samples of the predecessor's interpretations to the verses of descriptions
The most important results were:
1. The commission is replying the similar texts to Allah the all mighty, whether in meaning or in how, or in how only.
2. The texts received by the predecessors showed that their doctrine in commission is of meaning and how.
3. The interpretation is a transfer of the vocalizing to another meaning that can be, and it would not be so if it did not comply with its terms.
4. A disagreement among the scholars regarding the word (predecessors), but the majority agreed that they were the companions and their followers and the follower's followers.
5. The commission is the predominant character for the predecessors in the text similarities.
6. The right interpretations that met all of their terms transferred by the predecessors must also be taken, for reasons such as apparent meaning, abscondence the similarity and getting through the commonalty.
7. A lot of right interpretations transferred to us by the companions and the followers of this nation and I referred to some of them.
8. Both of the predecessors and the successors had the same aim in using the commissions and interpretations which is to enshrine the all mighty, and did not deny the trustworthy from transferring them.

جهود الباحثین المُحْدَثین فی دراسة الحدیث النبوی الشریف الدراسات ذوات المنحى الدلالی أنموذجاً

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 17, Pages 546-595

the late researchers tackled the prophetic Hadith from various sides; one of these is the semantic side in general. They shared considerably in this subject. They tackled this subject in depth to reveal its sacred secrets and invaluable references. The prophetic motions didn’t appear by chance, but they appeared with a specific semantic reference hand by hand with the utterances themselves. Sometimes they replace theses references in accordance with the text. The text has a vital role in deciding the final meaning of the utterances.