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Volume 2, Issue 5

Volume 2, Issue 5, Winter 2010, Page 1-381

The Influence of Quranic Recital on Explaining Quran

Ahmed Qassim Abdul Rahman

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 27-57

Praise be to Allaah, who taught the Qur'an. He created man, taught him the statement. Praise be to Allaah, who taught the pen. He taught man what he did not know. It was the best books was the best of the apostles, save him from his enemies and save his book of distortion and switch.       And after: For the grace of God to give him the gift of understanding in religion, and demonstrates the paths of that understanding, to inspire the senses in what he says and what he does, as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: (Whoever responds to him good in the religion and inspire his senses) (1).       There are many ways, and different ways to reach an understanding of the provisions of the law of Islam, but all of these methods in detail and statement to the language that came down the Book of God, and received the year of His Messenger, peace be upon him, this is the language of the Arabs in which God was deposited It is the graphic secrets that made it meet all the new things in the lives of Muslims.       This is what led the Muslims - since the early Islamic times - to pay attention to this language, and to find out its components and hidden, they grilled seriously, and did their best to take care of them, especially the days that they felt that the threat to its existence after entering into Islam non-Arabs The melody spread among their children, and the linguistic accent heralded the loss of their eloquence and eloquence.     Efforts continued to preserve Arabic with the progression of times, and emerged throughout the centuries that passed the glory of scientists took all their lives to search and scrutinize the issues of this language, and delve into the arts and literature, each of them was serving them through what God cast in the magnificence of those Arts and arts, they showed people to Taifha, and showed its beauty, and explained the splendor and splendor.       This is related to the meaning of reading the Koran in Arabic, which in turn is based on the provisions of legitimacy, and this, which led me to choose a topic that includes reading, language and interpretation, Vsttn God and chose Subject: (the impact of Quranic readings in guiding the interpretative meaning) because the language and readings share with the law in some of the general rules on which the branch of jurisprudence many of the provisions

Nither in Holy Quran

Sameer Abid Hassan

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 58-105

Praise be to Allaah. And the wonders of his greatness are hesitant and interrupting him and trust him strengthen     The landing of the Koran on this nation is great because it is the path of guidance and the path of safety from misguidance and seduction It is known that the Book of God Almighty vary the meaning of his verses on the meanings clear and hidden, even if his verses are equal in minds to dampen the mind and stagnated understandings, covered by ignorance because there is no Dive and deep thinking But God toured his wisdom make his holy book differed understanding and slides in the realization of his secrets and the uprooting.      Ibn Mas'ud said: Whoever wants science to affect the Koran, the science of the first two and others; and Ibn Abi Talib, the generosity of God and his face said: There is nothing but his knowledge in the Koran, but the views of men are unable ().     In this sense, it was an optional reason for this subject that needs far and wide as it is considered a door of interpretation does not know the real significance of many people, although it haunts us all the time and when some people do near them to the higher self, which is a vow to break the non, which means closeness To God Almighty as we will show that in our roaming the corridors of this simple work.

The Rule of Recital Prostration

Dhiaa Hamud Khalifa Alqaisy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 106-133

Praise be to Allaah, who says in his dear book: “If there were not a group of them, they would not agree with them in their religion, and they would have warned their people if they were afraid of them.”And peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions.And after: The science of jurisprudence of the most honorable science and the most important to the need for people in the worship and transactions, Valtgalh of the best kinship and for the sake of obedience, which is the best in learning and teaching times.It is the generosity of God to make me one of the students of this sea in the midst of waves, wave overwhelm, and a wave that pushes me to get something from his ruby ​​or repetition, and God Almighty has prepared for this science in all ages, men who are competent and dedicated their lives to serve him, I was a student of their students, may To do so with my humble effort is easy to serve this science.I signed on a subject that every Muslim needs in the mosque, school, university, market and farm, and in his dissolution and travel, and I thank God Almighty to choose this research; because it is jurisprudential first and because of his honor in the service of the Koran, and secondly, I hope to receive honor (charity) charity learning Jurisprudence, to say (Whoever responds to God good understanding in religion and inspire his senses, but I am Qasim and God gives, and this nation will still be based on the order of God does not harm them from their contravention until the command of God) ()Charity and learning the Koran preached by the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him by saying: (your good who learned the Koran and taught him) (). I have done my best to take the views of the scholars in this research and came in the form of research and demands taking into account the origins of scientific research. The research included an introduction and four topics.

The Judg's Use of his Five Senses in Judiciary

Qassim Salih Ali Muhamad Alany

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 134-174

Alhamdulillah saying: "The hearing, sight and heart of all those responsible for him"And peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad: ((If you sue two men do not spend the first until you hear the words of the other, you will know how to spend)) Narrated by Tirmidhi. And may Allah be pleased with the companions and followers, and those who followed them with charity until the day of religion, and after:Ibn Taymiyyah says: (The purpose of the judiciary is to reach the right to his family, and cut off litigation, as scientists say, access rights to its people is interest and cut off litigation, remove the corrupt, and the arrival of rights is done by the heavens and the earth. , And both are divided to keep an existing and pay is missing, in the arrival of rights to the receivable preserves its assets and get intentional, and in litigation cut off its assets and pay the missing, if there is reconciliation litigation that is one of the intended).Ibn al-Qayyim said in a statement the importance of the five senses:(And look at the senses from which they supervise things how God made them in the head like lamps over the lighthouse, so that you can read things ... Then the wisdom hopes to make the senses five versus five senses to meet five by five, so that nothing remains sensible does not receive Make sense to meet the sightings, hearing in the interview of sounds, smell in the interview of different types of smells, taste in the interview of how the tastes, and touch in the interview with the concrete, any sensible remained without sense).All of these organs, which are the machines of the senses, have contact with the brain nerves or non-nerves.`` There are the most external sensory organs like the eyes, ear, nose and tongue in the head, while the sensory centers of the sense of touch in the skin, each sensory organs respond to changes in your environment known as stimuli '' and may be a change in light The stimulus pushes sensory centers, sending signals to the brain, and the brain converts these signals into things we can know and understand, such as vision, sound, or taste. . Information from the senses is very important, because it helps us protect ourselves, and enjoy a world of optics, sounds, flavors and smells).Importance of the topic:The importance of the subject comes from several aspects, namely:First: It is the secretariat of the senses asks the owner on the Day of Resurrection, Secretariat tremble conscience of the body and accuracy whenever the tongue uttered a word, and whenever issued a judgment on a person or an order or incident, the Almighty said:(Even if Mjajha witnessed their hearing and their eyes and skins including what they were working).Secondly, the five senses such as tables and breastfeeding breastfeed the things that wear and take whatThey have their meanings and descriptions and lead them to the heart and brain.Third: Verifying every news or every phenomenon and every movement before judging it is the call of the Holy Quran, and the method of accurate Islam, and when the heart, mind, prey and senses are correct, there is no illusion and superstition left in the world of faith, and there is no room for suspicion and suspicion in the world of governance, justice and dealing.Fourth: Most judges today lack the controls that our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) regarding the five senses, which led to the injustice of the people, and the failure to fulfill the ruling, peace be upon him says: (Judges three: one in Paradise and two in the fire, either in the Paradise was a man who knew the truth and judged it, and a man who knew the truth and a neighbor in judgment is in the fire, and a man who spent people on ignorance is in the fire).Search Plan :The research was named: "The five senses of the judge in the Judicial Council" comparative jurisprudential study

Legitimacy of the Prophet's Birthday Celebration

Abdul Rahman Hamdy Shafy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 175-232

Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions and those who have been guided by his guidance and after: There is no doubt that the greatest events in the history of Islam and Muslims, is the birth of the Messenger of Allah  Polytheism and slavery to other than God Almighty.If the Muslims by the order of the Lord of the Worlds Azoujl celebrate the mission ع, Vazmon the night of the descent of the Koran in it, but fasting that holy month in which the Koran was revealed ((the month of Ramadan)). Why not celebrate the other event associated with that descent? It is the event of the birth of the Sharif, it is in fact the birth of Islam and faith, and if not the birth of the second event, both linked together, and pointed to the beloved Mustafa  by saying on Monday: (That is the day I was born, and the day I sent or sent to me), both In one day, it is Monday, to be a day for these two, I mean these two events (birth and resurrection) is a name on its name, and everything has its share.The owner of the scattered stars Awali: The night of his birth, peace be upon him is better than the night of fate of three faces:One of them: The night of the birth, the night of his appearance, and the night of fate given to him, and the honor of the emergence of the same supervisor for him, better than honor because of what he gave, and there is no dispute in that was the night of the birth in this regard better.Second: that the Night of Power was honored by the descent of the angels, and the night of the birth was honored by his appearance, and the honor of the night of the birth, better than those honored by the Night of Power on the most true Murtada, the night of the birth is better.Third: that the night of fate occurred in favor of the nation of Muhammad , and the night of the birth of Sharif preferred in other assets, it is God sent mercy to the worlds, blessed him with all creatures, was the night of the birth more useful, was better.Despite the fact that this incident has a great place in the heart of every believer, but there are those who try to reject this belief, and aimed its actors innovation and misguidance, and not to hit the path of guidance that the righteous predecessor of this nation.I found it necessary to clarify the right in this matter, although the right is clear in it, but I wanted to prove it by evidence, and the correct assets, which raise all suspicion, or obsession notify the same in this aspect.I ask God to inspire me right and right, and help me to deliver it to the reader, and to make this my work for the face of a decent, and to defend and defend the great Messenger. God bless .

Legislative Rule of Trictrac

Ahmed Rasheed Thumail

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 233-246

Praise be to Allaah. The Lord of the Worlds, who has no other right to rule, extends the right to His servants, and peace and blessings be upon those who do not have the seal of other messages.And yet      I have been hurt by a lot of Muslims in various things, including professing evil, such as playing and gambling in things that have taken the purpose of moving away from the Lord's approach. Some of what was popular and spread despite the existence of explicit and correct conversations in the prohibition, and I called this research (the legal ruling to play at the table), and the table is dice in the old, I chose; She shares her illness E, including (domino), (and paper), (and chess), has talked about its image and definition and the reason for the prohibition, and its rule when the jurists, and then the most correct statement of their words.

Explaining and Reviewing (Callers, Voice Soften, Call for help,scar,adverb,distinction,and exception)

Yahya Majid Shahoth

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 275-358

Praise be to Allaah. Praise be to Allaah. His great face, and dear Sultan, should make us Muslims first and foremost, and specialize in those who serve them in the service of Islam and Muslims. On them all)).After ...The need to preserve the Koran from the Koran, distortion and melody was the first and main reason for the emergence of the Koranic studies, which have been of interest to Muslims since the Arabs contacted others in the Islamic Egypt ((Basra, Kufa)).The Qur'anic studies were many and varied, and was the science of grammar, one of these studies, began his first order to control the late speech in the verses points reached by Abu al-Aswad Aldali ((God's mercy)), in the middle of the first century AH.After this stage, he took his grammar lesson and expanded his subject and purpose, and found him specialized scholars who began studying the science of grammar for himself.Their approach was to extrapolate the language and observe the methods, scientists were going out to the valley of Najd, Hijaz and Tihama, settle its people and Achavhonhm and take them the standard language. Alongside this was the Book of God, the first tributary of the classical Arabic tributaries, and the inexhaustible miraculous, as well as the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (r), the most eloquent Arabs.All of this helped the scholars, led by Hebron bin Ahmed al-Farahidi (God's mercy) to go a long way in the mature grammatical studies that were the basis of the grammar lesson, followed by his student Siboih ((God's mercy)), who wrote his book "book."The efforts of scientists who came after them throughout the ages study, author, and explanations on the literature, footnotes, and others; all of this had its role in the retention and maintenance of the grammar lesson.Among the most prominent of these scientists, the investigator, the pride of Arabic, better than classified by the men of the eighth century AH in the rules of Arabic and applied to them, Jamal al-Din Ibn Hisham al-Ansari grammar ((died in 761 AH)) ((God's mercy)), in which Ibn Khaldoun ((may Allah have mercy on him)): ((We are still in Morocco hear that he appeared in Egypt, a world in Arabic is said to Ibn Hisham stepped down from Sibawayh)).Ibn Hisham al-Ansari ((may Allah have mercy on him)) many of the books and books, especially what is interested in the science of grammar - I mentioned when translated ((God's mercy)) in my study of the first part of this manuscript, including: "Qatar dew, but echo" He explained ((God's mercy)) an explanation he called "explain the diameter of dew, but echo," which is an important and useful explanation.We did not conceal that he was more useful to the people of his time than to us today, they were patient on science from us, what was wrong with the book "explaining the country" and others like them that it is long self, nor that it is much digress, nor that it is a complex sentence sometimes, nor that it is more complicated Prolonging in response to them, nor does it cite poetic evidence, most of which is not without ambiguity in meaning and hardness in the expression.It is, as is well known, a grammar book that students study in the intermediate stages of grammar lesson.However, Shaykh 'Abd al-Karim al-Dabbān (deceased in 1993 AH) ((may Allah have mercy on him)) found during the years of his teaching of the Arabic language and the book “Explaining Qatar the Dew, but the Echo”, that middle school students in terms of grammar lesson It is difficult because of the many mention of differences and prolongation in response, as well as with regard to the martyrdom of poetic evidence, most of which is not without ambiguity in meaning and hardness in the expression.He put ((God's mercy on him)) his explanation or clarification on this book, "explain the diameter of dew, but echo," and called: "clarify the diameter of dew, but echo", which we are studying and achieve.The book "Illustration", as his author ((God's mercy)) in his introduction, came in response to the request of his disciples, and what he saw ((God's mercy)) of the interest in the method and method that he used in his teaching of the material.He came as he wanted ((God's mercy)) clear facilitator, in easy words, and cited his questions with clear examples, easy to benefit from it.And envisioned ((God's mercy)) to be the way that the book put them useful. It is also, God willing, we see that it is an important explanation and clarification of great interest, especially for intermediate schooling in terms of grammar lesson, has become famous and spread among students and learners a lot, has been taught in religious schools, especially that the author ((mercy) Allah the Almighty is one of the great scientists of Iraq. The book is easy to deal with and understand its material, for what it has, as mentioned above.

deleting letters in quran(grammatical study)

Elham abdul kareem yaaqub

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 359-381

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the noble prophets and messengers of Muhammad and his family and companions.As for ... after the abolition of the provision (thought and sisters), I have already discussed in this provision in the acts (thought and sisters) and other acts.In my research, I have devoted the cancellation to the letters. There are a lot of letters that work on terms, if one of those conditions is lost or come after it to stop work is canceled its work either obligatory or permissible.Abolition in the language: - Taken from (Lagha), it is said that this word was canceled any I saw invalid and virtue, and canceled the thing invalidated, and canceled from the number delivered by him. (1)As for the terminology: - It is invalidation of the work by word and place (2), and Ibn Iyaz (3), that the cancellation invalidation work altogether is permissible and is not obligatory, you have to shed the worker on the employee, or not Ttlth him on the origin.The reason for the cancellation is that the worker has been misplaced from the sentence (4).I have divided this research into several sections dealt with at first (that and her sisters), where her work was canceled to come (Ma) after all, and then the letters diluted from them (if, but), these letters were canceled because of mitigation.Then she mentioned the texts of the tense of the present tense, which were abolished because of the loss of one of the conditions of her work (that, and then) women titles of the tense present.Hence (no) negation of sex, which was the reason for the invalidation of her work is to separate them from her name or repetition or the coming of knowledge after.And then dealt with (Ma) the work is not work, and has several conditions, if one of them lost abolished from workIn the last section I looked at the prepositions (Kaf and Ruba), canceled her work to enter (what) excess after Vtkfma work.