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Volume 2, Issue 6

Volume 2, Issue 6, Spring 2010, Page 1-358

Abee alaith alsamarqandy's method in his book(eun almasaal)

Basim muhamad hussain

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 1-41

Some Features of Abi Allaith ALSamerkandi's Approach in his Uioon AL-Masail (Eyes on Issues of Philology).
This research has been divided into an introduction and five sections, as follows:
The first section: An Introduction to Abi Allaith.
The second section: An Introduction to Uioon AL-Masail.
The third section: His General Approach in the Book.
The fourth section: His Approach in Narration and Tracing sayings.
The fifth section: His Approach in Revising Issues in his Book.
The conclusion sums up the most important results as follows:
1. I gathered whatever possible of the biography of Abi Allaith (May God Have Bless on his soul) after being shattered in different references despite their scarcity.
2. I introduced the book (Uioon ALMasail) and indicated its significance.
3. The book collects the sayings of scholars of the sect (Mathhab) unknown in books of philology. The anther has traced many of the scholar's sayings that do not have references in the book to facilitate the creativity of the readers.
4. The book (Uioon ALMasial) has been divided into sections based on the requirements of the research. Some of them were restricted while others were expanded.
The author depends in narration on referring to the whole text. He might comment on it if necessary or refer to other sayings concerning a single issue.

The form of hands from the kneeling to the end of prayer- comparative jurisprudent study

muhamad salman mahmud alfaraji

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 42-99

Thanks for Allah the lord of the worlds and peace and blessing be upon His truthful messenger and his noble kinsfolk , companions , followers and those who follow them in truth until doomsday .
However , After thanking Allah who make us the nation of the prophet muhammed peace and blessing be upon him , this mercified nation that will be a witness on the previouse nations . It is specialized by sharia ( law ) that summed up all the laws of the previouse nations . to be valid for every time nad place . For the prayer ia Imad Al-Din , it is important to know or find the right form of hands that comes from the prophet peace be upon him ; so that the researcher chooses this topic ( the form of hands in prayer ) to be the substance of the research for this year. Because of the number of questioners , the researcher divided his topic into two parts :- The first includes ( the form of hands from the opening campuses until kneeling ) and it is published . while the second includes (the form of hands from kneeling until the peace at the end of prayer .
If the questioner is examined by doctrinal (philological) study compared to the Islamic doctrines . This doctrinal study is after the four doctrines and includes Al-Imamiya doctrine , Al-Zaidiya doctrine and Al-Thahiriya doctrine . Then , the researcher examines the traditions and gives the mast correct opinion . As a result , several conclusion are reached at : They are as follow :
1- The suna recommonds the worshiper to take the knees by hands .
2- A worshiper should raise his hands when he raises his head from kneeling .
3- It is the most correct that not to put the right hand one the left one after moderating from the kneeling .
4- It is of hateness that A worshiper spread or sit his arms .
5- The first thing the worshiper should put on the ground in prayer is the knees . And when he gets up he should raise his hand before knees .
6- A worshiper should raise his hands in qunoot and the Eid Takbeerat and funeral .
Thanks for Allah

The life of huthaifa bin alyaman and his narrations in islamic doctrin

Mahmud hussain ali

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 100-119

Huthaifa Bin Al-Yaman is one of the followers of The Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and he is of honourable family.
Huthaifa (May Allah be pleased with him) had great attitudes in Islam. He was calling for straightness and studying knowledge and applying and spreading it. He had many characteristics that qualified him to be the prophet Mohammed's secretary. These characteristics are knowledge, courage, generosity, eloquence, good-heartedness, sincerity, and greediness for life.
Furthermore, he was so trustworthy and virtuous that the second caliph Omar Bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) appointed him as a ruler of Al-Madae'n. he was one of the unparalleled followers in all fields of Islam. He narrated many traditions of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). I choose some of his narration in this research especially those of Islamic Doctrine to be a light and great title for this great follower.
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creation and peace be upon His Prophet Mohammed.

Trade and its significance in holy quran

Zabin azeez khalaf alassafy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 120-155

The main pivot of economy is commerce on which reciprocity between people and the continuity of life- in general – depend.
In the past, during the days of Ignorance( ), Arab used to hold several markets like Okath, Mujnah and Thou Al-Majaz. Also, Quraish had two annual journeys, one in the winter to Yemen because it was warmer, and the second in the summer to Greater Syria. Because of these two journeys, ALLAH had blessed the people from Quraish with feeding them against hunger and also with giving them security against fear.
This research discusses the verses on commerce mentioned in nine positions in the Holy Quran. Moreover, the research shows its importance as the best way to earn one's livelihood in order to keep one's dignity away from begging or humiliation.
As shown in the research, there are two kinds of commerce: The first: the figurative commerce, which is with ALLAH, and which means striving in the cause of ALLAH with one's wealth and person.
The second: the real concept of commerce, which means dealing with people to buy and sell goods for profit.
The winning commerce that leads to the rescue from torture in the Justice Day is the true belief in ALLAH and HIS Messenger and jihad for HIS sake.
Furthermore, the research explains the importance of Islam in the economical, political, judicial and other aspects of Muslim life to organize the way they deal with ALLAH and with people.

Saeed alnawracy influence in explaining holy quran

Ahmed Qassim Abdul Rahman

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 156-197

In the name of Allah , Most Compassionate , Most Merciful. All praises are due to Allah , we praise him ,we seek his help , we seek his forgiveness , and we seek his guidance .We seek refuge in Allah from the evil in our souls and the badness of our deeds .For whomever Allah guides , there is none to lead him astray .And for whomever he allows to go astray , there is none to guide him . I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah , for whom there is no partner .And I bear witness that Mohammed is his servant and messenger .The imam Badiuzzaman Said Nurasi ( may Allah have mercy on him ) is a very famous personality because he deserved all the titles that he was named . He is Said ( happy ) in name and meaning , unique in the jihad and sacrifice . He was a light shined in Turkey when it was in need of such a mentality .This research will try to disclose the effect of Said Nurasi in the interpretation of the holy Quran .This research talked about the viewpoint of Said Nurasi about the holy Quran , and about the miraculous meaning (I’jaz) of the holy Quran specially his interpretation which is called (Isharat al-I;jaz).This research also talked about the (Resai’il al-Nur) which is an interpretation for the holy Quran .Finally , I included the research explaining the way of Said Nurasi in the interpretation of the holy Quran .All praise and thanks are to Allah alone , the lord of the worlds.

Imam alnawracy interpretation of surat almulk(a subjective study)

Tariq Khalifa Darj

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 198-227

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings of God sent the Koran mercy to the worlds, our Lord and Maulana Muhammad and his family and his companions all.
As yet, the Holy Book of the seal of God in the Books, revealed to the Prophet and the seal of God by the prophets, the Apostle's argument is his greatest: the minimum in the mouth of a witness to his letter, speaking Npute proof of the sincerity and honesty. Top, a haven of religion: Islam is based on him in faith and worship, wisdom and provisions of etiquette and morals, and his stories and sermons, and the sciences and knowledge. He transferred power that changed the picture of the world, and turned the course of history, and saved humanity mishaps, as if he created a new creation to exist. So was all the Holy Quran into care of the Great Prophet peace be upon him and his companions may Allah be pleased with them, and advances the nation and left us all. Until he found the only Muslims who carry the torch amid these systems and principles behooves them to lead humanity confused Qur'an even take her hand to a beach of peace. As was the Koran by the State in the past, it also will not have any except in the present. The reason for this course, the subject of this Manhal. Copy of the fence this great book. Namely, Al-Mulk Surah concerned because these assets doctrine, which prove the existence of God, and His greatness, and its ability to everything, and the retrieval of Haddanith, and show the greatness and uniqueness, the king and the sultan, and the domination of the universe and attitude in the presence of neighborhoods and fatality. And confirmed the reasoning of the existence of God by creating the seven heavens, and garnish with the planets and bright stars, and harnessed for the stoning of the devils, and other manifestations of his ability and knowledge. Which indicates that the structure of the world system in which an arbitrator is not a bug or heterogeneity. And also show its meaning: the preparation of the torment of Hell for the unbelievers, and believers preach forgiveness and great reward and the collection of sticks and carrots on the way the Holy Quran. Knowledge and evidence in secret and in public, and creates rights and livelihood, and to overcome the earth to live, archiving,
And challenge the people that supports them is that God wanted anguish.
That God created when the creation of mankind and the jinn and mankind on the other was not in vain. But found to exist for a reason and evidence of the existence of God. Between God and the wisdom behind the creation of mankind and the jinn when he said: (I created the jinn and mankind except to worship Me) (Thareyat: 56) Thus, in the creation of life and death. It is wise to know the facts of the subjects of good and evil, through the work. Considered Imam Alnursi Allah's mercy that life is a miracle of divine power, which is proof of the proof monotheism and impressed by, and that life and living alone showed Gayoom the reward attributes of great and wise affairs. Life Kalnor .. Just as the sunlight gets from mixing of colors, as well as the (life) you get from mixing of many recipes. It also includes a living, compassion, care and wisdom, which is in force in their respective objects and corrects them and will create and manage.
He says that the universe an accident, where we see in every age and every year, but in every season and degrades the world go another place, move objects, and come again. Valkadir is glorious is that there is this world from scratch each year, but in every season, but every day, all the assets of the universe along these lines, each of which declares itself, qualities, on the tongue of its manufacturer, and attests to the wisdom of his conduct in the way of specific methods within the unlimited potential. Thus, experiencing everything the manufacturer wise and free will and choice, because you put something very prudently in all vehicles, and maintains that the relations among them can not be the only creator of all creatures.
Of the sky as well as a great blessing of grace (the clouds), which was suspended between heaven and earth irrigate land watering nursery explode wisdom and mercy, and to provide the motive inhabited water of life, by moderating the intense heat - the severity of Dharam live. While this huge heavy clouds takes over the functions of these many times, it disappears and goes out the window immediately after the filling over the air. Withdraws all of its parts to rest.
He said God's mercy: that kufr and misguidance is terrible beyond terrible, and the crime related to all assets. This is because they reject the lofty goal to create objects that resulted in great human bondage and direction of faith and obedience and of following the Lordship of God. Vinkarhm this result that the majority of which is the reason why the survival of finality and type of assets are the rights of all creatures.

The behavior of the hypocrites in bader and uhod raids(subjective study)

Abdu allah ebraheem raheem

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 228-264

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
And Peace and Blessings be upon his Prophet Mohamed, his Companions and his Followers.
The researcher comes into conclusion that there is a strong connection between atheism and hypocrisy and that they both have the same principle of hurting Islam and Moslems. The study shows that the hypocrite is motivated by his private interest for the purpose of causing damage. The hypocrites played significant role in spreading doubt and deactivation in the middle of Moslems in time of war. The study shows too that the believers were banned by Allah to take the hypocrites or disbelievers as allies because those hypocrites were not hesitant in doing anything that harm Moslems.
Also, it is clear that the severe test faced by Moslems in the battle of Uhad was to unmask the hypocrites in front of the Moslems. The holy Quran used a precise educational approach supported by proofs after the seemingly sad conclusion of the battle of Uhad to show the believers the reality and intension behind this battle.
Finally, the researcher invokes Allah for bless and faithfulness with the blessings upon his Prophet and his Companions.

Malik bin naby thoughts on the problem of civilization

Ahmed Ali Wais

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 265-287

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the world, and peace be upon His prophet Mohammed and his family and followers.
Malik Bin Nabi is one of the scholars and thinkers who took care of the issue of civilization. He produced several works which is considered (when they are collected) as an integral approach to understand the basis of civilization and the ways of its rise and then the causes of its deterioration and fall back as well as the treatment of these causes.
The thinking of Malik Bin Nabi is considered as an extension to the thinking of the great scholar Ibn Khaldun who direct his attention to the reasons of establishing the communities on intellectual and civilizational bases.
This research sheds light upon the problems of civilization in the thinking of the philosopher and thinker Malik Bin Nabi.

The truth of (lat) in arabic

Salih hindy alhalbusy; Khairy Jbair Aljumaily

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 288-307

هذه دراسة بعنوان: (حقیقة (لات) فی العربیة), تتناول الکلام على الآراء النحویة فی حقیقة هذه الأداة فی اللغة العربیة, وهی تعرض لتلک الآراء مدعومة بالأدلة فی ثلاثة محاور:

احدها: موقف النحاة القدامى من حقیقة(لات).
الثانی: موقف المحدثین من علماء اللغة.
الثالث: بیان الراجح من تلک الآراء مدعوما بالأدلة.

The Adverds which are changed according to their recitation and their grammar

Ahmed Jumaa Mahmud Habeeb Alheety

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2010, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 308-358

Praise is to God that is thanks to good works, prayer and peace upon our master Muhammad is the messenger god of earth and the heavens and upon his companions and after:
More precisely what this research is what we found from the expansion in the sense that it occurred in the famous Quran expression, The reason for the expansion of the meaning came from a multi-word expressions in which the rule as it anyway, but this expression may differ depending on when he saw nudged others express this Monument, Or that it has changed to change the read; and this is what led to that change depending on the change, many of the positions changed as to be raised or other change in reading, Might become Monument Raised, or read derivative form of the source, Which may make it not possible now expressing, It is consistent with other research in which the grammatical studies, is that reading the Quran and remain an arena of blessing and of great importance to study grammar and originality acquired by them; And eight positions in which this appeared to view the differences of opinions and the emergence of grammar, to get to the truth that says that the Quran does not get enough of it Scientists, , And another wish to thank God.