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السنة 2, العدد 7

السنة 2، العدد 7، الصیف 2010، الصفحة 1-387

The ten possibilities that effect on the absolute senses of terms

Salih Muhammad Salih muhammad alnaimy

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 1-34

یتناول هذا البحث مسألة مهمة من المسائل الأصولیة، وهی مسألة الدلالة اللفظیة وامتزاجها مع الاحتمالات العشرة، أو قرائن المشاهدة والتواتر فی نقلها.
وتناول أیضاً مذاهب العلماء فی هذه المسألة، وختاماً یعرض البحث ما توصل إلیه فی هذا المجال والى غیر ذلک مما اقتضاه البحث، ومن الله التوفیق .

The rule of insulting ruler, muslim and disbelieversin islamic jurisprudence

Ahmed Khatal Mukhlif Alubaidy

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 35-65

Provisions of cursing the ruler and the Muslim and the unbeliever in Islamic law (Sharia)
Praise be to Allah , the god of all mankind and peace and prayers be upon the seal of the prophets and messangers, Mohammed (peace be upon him and his followers). The act of cursing is unpermitted in Islamic law. The legislater defined the punishments to be imposed on the cursers wether they intend to curse the almighty God or our prophet Mohammed or any other prophet or even a Muslim being ruled or a ruler. The Islamic law (Sharia) has even imposed a punishment on those who curse unbelievers including those who entered the Islamic countries according to a contract that provides them with protection from any harm. Thus the curse is considered a harm
which is not allowed.
The phenomena of cursing has spread in Islamic socities and has become a common phenomenon. Many people feel proud of cursing and some of them openly curse the Sultan (Ruler) of muslims. Some others curse one of the Islamic doctrines without paying attention to what they are doing. For this reason I started to conduct this research in order to point out the ugliness of cursing and its illegality. The research also indicates the judgement of the curser in general. The research is limited to the judgement of cursing the ruler, the muslim and the unbeliever. It includes an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion. In the first research section I provided a defination of the act of cursing
and the terms relevant to cursing. It also deals with the judgement of the nomination of the ruler including the conditions for that purpose and obedience to him. In the second section I talked about the judgement of cursing the ruler and defined reprehension which is considered a punishment for the curser. The third research section deals with the provisions of cursing the muslim, unbeliever and athiest as well as the injustice of the curser.
Finally. I ask God that I could achieve success in this research which can be useful to all muslims. If it is perfect it is a result of God guidance. If it is not it is my responsibility. At last, we say (praise be to Allah, the god of all mankind.

No prohibition on breast feeding for the old

Maher Yaseen Alfahal

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 66-97

This research entitled ” no prohibition on breastfeeding an adult ” treats a very important issue , which concerns the effect of breastfeeding an adult on the circulation of sacredness , through the review of the verses of Quran and prophet’s sayings in this scholars and their statements .
The researcher mentioned in a brief chapter those women who are denied marriage by those who are breastfed . He mentioned the first opinion in this research which is related to the effect of breastfeeding an adult on the circulation of sacredness – and this is the belief of the majority of scholars who said : breastfeeding is combined with prohibition only in the case of childhood .
The researcher , then , mentioned their evidence from the Quran and Sunnah and stated the essence of each evidence about what they have said .

Imam Humaid bin Abid Alrahman alhmiary albasry's opinions about goats, personal relationship and recommendations

Mustafa Adnan Abdul Ghafoor; Ahmed Abdu Allah Hassan

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 98-138

Thanks for Allah who with his bless the good deed are completed m with his main supportance we get the terrific rewards . The most respectful and blessing pray and peace be upon our great leader Mohammad and people after this scientific researdh which we witnessed it with Al-Emam Humaid Bin Abdul Rahaman Al-Hammuri Al-Basri and his concepts In the sammery in which we put m we are obligated to show up what we have detailed with and to end what we write;
1- after on accurate following and researches about Al-Emam is concepts, we realize most of his concepts depend on the narration of who preceeded him we make special research on his given opinions which refer to the previous narration of the preceded persons .
2- The first matter to be discussed is related to the sacrifice time in which his narration about it is "youm Al-nahar" is special day not any day follow it but we prefer the concepts opinion that's indicates the sacrifice as "youm Al-nahar," and the three day follow it.
3- Second matter "the concepts judgment about the man's word to his wife "you are for bidden for me" his wards are nothing , don't be regarded as a diver, nor sexual isolation ,nor the mother – son ration , and also nor severing, if to intend to divorce ,the intention is regardless
4- Third matter ,the divorce if the woman asks for and if the man idea but he as immoral or disdain for her husband abidance and there is no chance to yemanage the relation between them, he is allowed to deforece
5- Fourth matter , in the instruction. The concepts' opinion in this the young boy commendation is not regarded till he becomes mature enough. This compete, opinion is the most powerful on . the reason behind it . the boy ,whatever he did, is still in the maturity stage, not thinking about his sequences
Fifth matter, the concepts' opinions in madness and unchanged sickness . the opinion is the instruction is not allowable and no one disagrees with it
6- Sixth matter the obligatory instruction the concepts: opinion in this if the relatives are all presented in sharing heir ate they should have given from.
If we are doing right that 's because of Allah assistance , but if we wrong , our intention is pure for good and for that we must regret and repent

Friday sermon and its orator. A corrective study

Khaleel Nuree Musseehr alany

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 139-185

The religious oration is considered as one of the most significant methods adopted in Islam in order to brighten the Muslims’ minds , enabling them to be knowledgeable in their religion . It also aims at purifying their souls and informing them of their religious and secular duties . Therefore, the types of religious orations varied and increased to include : Fridays’ orations; the orations of Muslims’ two main annual holidays (AL-Fitr and AL- Adhha), orations of prayers for rainfall, etc.
However , Fridays’ oration is distinguished among other types for being more influential for Muslims’ peoples because of its being religiously obligatory , the most familiar and occasional among all types of oration .
We believe that Fridays’ oration plays an important and pioneer role in mobilizing Muslim masses and arousing their awareness of its importance It also guides them towards the benefits of Islamic nation and religion through its cultural and serious performance and convincing message for the sake of which, it is legislated.
Hence the importance of this research about Friday’s oration with its most significant aspect (the orator) rises as one of the most important and serious mass media owned by the Islamic nation with all the merits, characteristics and factors it has, that make the Islamic nation distinctive and unique among their nations.
This study represents a positive contribution in this respect . Through its evaluative and descriptive method which proves to be modernistic in its scope, it tries to review academically and analytically the nature , entity , and effect of Friday’s oration in addition to its role and task, it is expected to fulfill at present . The study also tries to determine the necessary specifications of Friday’s orator based on his new and promising role of his task as can inherit of the scene of prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)while addressing people on Friday’s oration.

The origins of the historical apeal to approximate between religions and its fact for the jewish

Ali Eghnian Muhamad Alkubaisy

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 186-212

The Historical Origins of Approximation Invitation among Religions and its True Nature for the Jews
One of the objectives of this research paper is to tackle the real hidden reasons behind freeing the Jews from cultural isolation. One phase of this openness and liberation is their adoption of the approximation invitation amongst religions.
The paper consists of an introduction, preface and three sections. The preface defines this invitation and identifies its most important thought characteristics. The first section is devoted to tracing the historical origins of this invitation, while the second section is devoted to explore the historical origins of the approximation invitation for the Jews. The third section talks about the true nature of this invitation for the Jews and its implications.
The researcher could arrive at many results, the most important of which are:
1. The term approximation does not carry a specific connotation.
2. The approximation invitation among religions has passed through various historical stages before reaching the active prevailing form in the second half of the nineteenth century. Recently, it has acquired new meanings , objectives and various means to become one of the distinctive features of this historical era.
3. The Jews have never experienced any tendency towards approximation with other religions due to their deep rooted pride and disdain of others and because they believe in doctrine of the promised land or "the chosen nation by God" . Nevertheless, they called for this nation through the vicious Masonism movement as well as other destructive thoughts in order to dissociate other religions ties and destroy other religions
4. The Jews and their, malice and cunning, and because of their wide mass media effects, can exploit the approximation issue among religions and dialogue with Muslims in a vicious way to achieve their racist interests.

Judciary and Judges in Egypt in akhshed reign

Jassim Muhamad Abas

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 213-249

The judiciary in the Islamic law is one of the collective duties and the noblest worships, there is no prophet who didn’t ordered by Allah (glory to him) to make justice, and Allah honored his prophet Mohammed (Allah's blessing and peace be upon him) with the characteristic of judgment, the judgment in the era of the guided Caliphs and the Umayyad era based on the diligent and the return to the holy Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet Mohammed and in the era of Abbasid with the emergence of schools of Islamic jurisprudence, the diligent became second to the judiciary and jurists.
Since the ruling of Ikhshidian upon Egypt, the judiciary was connected with the political conditions, then the matter of appointing a judge became one of the Caliphs duties or to the Wali's (governor) who can appoint whom he like and dismiss whom he don’t, so we can find that the number of the judges from 324 A.H. to 358 A.H. was about 15 judges, some of them were appointed for a few days, and some of them dismissed and appointed once again and some time for the third or the fourth time and this leads us that there was no political stability but in general the conditions of the judiciary and jurists weren't that different from the preceding one.
I ask Allah to make this work purely for his sake
And my final prayer is Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds

The positions of repentance in surat al tawba. A subjective study

Enass Flaih Khalawy

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 250-275

Surat ‘Atawba’ is the lost teaching for humanities. It was descended before completing the Holy Quran and the death of the prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Although the surah included series threatening to the unbelievers and hypocrites and urging the believers to defend their religion, but it kept the door of repentance open for all people. This surah called people for the repentance several times. Its context was precisely arranged since it started with the threatening and urging the believers to defend their religion besides revealing the hypocrites, then the subject of repentance , then the threatening followed by the repentance. Even the believers were asked to declare their repentance since it talked about sins then it opened the door of repentance. The repentance in this surah was mentioned in twelve situations.

Quranic recitations which are found in alsihah dictionary by aljawhary(conjugated study)

Nadia Muhammad Jassim Alheety

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 276-304

The present paper deals with the Quranic recitations mentioned in Al- Sahah lexicography in language by Al-Jawahri: a morphological study. He cites (123) recitations, and the number of those recitations attributed to particular recitors was (36) whereas the number of recitations non-attributed to particular recitors was (87). Al-Jawahri has used as evidence exceptional and recurring recitations. The number of recitations dealing with morphological problems was (23). He relayed three of these recitations from Al-Akhfash.
The paper is divided into four sections; the first deals with what was recited individually, chorally or combination of groups of recitors. The second section tackles the structures of derivatives, while the third section focuses on the structures of roots of verbs. The forth section tackles the structures of verbs.

The nouns' functions which are the same as their verbs functions part of the manuscript(tawdih qater alnada wa bal alsada) by sheik abid alkareem aldaban alhaialy alhassany. (1413a.h.)

Yahya Majid Shahoth; Muhammad Ibraheem Shalal

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 305-355

This research is a study, explanation, and investigation of the nouns that function as their verbs in the manuscript (Tawdheeh Katir Anada Wa Bal Asada) by Sheikh Abdulkareem Addabban Alhayali (Allah's blessing be upon him). It is an illustrative syntactic book to the book (sharh Katir Anada Wa Bal Asada) by bin Husham Al-Ansari. The nouns that function as their verbs are the following:
1. The verbal noun and its function.
2. The infinitive noun and its function.
3. The active participle and its function.
4. The forms of the intensiveness.
5. The passive participle and its function.
6. The adjective made like a verb and its function.
7. The noun of superiority and its function.

Semantic Interface in Surat Alhadeed

Hadeel Raad Tahseen

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامیة, 2010, السنة 2, العدد 7, الصفحة 356-387

In this study I present a sum up of the semantic equivalence in
AL-HADEED(Iron) Sura .Through this Sura , we give an understanding of the central meaning behind such equivalence from an artistic and semantic viewpoints .The functional aspects of the semantic equivalence are also tackled in this study with reference to universe , life, and existence . This topic has various aims that may help the human being to contemplate this wonderful universe through the holy book of Quran which includes unlimited and endlessly numerous secrets about the universe .