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Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2009, Page 1-335

The Rule of What is Called Islamic Beer

Muhamad Fadhil Ibraheem; Muhamad Ubaid Jassim; Abdul Rahman Hamdy Shafy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-29

Praise be to Allaah. He also gave them his grace.
The best prayers and deliveries to the best issuers of his ability Mohammed envoy best messages and the closest means to his dignity and his family and companions and walked on his approach to the day of religion.
And the creation of a means of eternal happiness and the door of the message of Muhammadiyah analysis has prevailed and of dress and adults in adjusting its features have shad. He came to address the issues of Muslims, but the issues of all people.
God has prepared for this science men who watched and strive to achieve all that is beneficial to Muslims and to protect them from any mistake or slip them, they understand the immune dam to protect the beliefs and rituals of this true religion .
It is no secret to anyone who is going through the Islamic world of fascination and misguided whims came in the costume of religion, named after his name and dressed to pass the rituals of his enemies and religion of innocence, and the last of those fancies some of the foods and drinks attributed to Islam falsely and faded to wear on Muslims is
However, every Muslim in our law is a sergeant, he is a shepherd, responsible for his flock, and ordered to remove evil, wherever he can, according to his own power, his tongue, or his heart, and what has entered us from these matters. Barley water drink, which he called Islamic beer but a drink There are suspicions around him. His names are exotic, carefully selected, including "Moses". We do not know whether it is a slogan for Judaism, including Fayrouz. Perhaps it is a slogan for the killer of Sayyidina, may Allah be pleased with him. Carries in the meanings of polytheism and disbelief if translated in his native language all of this to sign Muslims, even by the word or form or appearance.
And because many of those who dealt with this subject research and lesson contradicted his words or weakness of his guide or said or spoke without knowledge we found it necessary to We investigate the right in this matter and nothing but the right we should return the opinion to Is it from the people of medicine and chemistry to support the legitimate judgment with correct scientific results so that the verdict is definitively certain and not saying by mistake or by what is likely to be because the introduction of conjecture with the ability to certainty is not permissible and because the conjecture does not sing from the truth nothing.
Anbar University in the presence of cooperation in the work between its faculties has been agreed with the deans of the College of Islamic Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine to hold a seminar on this subject in the Faculty of Medicine and to carry out a laboratory analysis and analysis of the components of this drink of all kinds in the Iraqi market and to confirm the results obtained in Iraq we have delivered samples of this Drink to c He met with the university president who welcomed the idea and stated by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in one of the universities of Saudi Arabia to say that he does not believe that this drink is free of alcohol and after the dean of the University of Kalamoon promised to cooperate and analyze all kinds of this drink, but it was only Examination of the Syrian and Iranian product only without the rest of the species, but we have completed the tests for all species displayed inside Iraq.
In any case, the research came to include two searches and conclusion was the first topic to indicate the meaning of beer and its attributes and its relationship to alcohol and industry statement, while the second research was in Mtal Among the first requirement to show the results of laboratory analyzes of the types of barley water found in Iraq, the second requirement included a review of the fatwas of the most prominent contemporary scholars who have permissible this drink with a discussion of their views and evidence and access to the right opinion of them, while the conclusion included the most prominent results of research. Say and work

Al Mawloody Renewal Economic Views

Subhy Fandy Alkubaicy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 30-58

This is a study of an aspect of Islamic thought, that is economic thought and study at this level is of particular importance for several considerations Perhaps the most important in this study is that the whole Islamic economic thought such as innovation in Islamic thought, because Islamic economic thought, especially that which is related to the construction of a theory Modern Islamic economics, this modernity is related to two types of factors. First, positive economic theory and positive economics in general are newly established, moreover, the old writings in the field of forensic science were comprehensive writings were not to distinguish between one system and another or the field and another These systems overlap those areas from the universality of Islam and this is the second of these factors.

The Merit in Omani Personal Record (Fundamental-Jurispurdence-Coparative) Study

Abdul Hakeem Abdul Rahman Asaad Alsaady

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 59-94

The Omani Personal Status Law of 1418H (1997) contained an important part of the jurisprudence researches, including the third book of the law, which is:I found it appropriate to put an analytical fundamentalist doctrinal study of this section according to the order in the law.


Interference of Two Periods of Waiting in Case of Death in Islamic Legislation

Abdul Satar Aish Abid

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 95-111

he importance of doctrinal issues lies in the need for people in their daily lives and personal status of marriage, divorce, tunnel and several other provisions that are inextricably with them, especially those provisions that are closely linked to one of the five essentials in Islam, namely the preservation of religion, self-preservation, birth control, preservation of money and the preservation of reason.The subject of our research is closely linked to one of those five necessities in Islam, namely the need to preserve offspring, and preserve the genealogy of mixing as the legitimate intent of the legislation of the kit and its provisions is to identify the womb of the wife after separating the husband divorce or death.One of the doctrinal issues in which the scholars differed the question of overlapping the two after their meeting.And the general public do not know the legitimacy of the law, so I liked through this research to shed light on that issue and follow the words of the jurists in which I seek from this first face of God Almighty and my second concern for the benefit of the general Muslim by informing them of the provisions of their true religion.We ask Allah Almighty to teach us what is good for us and what we can do for us, including what we have learned and increase our knowledge and understanding in religion.

Cases in Islamic Jurispurdence Which Need Physician Consulation

Ahmed Khalaf Abas Alhalbucy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 112-152

The medical issue received a great deal of attention from Islamic Sharia scholars. Imam Malik (may Allaah have mercy on him) stipulated in the Muwatta, and Imam Shafi'i - may Allah have mercy on him - placed an additional section in the sixth part of his book, Al-Um, entitled (The Doctor's Fault). The books of jurisprudence were not without talking about medical issues in various sections of jurisprudence.    The jurists relied on the words of doctors or their testimony in many doctrinal issues in which they differed in the ruling.  In my research and extrapolation in the books of the four imams - may Allah be pleased with them - I found that there are doctrinal issues, the scholars adopted in the construction of the referee refer to the doctors, God Almighty said that these issues of jurisprudence scattered in the doors of jurisprudence, if combined in research, and then Her study is a scientific study, she would have been close to the intake, easy to take, and would have been a certain good for the student of science.

The Manifestation of Mercy for the Criminals in Islamic Law

Najim Abdu Allah Alaeesawy; Muhamad Najeeb Aljuaany

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 153-195

Since the emergence of its light on the face of the earth to the present hour, Islam has faced wars by its opponents, the most important of which were two types of war: a military war and an intellectual war.Represented the first type through the history of wars of infidels and polytheists against the prophets and messengers, including their wars against the Prophet  and against his followers from his nation.The second type of war was represented by the use of the enemies of Islam to question, mock, and publicly and secretly preaching to their falsehoods to get Muslims out of their true religion.This is not surprising for them, but it is strange to find them agents and pretenders and supporters from the ranks of Muslims, help them in terms of how they feel or not feel .. by adopting their poisoned ideas and promote.One of the ideas they promoted was to accuse Islam of terrorism, brutality, or cruelty by applying a criminal system that in many parts differs from other criminal systems in the world.This made me and my colleague after I offered him the idea to write in this subject in order to have the honor to defend the Islamic Sharia in front of the attacks of its opponents, we get the reward of jihad for the sake of Allah, and to correct this misconception among some of the deceived him.

"Tatheer Al Tawia Betahseen Alnia" by Imam Ali Bin Sultan Muhammed Alqaree Who Dead in 1014a. H study and editing

Muhamad Ahmed Matar Aldulaimy; Muhamad Hussain Auda Jumaa Alkubaicy

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 196-251

Allah the Almighty has honored mankind in general and the Arabs in particular with a virtuous heavenly message, which completed the previous laws and completed them, where human life was regularly worshiping the relationship with the Creator, and the treatment of controlling the relationships with creatures, and diligent Muslim scholars and excelled in the statement of Islamic law and determine relations An approach to life amounts in application to be organized with the pillars of this law.The importance of the research in the review of some of the hadiths of the Prophet peace be upon him related to the intention, and some other related novels. With the statement of the meaning and virtue of the intention in the book and the Sunnah, and the scourge of non-correction of intentions. A detailed explanation of this delicate question of worship.

A Reading in the Theory of Vesification

Muhand Hamed Shabeeb; Baian Shaker Jumaa

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 252-286

What has managed to continue to exist from the theory of antique systems and to fascinate and admire us to the present? We wonder what has survived to us today from the theory of traditional systems more than a thousand years after its emergence, and what has been put forward as inappropriate for our pattern of thinking today. Certainly, the theory has a force on us that makes us stick to it more firmly after its long life, why do we stick to it? .We wonder what is left; perhaps this question leads us to a deeper knowledge of the theory, and we wonder today, trying to rediscover ourselves who have chosen and who were involved in one day in what can not - perhaps - irreversible.This question may seem difficult to answer, but taking a look at the whole systems project and summarizing it may enlighten us, I will not try in this research to provide a new contemporary reading or old theory, I will only at the beginning to introduce the whole theory on the presentation this illuminates the path for ourselves That ostracized and which she chose.

The Widespread of Irregular Grammar Rules

Ahmed Jumaa Mahmud Habeeb Alheety

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 287-307

The fact that the scholars in Arabic sciences are all found to be judgments issued by grammarians anomalies on some issues and uses, and the fact that these judgments are issued by those referred to Lebanon from our scholars popularized among the students of the grammatical abnormalities of many uses that were found mostly contrary to what was reported, and in order to verify Some of these judgments I saw that I stand on some of those provisions to be a model for those who want to expand, and to be research issues that were determined after trusting God Almighty to do, the issues that I have chosen to be called research: (which abnormal abnormality when grammar, study and prove) , And made the study as such to be The research is based on verifying the validity of the judgment of abnormal judgment on some issues and uses, and because my need at the present time for research for promotion did not address the issues that were all abnormal, so I chose some of them to be examples of what was abnormal, Then she looked at what he knew of the abnormality to delete the preposition in the transgression of some acts by itself, towards (Astaghfir Allah sin), and then stood at the Arab proverb that rules some grammar His oddity is the saying of some Arabs
(may Ghuwair Abosa), and stood on Nad Conscience, which knew the abnormality of many grammarians, and what was standing at him: the promises of conscience on the late in terms and rank, which is what made the abnormality of scholars at the grammarians also, and the last issue that stood (separation between the neighbor and the sewer) as a matter common to many grammarians The method of research was to present the opinion of those who say anomaly what I stand at, and then show what is contrary to that view, if any, which seemed to me that many, as there was no agreement on many or often what is commonplace abnormalities at the grammar, because it proved that this Which counted abnormal were the uses of the Arab know and composed in his language, and concluded the research by mentioning what I found in this search of the results opaque Da on sources and grammatical and linguistic books helped me a lot to verify it I hope that I have been successful in my research this

Muaath Bin Muslim Alharee's Scientific Effect. Collction and Study

Saqar Khalaf Alshaabany

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 308-335

We have made a suitable deduction to gather his scientific material although we have found that the opinions that had been traced back are very little they ( opinions ) reach thirteen ones , they had distributed among the different specializations .
We hope from Allah that we have successed in giving to this personality apart of its right .
It is sufficient for us that our study is apart of our faithfulness to one of our great sheikhs , may Allah forgive them all .