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Volume 1, Issue 4

Volume 1, Issue 4, Autumn 2009, Page 1-562

Termination Book

Muhammad Abdul Azeez Awad Alkubaicy; Hameed Atwan Salih Alalwany

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 1-56

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and the best prayer and completed the delivery to the Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, and those who follow them with charity until the Day of Judgment.After: The subject of this research is (study and fulfillment of the book of the limits of Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Shihab Al-Maliki) This book is the fruit of the praised efforts exerted by the author in order to facilitate forensic science to be beneficial, as God's mercy was one of the leading scientists in the sciences of Sharia and Arabic and logic, and was Scientific reference terrified him students of science, and has many books won the appreciation of scientists of his time and received admiration and interest.The reason for our selection of this blessed manuscript was the following considerations:- To fulfill the duty to fulfill our nation's immortal heritage and our media scholars.- Presenting pictures of this heritage to the students in a presentation that reveals the characteristics that characterized it, and the wealth of its principles and ideals that we desperately need in our time.- It is related to the scientific terminology of the principles of the jurisprudence of the whole between reasonable and movable, which is one of the most solid science originally, and the best arts chapter.- Its scientific value represented by the sobriety of its terms and the kindness of its references, and to show a model of fundamentalist terms added to the commendable efforts of those who preceded it in fundamentalist terms.- It should be highlighted this book on the field of existence in its new state and achieve a scientific investigation in accordance with the method of investigators.

The Rule of Reciting Quraan After Imam

Amjad Muraqib Dawood ubaid

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 57-100

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the envoy as a mercy to the worlds, and to his family and companions,The scholars differed in the reading of the imam behind the imam between Mujib, Mahbib and Mana, and a number of scholars have written books and research in this, including: Imam al-Bukhaari A part in reading behind the imam, where he talked about the reading behind the imam, Imam (), as did Bayhaqi in his book "Reading behind the Imam", where he cited the sayings of scientists and their evidence, and the victory of Shafi'i doctrine that the reading behind the imam, whether prayer is secret or aloud, as did the blessed in his book ", And conveyed his entirety in his book" Masterpiece Al-Ahwadhi He explained the mosque of al-Tirmidhi, "and tended to read also (), as well as obliged by Ibn Hazm Andalusia in the" local "(), and Shokani in" Neil Awtar "().There is a duty to read behind the forward in secret prayer without aloud, such as the virtual and some Maliki ().There is a prohibition on reading the person behind the imam, whether the prayer is secret or aloud, such as a tap.Many people are confused in the rule of reading, I liked to show in this modest research aspects of the agreement and the differences and the most likely ones.

The Judg's Need for the Experienced Consulation

Mahmud Shams Aldeen

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 101-138

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, and on his family and companions, and their followers with charity until the Day of Judgment.After:The interest of Islam in the judiciary in terms of organization and proper application since the issuance of the Islamic call, and the first message era; because of the great importance of the judiciary in the Islamic State, and a high degree, it is for the sake of science, and the highest place, and honorable male, even some interpreters in the interpretation of wisdom Which is contained in the verse: ((We have received wisdom and separated speech)) (), that the intended science of the judiciary ().For this reason, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) began the task of judiciary himself, and his companions ordered it, and some of them sent judges to the newly introduced territories in the young state of Islam. The jurists of the Ummah have given great importance to the judiciary. They discussed the ethics of the judiciary, the duties of the judge, the conditions of validity of the judiciary, etc.The methods of proof are important and vital issues in the study of the Islamic judiciary, the method used by the judge in the evidence depends on the realization of the right and preponderance of the balance of justice, although the corruption in the method of proof prevents the access of people to their rights, therefore, the means of proof high status when Jurists, who have taken them full attention until they wrote books in this section, including: Judicial methods of the son of the values ​​of al-Jawziyyah, and the insight of the rulers of Ibn Farhoun, and appointed rulers of Alaeddin Trabelsi, and wrote the literature of the judiciary to one of the scientists ().Faced with this great interest of our venerable jurists for this aspect of our original jurisprudence, I felt that I could make every effort to deal with a small part of the means of proof in the Islamic judiciary, I used God Almighty to write in the case of the judge's return to the people of experience, to stand at the concept of that, Then I tried hard to address the mechanism of this recourse, and how or conditions, and I used, besides the books of Islamic jurisprudence, including the references of God positivist law, then I chose three of the issues to be practical examples of the return of the judge to the people of experience, and addressed the definition and sayings Jurists in them.

The Form of Hands in Prayer

Muhamad Salman Mahmud

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 139-173

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon His faithful messenger and his family and companions.As for the praise of God, who made us the nation of the Prophet Muhammad (هذه) This nation and the late witness to the previous of the nations, which singled it by the law collected all the previous laws to be valid for every time and place.     Because prayer is the mainstay of the religion and in order to know the correct body contained him () for the hands to move away from the Muslim who seeks the right from the bodies that did not see it () and take what was stated by Mustafa () I chose this topic (the body of hands in prayer) to be the course of my research This year and for many issues and the requirement of scientific journals to be no more than 25 pages divided it into two parts (the body of the hands in prayer from the takbeer of ihraam to bowing) and the second (the body of the hands in prayer from bowing to peace)     I studied the issues of doctrinal study compared with Islamic doctrines, which are after the four doctrines Imamate doctrine and Zaidi doctrine and doctrine virtual.After the presentation of the issues and the graduation of the Hadiths contained in the research I have tipped what I found most likely the correctness of his guide and the power of significance to be intended.

Formalities in Legislation and Law

Muhamad Eqbal Yaseen

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 174-223

Whatever the definition of law, it does not go far beyond: the set of rules governing or regulating social bonds, which individuals are forced to follow by force where appropriate). Thus, it serves as a fence that protects the interests and rights of individuals. The absence of law in society means disturbance and chaos, so the existence of law was necessary for every society because it is the basis of order in it.Because of the importance and necessity of the law, no society is devoid of legal rules (objective and formal) that regulate matters of life in it. This includes primitive societies, because we find its members have been called on a set of rules that emerged as a result of tradition and custom, and made them a basis for their common life. Rules What determines the relationship of family members to each other, including what regulates the ownership of money and land, and the exploitation and transfer of these funds and land after death, and what determines the illegal acts that inflict damage on others, and the impact. After a long development, the penalty moved from the idea of ​​(individual retaliation) and revenge to the (optional Magistrate) and the idea of ​​(the special judiciary), and then to the authorities of the state alone, and became the friendly compulsory, and came the role of (compulsory reconciliation), the state determines the amount Compensation, amount of punishment). In these stages, formal rules played their role with objective rules.In addition to the special bonds that arise between individuals and each other, there is a third type of association (public links) or (political links), because society needs a public organization, needs a higher body based on its head, to ensure the needs and work on To establish security and order in it, you need to give the authority to command and forbid it in order to perform its functions, and play some role in society. Hence the need to establish legal rules in regulating the form of the social body and the conditions that must be met by those in charge, and their rights to citizens, and the rights of citizens over them.Hence, the function of the law is to work to preserve the society, its security and the lives of its members, or in other words, to reconcile the activity of the members of the group with the establishment of order in society. Renewed and conservative tendencies, between public authorities and individual freedoms, and so on. In order for the law to fulfill its function and fulfill its desired role, the above things must be taken into account.If it fails to achieve one, it has not reached its intent, and the failure to achieve its function, and the inconsistency between the law on the one hand and the need and desires of society on the other, which leads to a revolution. Public opinion on legal systems).It is understood that legal rules are divided in substance into substantive rules and formal rules.The substantive rules establish an objective organization of legal relations.It sets out the rights and duties, and how they arise, use and expire, such as the rules of civil law, commercial law and constitutional law. As for the formal rules, it shows how the litigation before the courts arranged by the street, i.e. the method of filing the lawsuit, the method of defense, the dismissal of the lawsuit against the right, the method of proving or denying the rights of others and the procedures to be followed and followed. Thus, the formal rules were found together with the objective rules. The formal rules appeared to be strict in their first era, mixed with religious character, and then went through a long period of refinement, and some argue that the lack of transactions, especially in the old agricultural societies, required some publicity when concluding any Legal work, in addition to the human being in those stages of his development was more interested in the tangible than his interest in the realities of things, the important contracts were concluded only by the availability of formalism, if there is no lesson then the essence of the will). Then formalism has become a means to reach the right to the owner, to the end itself, and has become a necessary thing in the judicial process through the lawsuit, or as a means of proving legal action. Therefore, when the legislator put restrictions on some legal actions, but put the seriousness and importance, it must be surrounded by such formal controls to protect him from manipulation, denial or tampering. In this regard, the Explanatory Memorandum of the Egyptian Civil Procedure Law of 1968 states: (Also, while substantive legislation is the place of justice in its content and content, the procedural legislation is the mechanism of the road and the instrument. , Safe way, is not full of form and do not resort to it only obliged, it is really preserved or responded void).

The Influence of Bribery in Islamic Society

Basheer Hameed Abid

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 224-261

Praise be to Allaah, we praise and seek His help and seek His forgiveness, and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and the deeds of our deeds.I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant, messenger and faithful to his revelation, and his best of his creation, the envoy is a mercy to the worlds and in front of the righteous and an argument for all creatures.     The wisdom of Allah the Almighty required that a slave be sent to His slaves a constitution that regulates the affairs of creation and govern them, in the exchange of benefits among them, in sound and reasonable ways, in which there is no injustice to anyone. (5) Allah Almighty has instructed us to seek halal livelihood in many verses of the Holy Qur'an. O ye who believe, eat all the good things of our livelihood, and thank God, if ye serve him. (1)     The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) urged us to ask for halal livelihood. Al-Bukhaari narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: `` Because one of you takes his rope and brings a packet of firewood on his back and sells it, then Allah will stop it by his face. And prohibited him)) (2) and my desire to contribute to the impact and seriousness of bribery on the Muslim community, which is one of the most important and most serious diseases, in our time, which has become a phenomenon, as well as being a legitimate violation, it is a disease not a nation of old and modern nations Where the prevalence of uncle and other functional positions in society, but is one of the most ills of the scourge, for the few who deliver Was afflicted by 0 I have seen a lot of literature that dealt with bribery from the legal and jurisprudential side and found that I can serve the subject from other aspects may contribute to his statement a more accurate statement gives the subject realistic methods derived from the glue of the law, and I hope God to guide me to what I will address It will show us with the help of the Almighty the independence of the Islamic rulings and the extent of their impact in treatment and preferred when compared to the impact of the laws positively.Almighty conciliation and payment

The Jurisprudence of Abee Saeed Alanbary

Nafaa Hameed Salih

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 262-293

Praise be to Allaah, who sent Muhammad  to all people, and made him the master of the messengers and the seal of the prophets, and made his nation the best of the nation. Until the grace was complete and religion and God's argument proved to the worlds and after:Allah has prepared the Islamic nation for men who believe what they have pledged to Allah, they are the best of the centuries who proved their justice by praising Allah Almighty and praising the Messenger of Allah. What was not in the companions  all, they are the best of the centuries after the century of the Prophet  ح and the companions honorable as the Prophet said  خیر (Khairkm horny and then those who color them and then those who color them (1) The visual amber, and since the science of these was not recorded as others, but remained Mabthoth in books of jurisprudence and others and to pave the way and benefit from their knowledge, I went to collect Fiqh Abu Saeed al-Anbari in worship - Department of Purity - to be the subject of research to show his knowledge and jurisprudence. The first requirement: some of his disciples, and in the second section, the jurisprudence in the worship - the purity section in five issues, the first issue: the rule of water if mixed with impurity, the second: The use of handkerchief in ablution, the third issue Issue 4: More menstrual period, Issue 5: Ablution on Istihaadah. Then concluded the research with a conclusion Ask God has shown the most important findings and then I list the sources from which I obtained this research, and this is the end of my effort And I offer to the students, and all incapacity and shortening and ask God to make my intention purely to his face Almighty, as from him success and grace done good deeds and blessings and blessings on the best creation of Muhammad and his family and companions

The Specialities of Judiciary in Iraqi Law and Islamic Jurisprudence

Abdul Basit Jasim

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 294-347

Jurisdiction rules are the legal rules that determine the jurisdiction of state courts to hear a particular case, and the jurisdiction of any of the different courts within a single state.The expansion of daily life and the complexity of legal, social, economic, administrative and political relations necessitated the distribution of judicial adjudication powers in various disputes between several jurisdictions, each of which is specialized in a specific type of disputes. There are administrative, civil, and criminal courts, each of which is divided into several sections. The nature of facilitating the process of litigation and the acquisition of rights ... And then there are more than one grade for the courts of one type, what is issued by the Court of First Instance of the decisions are subject to the control and scrutiny of the Court of Second Instance, and the latter decision is subject to the supervision of the Court of Third Instance (which is the Court of First Instance). We have in Iraq, called the Court of Cassation in some countries).This multiplicity of degrees in the courts is required by justice and requires the need for judicial decisions to be a high degree of impartiality, a judge who knows that his decision is subject to scrutiny from a higher point of view will strive to be a fair, correct and accurate.This diversity in the courts, and the multiplicity of degrees, must determine the jurisdiction of each type of courts, and the powers of each degree, which is addressed in the subject of jurisdiction.In disputes where the parties are collectively of the same nationality, there is no problem in determining the law applicable to the subject matter of the dispute and the court competent to hear it. The problem lies in the dispute in which a foreign party is involved, because in this case it is necessary to first consider the court of any State whose jurisdiction is to be dealt with in this type of dispute. After determining the State whose courts are considering the dispute, the nature of the dispute is considered functionally: are disputes subject to the jurisdiction of the judiciary or are there sovereign aspects that affect the interests of the supreme State and prevent the courts from considering them? Once it is established that the dispute is subject to the courts of a particular state, and does not affect its sovereignty, then it is considered to determine the nature of the dispute to designate the competent court in terms of quality and value, which is called substantive jurisdiction, and determine the court of a place or territory of the state to be decided, which is called By spatial competence.Since international and domestic jurisdiction is at the heart of the Iraqi Civil Procedure Law, the Code of Procedure in force No. 84 of 1969 did not include any reference to the rules of jurisdiction that were scattered between more than one law, especially the Iraqi Civil Code No. 40 of 1951, and the Status Code. This is one of the legislative flaws suffered by the Iraqi legislation, in addition to a number of other shortcomings in this research tried to put them under scrutiny and give the most successful solutions, especially since the rules of competence in the Iraqi legislation has not been previously discussed independently A suggestive framework D to jurisdiction from A to J. Moreover, in Islamic jurisprudence, there is an unprecedented wealth of jurisprudence on the subject of jurisdiction, but it is scattered in the stomachs of mothers of jurisprudential books and distributed on the most possible jurisprudential door. The book of Islamic jurisprudence and evidence of Sheikh Dr. Wahba Al-Zuhaili, but in a very brief in the eighth part of the book.This research is an earlier step on the road to discuss the rules of competence in Iraqi legislation and Islamic jurisprudence more deeply and accurately, to highlight the greatness of Islamic thought and is trying to date the best legislation to reach them.This research will try a simple in this field.God grants success

The Style of Alnabigha Aljaadi Poetry

Maha Fawaz Khalifa; Yasser Ahmed Faiadh

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 348-384

The stylistic study is one of the most important studies concerned with the text at the level of both form and content; This approach in the evaluation and analysis of texts is the method of expressive stylistic that makes the expression really express thought through language (i.e., that the text with its variables is a state of reflection of what the creator is going through psychological variables, Something which means that emergency variables emanating from the self and reflected on the creative text rules.         The task of the reader is to explore the internal structures of the text and the inclusions, structures and editorial patterns in order to recognize the implications of the text. Otherwise, the poet's goals and objectives remain obscure.

The Effect of Grammar in Quran Reciting and Interpretation

Muhamad Tawfeeq Abdul Muhsin

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 385-413

Praise be to Allaah.The sentence in Arabic adopted a moral structure in which the words meet to perform a sense of meaning, and movements are a thread connecting these words, find the movement of the word marketed to correspond with the previous to generate this consensus, which they call a subordination; meaning contrary to the meaning generated by the variation in the movement of expression.      One manifestation of this subordination was that they were sympathetic to the illusion, referring to the meaning, and they followed the grieving movement of the delusional. While a number of grammarians denied the change in the imaginary movement of expression, others understood the significance and responded to their objection. Al-Suyuti (911 AH) said: "Ibn Malik thought that the illusion was meant to be a mistake, not so as Abu Hayyan (7 45 AH) and Ibn Hisham warned him. (761 e), but it is a right destination, and is intended to be kindness to the meaning, ie, the Arab mind in his mind to note that meaning in the sympathy Vtv observed him, not that he made a mistake in that.         Then they were allowed to follow the shop in all disciples, and followed the dispute and the violation in the expression. "Because following is a mental process that goes into the sentence systems and their composition ... in which the follower relates to and binds the follower."    Hence the urgent need to follow a number of Quranic texts to show the impact of this phenomenon in the diversification of aspects of significance in the Quranic readings. Or the impact of readings in the diversification of aspects of grammatical significance was the destination books and meanings of the Koran, and the readings of the arguments and problems and books of interpretation from Tabari to Ibn Ashour and so on. From the books of grammar and new studies in this subject, what was seized in the section of the disciples a few examples presented to the above sources and references looking for guidance for the Arab site for the readings I chose, where I show the impact of this guidance in the diversification of the Koranic interpretation, the argument was Abu Ali Persian(C. 377 AH), revealed Makki Ibn Abi Talib and his problem (d. 437 e), and calculated Ibn Jenni (d. 392 e) and the statement of Alakbari (d. 616 e) my way to clarify the argument or bug, and rarely found an explanatory guidance that departs from the old method in a recent study such as a doctoral thesis. Possibilities in the orientation of meaning), and a master's thesis (the difference of Quranic readings and its impact on the diversity of meaning), so carried the burden of domestication with their guidance, may I succeed in the expansion of this phenomenon.          The diversity of the Qur'anic readings is a wonderful divine wisdom that allowed the reader to perform the Qur'anic text in a way that could potentially have many faces, pursuant to the dialectic and phonetic phenomena spoken by the Arab tribes that gave the listener an understanding of reflecting on the harmony of words and the diversity of connotations.       And the magnificence of the Qur'an and its miracles lie in the ability of this inspired words to bear a large amount of faces, the Koran was revealed on seven letters, and many people of the Koran believe that what is meant by the seven letters is the multiple faces of reading according to dialects, and what prevented the Prophet peace be upon him a reader to read With a letter he read it. Thus, the companions understood, Ibn Abbas says: (This Koran porter faces). In this says Ibn Ashour (d 1393): "There is no objection that the coming of the words of the Koran on what is likely those faces of God Almighty, so that readers read the faces and abound in those meanings, so that the presence of two sides and more in various readings are divided from two verses and more, and this is a counterpart Embedding ... ".       The owner of the fountains of gratitude says that the diversity of the readings serves as a multiplicity of verses, and this kind of rhetoric begins from the beauty of this brief and ends to the perfection of miracles, in addition to what is in the diversity of readings from the bright proofs and conclusive evidence that the Koran is the word of God, the sincerity of those who came It is the Messenger of God, and that these differences in the reading on the multiplicity does not lead to a contradiction in the reading and contradiction and not to rush and let down, but the whole Koran on the diversity of readings believe each other and testify to each other on the same style in the style and expression and one goal of the supreme guidance and education This is undoubtedly a multiplicity of miracles Readings and letters, and the meaning of this is that the Koran is unable to read if this reading is also unable to villages if this second reading and so on ... and here are numerous miracles the multiplicity of those faces. "        The manifestations of plurality and diversity are many and unlimited, some of which relate to the diversity of the word and its significance, as well as to the diversity of the sound and its significance, as well as to the diversity of the movements of expressions between followings, irregularities and illusions, all leading to a miraculous text that is incapable of completing its systems and human creativity.        It is not wise to identify those readings or impose on the Muslims of them face or reading and leave the other, which does not serve this book miracle.       Examples of followers in the movement between the follower and the follower are many, and the impact of this follow-up in determining the meaning and statement of any meaning of the Koran and the diversity of the readings of the Koran is clear, and the diversity between dependency and non-dependency leads us to diversity in the Koranic statement and manifestations of what comes from what we have in Our humble research this.

Senses of the Terms of the Ends of Day and Their Diversity Between Copying and Interpretation

Muhammad Salman Dawood

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 414-455

Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions, and after:There is no doubt that the knowledge of the positions and semantics in their contexts, especially what people fought in, and the dispute intensified on the significance .. First depends on the liberation of the meanings of the words come in the Arab attacks, and to manage the sites of a word, in order to stand on the significance and extent of its impact on the wise It is from the advice of the Book of God, which does not come falsehood from his hands or from behind .. This call us to decide that talk is the secret of the coming of the generous systems, expressing the first party of the day (Ghado) at times, and (before the sun rises), and (Early) third, and (radiance) fourth, and coming expressing the second party as (Ashi) Tar E, and (before sunset) another, the (original) third .. As well as talk about the interview (Ashi) with (early) and sometimes (the next) and (brightness) third, and interview (pulley) some of what was mentioned and sometimes (Other .. As well as the advent of those vocabulary defined in some cases and denial in others to others .. It is necessary, but must be on the reasons for this diversity and the secrets of his coming on the picture, as it is because the words in this and what came like Different and what you see only consistent and dispersed and you see only combined and go in the layers of the statement and move in the homes of rhetoric, and you do not know them only spirit Tdlk Tarab and point B your heart splendor and extract from yourself a sense of difference, which has long managed by the other words and browsed by the rhetoric in the colors of their speech and the methods of their speech and layers of their system, which rises and falls or continues to detract or harm and disagree ... One of the perfection, although different parts in the composition and composition of the composition and the colors of photography and speech purposes) ().I was motivated to go through this research with the desire to clarify the secrets of diversity in what I mentioned, and the wisdom behind the selection of these times and singled out - and not only - mentioning ... scarcity and do not exaggerate if I do not allocate - I know - an independent study reveals this quantity There are few synonyms and interviews, and it is surprising to note that the studies concerned with the search for such, and even that dealers dealt with suspected systems, and devoted for him many books and volumes of what did the shoemaker in his book (Dora download and surprise interpretation), and Damghani in Writing (faces and isotopes) and Granada in his book (angel Interpretation), was not presented also, which led me to rely entirely after God first, on what was written by the people of interpretation, despite my reservation to many of what they said in this regard.This has required to talk about the two sides of the day in the format and ways of expressing them and the secret of their diversity, that this study comes in three topics, the first dealt with the implications of these terms and the reasons for their diversity and allotment mentioning without all other times, and the second speaking about the specificity of these two times of the praise and what If the meaning is carried on the apparent known in the convention of discourse and from saying (Hallelujah) or other meanings used in the metaphor, as discussed the third section to talk about the shrines in which the expression of the two sides of the day and how each came in harmony with What suits him from these opposite And, as appropriate, because of the definition or denial of submission or delay.

Taking Advantage of the Prophet's Recommendations

Hassan Bin Muhamad Bin Ali Shbala

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 456-511

Praise be to Allah, we praise and seek His help, seek forgiveness from Him, and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the deeds of our deeds, whoever is guided by Allah is not misleading to him, and who misleads not guides him, and I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone and no partner. It is upon him and his family and companions and their followers who have held his sunnah until the day of religion. After:The realization of heritage and the publication of manuscripts, which scientists and researchers must take care of, especially if that heritage is beneficial to the nation and helps to advance and progress in various aspects of life, scientists and researchers have made many efforts in this way, but there are still many books of heritage and manuscripts await the light Especially in Yemen, the coffers of Yemeni manuscripts contain many books, letters and parts for a number of Yemeni scholars who are still locked in the drawers waiting to be served and brought to light. I have stood on a number of manuscripts of various sizes in the indexes of the coffers of Yemeni manuscripts, and selected some of them to serve, including this letter collected by the marker updated Yemen and its support in his time, and Jaya al-Din Abdul Rahman bin Suleiman bin Yahya Al-Ahdal, who died Bzabid, in 1250 AH, tagged with: Vaccination of understandings in the commandments of the best Anam "in which the author collected forty-three newly, as the officer in the selection of the Hadith to include the mention of a prophetic commandment, and recommended by the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him one of his companions, listed by the author without a specific order, and presented to her with a brief introduction, and stamped Concluding conclusion.In view of the importance of the letter and the position of its author and firm footing in the science of Hadith and Archeology, I saw that I study and achieve, after receiving two copies of this letter from the "Library of Al-Ahqaf, Tarim, Hadramaut province." The nature of the study and investigation necessitated dividing the research into two parts:First: the study section, which includes two topics: The first topic: Definition of the author.The second topic: Definition of the book and description of manuscript copiesSection II: Verified text, as it served the text in accordance with the method of investigation adopted by researchers. The research is then appended to scientific indexes.I ask God to benefit him, and to write to me his reward, that he is an answerer.

Death and Its Terror in Geek and Islamic Philosopher

Wafaa Kadhim Ali; Ebaheem Rajab Abdu Allah

Anbar university Journal for Islamic Sciences, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 512-562

Death and fear of it was and still is one of the main and main motives of man to work and think to confront and address it, the old man when he began to secure his life from the feed, protect himself from the harsh monsters, and adapt to the harsh environment, and volunteer to serve him, and search for what secures his basic necessities And a dwelling, all instinctively motivated by the love of survival or the love of life, and the challenge of the ghost of death from taking it to an unknown worldIt is no different when the development of civilizations and the advancement of peoples and the multiplication and expansion of theoretical and scientific knowledge and techniques, they are looking for what promotes man and achieve comfort and happiness in life. Death and fear of it is still an obsession that haunts every human being, Time and multiple places. Scientists, intellectuals and philosophers may forget or forget this question in the midst of conflict with their new discoveries and inventions in the age of tremendous speed, and perhaps even the cruelty! But if we had analyzed many of their products, they would in one way or another have answers to what was death? And how to try to postpone it? Or can we overcome it, or even defeat it? The use of huge discoveries in the science of atom to manufacture the death of the other, and the development of chemical weapons, biological, nuclear, nitrogen, etc. is only to secure the lives of their discoverers and their people from the danger of their enemies or threaten to preserve their lives at the expense of the less developed peoples The development of science in the field of laser radiation and the division of the second in time, and millimeter in space to one million parts was aimed at access to the knowledge of the molecules of matter and the cell biology and how they originated and search for the origin of life to finally reach how to preserve According to the scientific imagination. The development of medicine in the field of technology and the search for new types of drugs and antibiotics is a stark example of facing death, challenge and attempt to postpone it, and the latest findings of modern science in this area is the renewal of vital cells and human cloning. Attention and the development of astronomical and geographic studies to predict the future danger of earthquakes, floods, meteorites, volcanoes, storms, etc., and then try to stand up and overcome them or at least move away from such areas threatened by disaster.Death, fear, and the search for eternity was not a preoccupation of philosophers and thinkers, but rather a strong concern for every human being on earth. The first man search for immortality is Adam , the father of mankind, as depicted by us the Koran in saying Taaly whispered to them the devil to show them what Laurie them from Soathma said what Nhakma Rbakma about this tree, but become angels or immortal  () and saying و And the devil whispered unto him, O Adam, shall I show thee the tree of immortality, and the king shall not wear out?Asking questions about what death is, fear of it, or the search for immortality does not require a person to think in depth and meditate, but if his answers to some philosophers and thinkers characterized him. These questions are not an intellectual luxury that can be characterized by a stage in the development of the human mind, a form of intellectual amusement or curiosity, but rather a discussion of the most important challenges facing human life: its inevitable fate / death. The fear of death and the attempt to cling to life is instinctive not only in humans, but in all animals when they escape any threat to their existence, and in their search for their strength, which believes in their lives from the very first moments of existence