Thanks to AIIah the god of all mankind and peace and
Pryers upon the sincere and faithful prophet Mohammed who is very merciful with all peoples. The live countries and highiy-ranked peoples always remember their sons through the nenes of their great men end intellectuals whose mode of life is a synpol of greatness and exemplification. The history of lslam is rich with the writings of those who are known for their faith in God, good deeds, prayers-giving and high and good morals.I tried to be keen in choosing one of those great scholars who can be a candle that enlighten the paths of our generations. This research deals with the biography and life of the esteemed scholar Bishr bin AL-Harith AL-Hafi, and it is divided into two parts:
The first is devoted to talk about his name, kinship, surname, the dates when he was born and died. l have also mentioned the most well-known of his master Sheikhs and students as well as the mentioning of the opinions of scholars about him, his age and the environment he has been living in.
The second part is devoted to talk about his merits with reference to his verselines and what he has said.
l hope that God woulp help me to achieve success in this simple effort of mine, with Gods blessings on our prophet Mohammed{peace be upon him}.