Provisions of cursing the ruler and the Muslim and the unbeliever in Islamic law (Sharia)
Praise be to Allah , the god of all mankind and peace and prayers be upon the seal of the prophets and messangers, Mohammed (peace be upon him and his followers). The act of cursing is unpermitted in Islamic law. The legislater defined the punishments to be imposed on the cursers wether they intend to curse the almighty God or our prophet Mohammed or any other prophet or even a Muslim being ruled or a ruler. The Islamic law (Sharia) has even imposed a punishment on those who curse unbelievers including those who entered the Islamic countries according to a contract that provides them with protection from any harm. Thus the curse is considered a harm
which is not allowed.
The phenomena of cursing has spread in Islamic socities and has become a common phenomenon. Many people feel proud of cursing and some of them openly curse the Sultan (Ruler) of muslims. Some others curse one of the Islamic doctrines without paying attention to what they are doing. For this reason I started to conduct this research in order to point out the ugliness of cursing and its illegality. The research also indicates the judgement of the curser in general. The research is limited to the judgement of cursing the ruler, the muslim and the unbeliever. It includes an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion. In the first research section I provided a defination of the act of cursing
and the terms relevant to cursing. It also deals with the judgement of the nomination of the ruler including the conditions for that purpose and obedience to him. In the second section I talked about the judgement of cursing the ruler and defined reprehension which is considered a punishment for the curser. The third research section deals with the provisions of cursing the muslim, unbeliever and athiest as well as the injustice of the curser.
Finally. I ask God that I could achieve success in this research which can be useful to all muslims. If it is perfect it is a result of God guidance. If it is not it is my responsibility. At last, we say (praise be to Allah, the god of all mankind.