Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions, and after:There is no doubt that the knowledge of the positions and semantics in their contexts, especially what people fought in, and the dispute intensified on the significance .. First depends on the liberation of the meanings of the words come in the Arab attacks, and to manage the sites of a word, in order to stand on the significance and extent of its impact on the wise It is from the advice of the Book of God, which does not come falsehood from his hands or from behind .. This call us to decide that talk is the secret of the coming of the generous systems, expressing the first party of the day (Ghado) at times, and (before the sun rises), and (Early) third, and (radiance) fourth, and coming expressing the second party as (Ashi) Tar E, and (before sunset) another, the (original) third .. As well as talk about the interview (Ashi) with (early) and sometimes (the next) and (brightness) third, and interview (pulley) some of what was mentioned and sometimes (Other .. As well as the advent of those vocabulary defined in some cases and denial in others to others .. It is necessary, but must be on the reasons for this diversity and the secrets of his coming on the picture, as it is because the words in this and what came like Different and what you see only consistent and dispersed and you see only combined and go in the layers of the statement and move in the homes of rhetoric, and you do not know them only spirit Tdlk Tarab and point B your heart splendor and extract from yourself a sense of difference, which has long managed by the other words and browsed by the rhetoric in the colors of their speech and the methods of their speech and layers of their system, which rises and falls or continues to detract or harm and disagree ... One of the perfection, although different parts in the composition and composition of the composition and the colors of photography and speech purposes) ().I was motivated to go through this research with the desire to clarify the secrets of diversity in what I mentioned, and the wisdom behind the selection of these times and singled out - and not only - mentioning ... scarcity and do not exaggerate if I do not allocate - I know - an independent study reveals this quantity There are few synonyms and interviews, and it is surprising to note that the studies concerned with the search for such, and even that dealers dealt with suspected systems, and devoted for him many books and volumes of what did the shoemaker in his book (Dora download and surprise interpretation), and Damghani in Writing (faces and isotopes) and Granada in his book (angel Interpretation), was not presented also, which led me to rely entirely after God first, on what was written by the people of interpretation, despite my reservation to many of what they said in this regard.This has required to talk about the two sides of the day in the format and ways of expressing them and the secret of their diversity, that this study comes in three topics, the first dealt with the implications of these terms and the reasons for their diversity and allotment mentioning without all other times, and the second speaking about the specificity of these two times of the praise and what If the meaning is carried on the apparent known in the convention of discourse and from saying (Hallelujah) or other meanings used in the metaphor, as discussed the third section to talk about the shrines in which the expression of the two sides of the day and how each came in harmony with What suits him from these opposite And, as appropriate, because of the definition or denial of submission or delay.