Praise be to Allah, we praise and seek His help, seek forgiveness from Him, and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the deeds of our deeds, whoever is guided by Allah is not misleading to him, and who misleads not guides him, and I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone and no partner. It is upon him and his family and companions and their followers who have held his sunnah until the day of religion. After:The realization of heritage and the publication of manuscripts, which scientists and researchers must take care of, especially if that heritage is beneficial to the nation and helps to advance and progress in various aspects of life, scientists and researchers have made many efforts in this way, but there are still many books of heritage and manuscripts await the light Especially in Yemen, the coffers of Yemeni manuscripts contain many books, letters and parts for a number of Yemeni scholars who are still locked in the drawers waiting to be served and brought to light. I have stood on a number of manuscripts of various sizes in the indexes of the coffers of Yemeni manuscripts, and selected some of them to serve, including this letter collected by the marker updated Yemen and its support in his time, and Jaya al-Din Abdul Rahman bin Suleiman bin Yahya Al-Ahdal, who died Bzabid, in 1250 AH, tagged with: Vaccination of understandings in the commandments of the best Anam "in which the author collected forty-three newly, as the officer in the selection of the Hadith to include the mention of a prophetic commandment, and recommended by the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him one of his companions, listed by the author without a specific order, and presented to her with a brief introduction, and stamped Concluding conclusion.In view of the importance of the letter and the position of its author and firm footing in the science of Hadith and Archeology, I saw that I study and achieve, after receiving two copies of this letter from the "Library of Al-Ahqaf, Tarim, Hadramaut province." The nature of the study and investigation necessitated dividing the research into two parts:First: the study section, which includes two topics: The first topic: Definition of the author.The second topic: Definition of the book and description of manuscript copiesSection II: Verified text, as it served the text in accordance with the method of investigation adopted by researchers. The research is then appended to scientific indexes.I ask God to benefit him, and to write to me his reward, that he is an answerer.