The introduction of these - the subject of investigation and study - prose introduction to the system of poetry in the three imams Readings: Abu Jaafar civil, and Jacob Basri, and behind-Kufi, supplemented by Nazationa Sheikh Shahabuddin Sharabi poem Shatebya, make the verses of his system between verses Shatebya after mentioning the doctrines of the seven readers, on the Sea Shatebya and rhyme and symbols.
But this introduction prose of great importance, because it is the key to understanding the system, The author of the reasons authored the system, and approach them, responded to the suspicion of some people's belief, and even some of those interested in the readings that the seven characters are seven readings, defended the frequency of three readings complementary to the tenth.
The researchers have made the achievement of prose two copies printed manuscripts, the study provided the translation of the author of the statement and scientific autobiography and copy.